📜 Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition — Update 37650

Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition - Update 37650

Good day, fellow tacticians!

May marks the six-month milestone since the arrival of Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition this past November, and we’re just as excited today as we were on day one—even as we now work, play, and enjoy the game from the safety of our homes. We hope you’re staying healthy, safe, and taking the time to play and escape from the world when it’s needed the most!

Today’s update introduces new changes, content, and improvements to keep up with our growing community: including a new in-game event to test your skills as well as major improvements to the stability and playability of the game.

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Thank you for the fixes!

  • Fixed an issue where players could research technologies instantaneously, at no cost, and/or more than once.

Absolutely lovely Evan! Thaaaanks

Oh Evan help me!


See Hera’s video on this new patch for proof that Elephant Archers are still not fixed.
Look what he says about the “buffs” to EA.

He says and I quote him word to word

slow claps now, tell me, are they f-tier from your own experience or someone else’s?

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Hi! First of all, thanks for including me the “Special Thanks” section. Now I can brag about it with my allies.
About the “5-minute disconnect” fix, I’ve tested it minutes ago and managed to play 4 ranked matches without problems (well, except for one ally playing SimCity instead of Age of Empires, but that is not a bug).
So thanks for fixing it! Of course if any problem surges again I’ll be back in the Bug reporting forum to report any useful information.


i mean, they are still not good. but the fact is that Indians are already a decent civ. and just got better as is.

F-tier from the experience of not just me, but also Viper and Hera, the two best players in this whole world, evident from their UU tierlist videos. And This latest analysis of the patch by Hera himself:


I say: I don’t care what a streamer says


My problem is the streamer hasn’t even tested it.

He even said its low dps. If its low dps most archers are low dps because it does the same dmg as a cav archer

The new map pool is complete :poop: but other than that, decent job guys

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Also with one of the early patches they increased reload/fire time for cav archers so it feels unnaturally slow (and i often move 'em before they even shoot now)

What are the Easter Eggs in the game and how do I get them?

There are also four new Easter Eggs to seek out in the game—two of which are permanent additions! Can you find them all?

:black_square_button: :elephant: ???

:black_square_button: :crown: ???

:black_square_button: :curling_stone: ??? ( Event Exclusive )

:black_square_button: :clock11: ??? ( Event Exclusive )

Don’t forget to sign into Xbox Live ; doing so will ensure that you get to keep all the mods and profile icons you unlock during the event! We hope you enjoy this celebration of the community, as well as everything else coming with today’s update!

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Hey I’m having the same issue. Unable to play multiplayer. Did you find a solution?

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can the AI building spacing be addressed and see a fix already?

AI are still building allowing only 1 space between each building, or next to the trees. if theres a siege or other units easily gets massive blockage against enemy AI. they’ll block their own trade route.

  • Change the Windows Display Language:
  1. Search for “lang” and open Language Settings (in German “Spracheinstellungen”)
  2. Change the Windows-Displaylanguage (Windows-Anzeigesprache) to English (United States)
  3. Log off and on again
  4. Start the Game
  • Disable antivurs

For reference -> Aoe 2 de wont launch

Did you try the two suggestions? Even if you are not german

Do you even know HERA??? :rofl: