Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition - The Wealth of Electors (DLC propose)

stop perpetuating this lie.
just because they have elementants from the teutonic order does not mean they were modeled after them.


But you realize that with such a vast area, with hundreds of wealth highly developed minor states, there was no chance of uniformity. Hence, at least two German civs (Northern German civ & Southern German civ) are definitely needed to represent German diversity and cultural richness. The Teutons civ don’t do that.

In addition, check the nature of the Teutonic and Livonian Order and then compare it with other regions of Germany - you will see that the differences between the regions of Germany are huge and the Teutonic Orders are a completely different dimension.

nah. we got plenty of european civs and both of yours overlap heavily with existing civs. i’d rather just focus outside of europe. especially if we only have 9 civs left.
6 of the last 8 civs have been european. 18 civs overall. time to get out of europe and go explore other areas.


The Teutons are not the entire HRE. South of the Alps, it’s the Italians. To the west, the french and dutch speaking areas (Middle Francia to keep it simple) are the Burgundians. Bohemia and Silesia are the Bohemians.

As for the Teutonic and Livonian orders, these are crusader states that draw their manpower from the HRE. True the HRE remains a mess but so were other large kingdoms, the reason why the HRE remained a border gore fest is because it failed to centralise.

In that case, what are these “huge differences” and how would they be reflected in the gameplay? What would make these civs different from those already in the game?


  • civilization with two Unique Units that are mercenary (shared with the Bavarian player’s allies)
  • UU Swiss Pikeman, which is one of the most anticipated units for this game
  • UT Oktoberfest, which would speed up the regeneration of health of all units, and with Monk, they automatically restore full health (if there is no enemy nearby)
  • UT Holy Roman Empire: + 25 HP have all defensive structures Unique Units train faster and have +2 Attack


  • UU Ritterschaft is a very fast, heavily armed cavalryman armed with a lance. It is very effective against light infantry and light cavalry. He has the Charge ability by which he tramples his enemies
  • UT Hanseatic League: upgrades Trade Cog to Hanseatic Cog - a powerful Merchant Ship, armed with cannons; effective against other Ships; faster but more expensive than the standard Trade Cog
  • UT Magdeburg Law: Town Centers are free and when built, they automatically generate 5 Villagers. All Buildings are 15% cheaper and 25% faster to build

source please? i rarely see this called for.


i wonder if you see the irony of this at all, and why this right here shouldn’t happen. (hint, these were BITTER RIVALS HISTORICALLY).

The most anticipated thing is a second Indian civ from what I can gather. A lot of people want to see more American and African content too as can be seen here:

This DLC concept which would better represent from where I come from admittedly I wouldn’t even want with a huge discount. Those civs are pointless and redundant.

BTW I do find it weird that those points are very often liked by very new accounts which haven’t posted anything else like @Skoll_4126 or @Player717777381


There were atleast 5 different topics over time talking about the possibility of swiss as a playable race

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I’m Swiss and I can tell you I wouldn’t give a … that we’re ingame or not. Not while Africa has like 2 civs, India 1 and America 3.


Im geman but honestly doesnt matter because its just a concept and idea and yes we appearently got ratio for civs from certain parts of the world but the main point is that the idea counts

I think the most important thing should be neglection over an idea since we got x civs from europe allready but rather think of how can we make it so it would be potentionally viable (if it ever happens)

and how many of those actually gained real traction with wide support? because i don’t recall them. and i don’t see much call for it on reddit or aoezone either

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Most of them were here yes but did get alot of reposts @MatCauthon3

Quite a few people want a Swiss civ because of the famous Swiss Pikemen.

But both units are South German and this civ would be an umbrella for South German nations such as the Bavarians, Austrians and Swiss.

Exactly. It’s just that some people deny inconvenient facts.

The Venetian civ is also very popular. Balkan, Scandinavian, and Caucasus are also popular potential DLCs.

Of course I would want new civs, but not those.Indians vs Bavarians, seriously?

Sandy Petersen (Ensemble dev) on Austrians and Swiss:

EASTERN EUROPEAN - the choice was between Huns, Swiss, Magyars, Habsburgs, or Slavs (the latter being an all-inclusive group in which we’d put Poles, Russians, etc.) We speedily decided the Swiss were too Renaissance, the Habsburgs were too obscure (besides, I hate them. I think they were a bunch of untalented reactionaries who looked funny). This left Magyars, Slavs, & Huns. For better or worse we chose Huns.

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Like i said dont have to happen but rather look on the idea of a concept that could form rather then instanly neglecting it

Also i dont think habsburg were too obscure or renescainse but they appeared in a timline that could fit

like i said, i have not, despite your and mutylators claims seen widespread clammoring for the swiss.
i have seen it here and there. but nothing like mutylators claim of

and those who i have seen call for it, a lot have said that it should be a MERCENARY style unit available to ALL CIVS if a mercenary building was ever added.

I don’t understand people who suggest it as if it was an omniscient man and a great authority. He himself proposed a hopeless Slavic umbrella, which did not even have the right to represent all Slavs.

Besides, if he hates a particular dynasty, why would he want to name a specific civ in its honor? Strange behavior on his part. Besides, in this game, dynasty doesn’t matter at all.

Look one year back or maybe even 1 1/2 i went regulary on the forum and saw atleast 3 topics and several post of the idea. But people seem to gave up after negletable comments

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