Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition Getting Return of Rome DLC

It’s been a while since I’ve seen the Romans discussed on this thread…

That civilization was named after a particular dynasty. It is very strange to let the people of the Shang Dynasty establish the Qin Dynasty. Renaming is required.

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I don’t think they do since the shang represents an earlier dynasty (two dynasties behind them in fact). The Qin and the warring states can easily be their own factions with their own bonuses and units.

The Shang and Zhou were dynasties established by different ancient Chinese clans/tribes, while the Warring States, including Qin, originated from the feudal system of Zhou. If Qin could not be represented by Shang, neither could Zhou. The Shang could not represent other than its own era, unless it get renamed to a generic term for covering the ancient Chinese.


I hope that now that they will release aoe2de on xbox they will focus again on RoR.

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they shoudl focus on bug fixes first. ton of them way over due, some years+ long.

creating new content should not take resources away from bug fixing, its sad they only really care about 1v1/2v2 and nothing else.

Its not the same team the one that works in those things I imagine


Yeah. Pretty sure the guy that does bug fixes also isn’t the guy making unit models.


its different team, but u wouldnt take over a year + to fix some issues, especially for the bugs they introduced themselves trying to change something.

It will be because in late antiquity, Sparta was no longer as strong as in Mycenaean or classical Greece…

Yes, let’s hope they launch it in April somewhere…

So… Any news?
I recall they said they will release info in beginning of February.

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They did not put a date, only at the beginning of the year

Maybe they will launch it on March 15 (for the Ides of March)…Project Celeste launched the Romans on the Ides of March 2021…

The unknown DLC appeared so is ROR, the release will be soon.


Interesting… sadly, unlike for DoI you can’t see the DLC’s codename. But it surely has to be something starting with P


Now that X-box version is out can we PLEASE get some news on this?

And AOM:R?


How much time between the DLC entry and a release?


iirc, with Dynasties of India, it was about a week or two until it was given a trailer, and then a week before it was released.


Usually 1 to 2 months

Patrician or Pompey xd…

At E3 in June…

One month more or less…

They stopped giving DLCs codenames related to content because of leaks

On the other hand, RoR got revealed before it could be leaked, so it might not even get a codename.