Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition - The Wealth of Electors (DLC propose)

The DLC I propose would add the two German civilizations currently unrepresented in the game. The release of such an add-on could eventually complete the further addition of civs from this region. This expansion would add 2 German civs from Holy Roman Empire. Additionally, this DLC add many new campaigns and 2 new architecture sets.

This DLC would include 5 brand-new campaigns - 2 for new civs (Bavarians and Saxons) + 1 for Teutons + 1 for Vikings + 1 for Magyars



The shield of the current Teutons civ, but with the addition of the combined coat of arms of Bavaria, Switzerland and Austria in the heart field. The present Teutons civ would receive the coat of arms of the Teutonic Order - a black cross on a white background.


Unique Units:

Melee heavy infantry. Like Condottiero of the Italians civ, Landsknecht would be a common unique unit, available to all players allied with the Bavarian player.

Swiss Pikeman

Heavy infantry with pike. Like Landsknecht, Swiss Pikeman would be a common unique unit, available to all players allied with the Bavarian player.

Unique Technologies:

All units regenerate their health faster and they automatically restore their HP in the presence of a Monk (if there is no enemy nearby). Idle Villagers have a fun beer drinking animation.

Holy Roman Empire

+25 HP have all defensive structures
Unique Units train faster and have +2 Attack

Stephansdom, Vienna

Unique Castle:


Unique Units:
Ritterschaft - A very fast heavily armed knight on horseback, armed with lances. He has the Charge ability by which he tramples his enemies.

Unique Technologies:
Hanseatic League

upgrade Trade Cog to Hanseatic Cog - a powerful Merchant Ship, armed with cannons; effective against other Ships; faster but more expensive than the standard Trade Cog

Magdeburg Law

Town Centers are free and when built, they automatically generate 5 Villagers
All Buildings are 10% cheaper and 25% faster to build

Kölner Dom

Unique Castle:
Schwerin Castle


Charles V von Habsburg - Bavarians campaign

Widukind - Saxons campaign

History of Teutonic Order - Teutons campaign

Cnut the Great - Vikings campaign

Matthias Corvinus - Magyars campaign


New architecture sets:

  1. North European - Vikings and Slavs (rename to Ruthenians)
  2. Nomadic - Huns and Mongols

Architectural reorganization for Central European set:

  • Central European - add Bohemians, Bavarians and Saxons * remove Vikings and Huns
  • Eastern European - remove Bohemians (Bulgarians in Balkan DLC)
  • North European - add Vikings and Slavs
  • East Asian - remove Mongols
  • Nomadic - add Huns and Mongols

Extra content

A unique regional skin for the Monk for the following architecture sets:

Central European + Vikings



Thank you for reading :blush:


Are you seriously suggesting this as a civilization bonus?


Northern European set *new

Wooden log buildings dominate. With Age Up, these buildings get more decorations. The Stone Walls would be white. The difference between Vikings and Ruthenians civs in this style would be in the different model of the Monastery - after all, the Scandinavians became Catholics and the Ruthenians became Orthodox.


Vikings Monastery


Slavs (rename to Ruthenians) Monastery

Nomadic set *new

The domination of the Yurt buildings. Buildings that would not be yurt-like are the Monastery, Docks, and Castle. The Stone Wall would be like a pile of stones.

Changes in Central European set

The Central European set would receive a visual correction. The restored set would resemble medieval German Cities:


Changes in Eastern European set

Overall, the current set is fine except the Monastery. A few buildings from the Imperial Age do not match the rest of the buildings.



This is just a suggestion.

I thinknthe civ design matters way more than what name wouldvthe UUs get. Civ designgenerates identity, and rn Bavarians alao seem a lot like Goths and Saxons dont have any identity.

As always I rather represent actually unrepresented or severly underrepresented eegions.

Its a UT I think. Still not good tho


Hmm… it’s hard to say much about this proposal since there’s not much detail. What would the tech trees be like for these civilisations? What are their civ and team bonuses? How are their unique units different from units that are already in the game? Given that you haven’t tried to address any of this already, I’d guess that you’re more interested in introducing new civs for representation reasons rather than gameplay… except the civs you’re suggesting are well represented already, so I don’t get it.

Oktoberfest didn’t exist during the medieval period, it started in the 19th century. It’s like giving Britons a unique tech called Steam Trains, or Franks a unique tech called Jacquard Loom.

Sounds very similar to Goths… Also an upgrade that makes other upgrades free seems really awkward to me somehow.

What if I don’t want more Villagers? What if I’ve already researched those techs?

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lol Neuschwanstein was started in 1869 and is basically a fairytale palace built by an eccentric King. Literally zero relevance to medieval Barvaria. I’d argue that Schwerin Castle is a very poor choice as well unless you’re going for a very early version of it.


I created this theme starting from scratch. As this topic develops, I am going to supplement information about this potential DLC. The Bavarians would be a civilization focused on mercenary infantry and defense, while the Saxons would focus on economics and trade.

Yes, its a UT.

At the very beginning, I gave the simplest information about this DLC. The tech tree would take a lot of time to analyze - which is important, but less attractive than UU, UT and Wonders.

Over time, the idea for these civs more developed.

In this game there are a lot of such bulls, for example Wonder of the Slavs - Kizhi Church built in the 17-18th century; and more.

Oktoberfest has a lot to do with Bavaria, so this could be included in this civ. Munich’s Oktoberfest has more than 200 years of tradition, but a beer harvest festival has been held throughout Bavaria since 1516 - the Bavarian Purity Law on brewing. Oktoberfest is simply a beer festival in Munich that has become so popular that every modern beer festival is called Oktoberfest.

It certainly has more sense and correctness than UT Huns civ - Atheism :wink:

It doesn’t sound alike.

Extra Villagers can always come in handy. Besides, this UT would be available in Castle Age (these upgrades are available in the University, which is also available in Castle Age).

Potentially, instead of additional Villagers, you can give free Town Centers - it would be even more relevant to the subject of Magdeburg Law.

These are iconic buildings not only for Germany, but also for the whole world. There’s a lot of abuse in this game anyway, so the iconic fairy tale castles aren’t all that bad. They would certainly please the eyes.

Omg Magyars campaign. Where can I download this DLC? I am an hungarian myself. :smiley:

Unfortunately, this is only my suggestion of new DLC for AoE 2 DE, but I’m glad you like it :smiley:

The Barbarossa Campaign would become a campaign where we would play Bavarians, Saxons and Teutons. Despite the possibility of playing brand new civs, this campaign would still be available to all AoE 2 DE owners - an opportunity to play and test new civs.

Missions in the Barbarossa Campaign and civs that will be played in each mission:

1. Holy Roman Emperor

Player (Bavarians)


  • Cumans


  • Austria (Bavarians)

  • Bavaria (Bavarians)

  • Bohemia (Bohemians)

  • Burgundy (Burgundians)

  • Saxony (Saxons)

  • Swabia/Lorraine (Goths)

2. Henry the Lion

Player (Saxons)


  • Bavaria (Bavarians)

  • Saxony (Saxons)

Allies → Enemies

  • Henry the Lion (Saxons)


  • Poland (Poles)

3. Pope and Antipope

Player (Bavarians)


  • Carcano/Cremona (Italians)


  • Milan (Italians)
  • River Guard (Burgundians)
  • Crema (Italians)

4. The Lombard League

Player (Saxons)

Ally → Enemy

  • Henry the Lion (Saxons)


  • Padua (Italians)
  • Venice (Italians)
  • Verona (Italians)

5. Barbarossa’s March

Player (Teutons)


  • Gallipoli (Byzantines)
  • Hospitallers (Teutons)

Allies → Enemies → Allies

  • Constantinople (Byzantines)


  • Saracen Navy (Saracens)

  • Seljuks (Turks)

6. The Emperor Sleeping

Player (Teutons)


  • Richard the Lionhearted (Britons)

Ally to Enemy

  • Damascus (Saracens)
  • Saladin (Saracens)


  • Jerusalem (Saracens)

So all of this is one UT and not a civi bonii right?
why would you want to make a ut that will research generic techs? Shouldnt a UT give something special to that civi?

Initially, I meant that this UT would add one Covered Wagon to each current Town Center - something like AoE 3. It would be in line with the history of German settlement in Eastern Europe - Ostsiedlung.

These UT were supposed to resemble the founding of new cities. Each Town Center present would receive a Covered Wagoon + 5 Villagers + upgrade all buildings except military. This sounds like the basis for building new cities.

Unfortunately, I bet it didn’t work for AoE 2, so I came up with something else.

Damn I thought it is an fan made DLC which I can download it from Steam or somewhere else but no worries :slight_smile:

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The Teutons already cover all the german parts of the HRE, and if you want more “barbaric” Germans (such as the Saxons that Charlemagne fought) the Goths are also here. I don’t see why the Teutons should be split, especially considering the hard limit of 48 civs.


The Mongolian one is very well done, I’d love for a De version

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I see what you mean – unique units, unique techs, Wonders and Castles are the headline pieces for marketing new civs (e.g. when DotD was announced, they were the first things to be revealed, if I recall correctly). But the bonuses and tech tree are the most important things for judging what a civ is like, since they’re relevant in every game (except for naval and some late game stuff). You can’t really judge a civ proposal without them, especially when you haven’t given much gameplay information about the unique units anyway.

I’m a big fan of Wonders, but they’re the least important element of a civ’s design. For twenty years the Britons’ Wonder was a cathedral in Germany that had nothing to do with Britain, and it didn’t matter. Nowadays it’s a generic English cathedral that looks like it was drawn from memory by someone who doesn’t know much about English church architecture… and it still doesn’t matter!

There are a few anachronisms, but that’s no reason to add more. It seems very odd that you would advocate for removing some of the anachronisms, e.g. by giving nomadic civs a more appropriate building set, but simultaneously want to introduce new ones.

So don’t call it Oktoberfest then?

Not really. At the very least, atheism actually existed during the game’s time period. I would argue that Atheism is an appropriate name for that tech, but that’s not the point – even if it’s completely inaccurate, it doesn’t justify adding new inaccuracies.

Goths have a bonus that reduces the cost of infantry and a unique tech that makes Barracks produce infantry faster – it’s almost identical, except that your tech comes with some free upgrades.

You could say something similar about the White House, or the Palace of Versailles, but it doesn’t mean they should appear in AoE2.

Would it still be possible to play the current Barbarossa campaign? It’s my favourite campaign, and I don’t think arbitrary changes to the player civilisations would improve it.

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this so much. we have 18 civs from europe already (minimum), we need some non eu civs going forward.

lets see. cheaper infantry coupled with faster production. totally doesn’t sound like goths too me.


Europe was more politically fragmented than Asia that had larger empires, in no small part due to geography, so having that many european civs isn’t wrong by itself. But to add new european civs with the number of slots left, a solid gameplay idea is needed (like the Bohemians with their war wagon), as well as filling existing gaps when looking at a map (Poland was the big one for the latest expansion). I don’t see how adding new german civs would change that. For the second point, the only civ that’s left to add in Europe would be Southern Slavs (Serbs Croats…), and the Balkans being the Balkans I’m sure some interesting gameplay could be made for them.


Germany is a huge gap, noting that the Teutons are a civ very much modeled on the Teutonic Order, which was located in Eastern Europe. Even UU is typically Teutonic Knights absent in HRE.

Holy Roman Empire

Teutonic & Livonian Orders

When it comes to the Balkans and the broadly understood Eastern Europe, I invite you to the topic that I have created: absolutely definitely the last Eastern European DLC