"Age of Empires II - Definitive Edition - Warchiefs of the Andes" . DLC concept v2

“Warchiefs of the Andes”

A new DLC for AoE 2 - DE, featuring three new civilizations from South America, the rework for the incans with also new campaigns and maps.

Release date: 2023


  • All the whole new Civilization, including the Incans, could receive a new architecture: andean. From this point, these four civilization with this architecture will be known as “Andean Civilizations”.
  • Incans could lose two units: the Xolotl Warrior and the exclusivity of the Slinger.
  • Monks could have new sprites for african, andean, southeast asia, central europe and south asia civilizations.
  • Both huns and mongols could have a new architecture named “Nomand”, with tent based buildings.
  • Wild horses can now hunted for food.
  • Mayan’s Imperial Age technology “El Dorado” could be renamed as “Mayan Calendar”.
  • Each civilization could have a preset for units skin color, but it can be changed in the option menu.

New common units:

  • Slinger: a former second unique units of the Incans, it could be available on the Archery Range for all the andean civilizations. It sprite could be based in the Huaraca unit from Age of Empires III.
    • Elite Slinger: a upgrade for the Slinger, exclusive for Incans. The sprite will remain intact with the incan emblem on it shield.
  • Illapa Warrior: the andean version of the mesoamerican Xolotl Warrior. It could be available after a sucessful convertion of a enemy stable after researching Redemtion or using All Tech option. A ranged anti-cavalry cavalry unit that can attack with bolas instead with a macuahuitl. It spirte could be based in the Mapuche Bolas Rider from Age of Empires III.
  • Condor Warrior: the andinean version of the mesoamerican Eagle Warrior, a skirmisher unit instead infantry that including the Scout Condor Warrior and the Elite Condor Warrior upgrades. Unlike the Eagle Warrior line, the Condor Warrior line could ignore the slow movement on slopes and hills, making it fast in almost every terrain condition. It sprite could be based in the Plumed Spearman from Age of Empires III.


  • Altiplano
  • Andes
  • Araucanía
  • Pampas

Civilization #1: Waru (600 - 1100)

From the Wikipedia:

The Wari Empire or Huari Empire was a political formation that emerged around 600 AD in Peru 's Ayachuco Basin and grew to cover much of coastal and highland Peru. The empire lasted for about 500 years, until 1100 AD. It existed during the same era as the Tiwanaku culture, and at one time, was thought to have been derived from it.


  • Infantry and skirmisher Civilization.
  • Infantry technologies are 5% cheaper in Feudal, 7,5% cheaper in Castle and 10% cheaper in Imperial.
  • Lumberjacks generate 5 gold per second while in gathering animation.

Unique Unit: Chukiq Awqaruna

Multipurpose infantry unit. It could have two options for battle: spearman and skirmisher, depending of the enemy distance.

Unique Building: Pikillagya

Highly resistant Waru settlement that can increase the defense of nearby buildings by X%. Building it costs gold and stone. Available from the Castle age. On Imperial Age, it can train Amazon Archer, an archer unit available after converting an enemy archery range that can build pailings. A male version of the scenario female unit of the same name, first featured in El Dorado Campaign. It could be different from his female version due his bronce ornaments.

Unique Technology (Castle Age): Bronze tupus

Skirmishers gain +1 meele armor and are trained X% faster.

Unique Building (Imperial Age): Wiracocha cult

Condor Warriors regenerate X HP per minute and attack X% faster.

Team bonus

Infantry units line of sight increased.


Tiwanaku, Gate of the Sun

Civilization #2: Muiscas (500 to 1540)

From the Wikipedia:

The Muisca (also called Chibcha) are an indigenous people and culture of the Altiplano Cundiboyacense, Colombia, that formed the Muisca Confederation before the Spanish conquest. The people spoke Muysccubun, a language of the Chibchan language family, also called Muysca and Mosca. They were encountered by conquistadors ordered by the Spanish Empire in 1537 at the time of the conquest.


  • An ranged an infantry civilization.
  • In contrast with another Andeans Civilizations, muiscas cannot have the Illapu Warrior after converting an enemy stable. However, it could have another unit after converting a enemy barrack or archery range.
  • Muiscas could recover a percentage of the stone when a castle, tower or wall is destroyed by the enemy.
  • Condor warrior couldn’t have elite upgrade.

First Unique Unit: Guecha

A slinger unit with bonus against siege units. It could be different from the Slinger and Elite Slinger thanks to it poncho.

Second Unique Unit: Amazon Warrior

A quick infantry unit available after converting an enemy barrack. A male version of the scenario female unit of the same name, first featured in El Dorado Campaign. It could be different from his female version due his bronce ornaments.

Unique Technology (Castle Age): Pancha Weapons

Villagers can attack enemy units using bows and arrows instead knives.

Unique Technology (Imperial Age): El Dorado

Stone and gold mining speed increased 20%.

Team Bonus:

Allies stone building could cost 20% less of Stone


Sogamoso, Temple of Sun

Civilization #3: Chimor (900 to 1470)

From the Wikipedia:

Chimor (also Kingdom of Chimor or Chimú Empire) was the political grouping of the Chimú culture. The culture arose about 900 AD, succeeding the Moche culture, and was later conquered by the Inca emperor Topa Inca Yupanqui around 1470, fifty years before the arrival of the Spanish in the region. Chimor (Spanish pronunciation: [tʃi’mu]) was the largest kingdom in the Late Intermediate Period, encompassing 1,000 kilometres (620 mi) of coastline.


  • Naval and defensive civilization.
  • Murder Holes automaticaly research in Feudal Age and can affect docks.
  • Condor Warrior line 25% cheaper.
  • Fishing boats can repair ships.

First Unique Unit: Chimu Maceman

A infantry unit armed with a bronce head club, with a defense bonus and attack against defensive buildings like castles and towers. It sprite could be based in the Maceman from Age of Empires III.

Second Unique Unit: Canoe

Multipropose ship available from Feudal Age that can fish and attack with a bonus against gunpowder warships. It requires to gather up to two units (excepting monks, heroes, cavalry or siege units) to attack. Canoes can’t set fishing traps thoug or can be affected by Transport Ship upgrades.

Unique Technology (Castle Age): Palings

Archer line can build palings to defend themselves from cavalry. The option will be available in the unit HUB.

Unique Technology (Imperial Age): Leadership

Condor Warriors regenerate.

Team Bonus:

Murder Holes available in feudal age without research.


Chan Chan


The Chimor-Inca war

Was a conflict fought in the late 15th century between the Inca Empire and the Chimor Empire of coastal Peru. At the time of the conflict, the Chimor Empire was in a process of territorial expansion, but as the Inca Empire appeared in the picture, it became impossible for the Chimor to consolidate its conquests. Early skirmishes occurred when the Inca Empire conquered the non-Chimor inland city of Cajamarca.

The Muisca Confederation

Two main battles, one between the northern and southern Muisca and one with the southern neighbours, the Sutagao, have been described by the chroniclers, mainly De Piedrahita. The first battle was around the year 1470 in Pasca between the zipa of Bacatá Saguamanchica, leading an army of around 30,000 guecha warriors, and the cacique of the Sutagao, resulting in a victory of the first and the inclusion of the southern region into the Muisca Confederation

El Dorado

The El Dorado campaign in Age of Empires II HD: The Forgotten is depicting the quest of Francisco de Orellana in search of a rumored golden city known as “El Dorado”, the namesake of this campaign. The player is playing as Spanish for the first scenario, and play as Incas for the other three.

A remake of El Dorado campaign can be maded for this pack, using the Andean Civilization to reprise the non-incan factions in the scenarios.

Special thanks

Thanks to u/hussar269c from Reddit for his Chimor civilization concept and JCC3001 from AoE 2 forums for his Wari civilization concept.


El Dorado should actually be renamed to Cotton Armor, which is historically a lot better, and really fits with the effect.

Absolutely useless. Minor savings on supplies, squires, and the upgrade techs. There are already much better versions. Even if extended to blacksmith upgrades, it’s still useless.

Really OP, strange how it is linked to that part of the animation, and steps on the toes of the new Vietnamese UT, which actually costs resources.

Not really that helpful, melee armor doesn’t really benefit skirms, because they die if something comes into minimum range anyway.

You don’t really convert barracks, so this unit will never be seen.

This is way stronger than the Incan bonus, purely because it affects the entire team. Way too strong. Also, imagine this stacked with Frank castle bonus, it’s totally broken.

That steps on the Teuton bonus, and is useless unless you want them to be a tower rushing civ.

This is an AoE4 ability, and it’s probably either useless, or too strong.

You already suggested this.

What? Where will they research it, and why. It’s a pointless bonus, that will just either be unused, or promote tower/castle rushing. Just bad.

Be free to suggest changes, I’ll take all your feedback as a positive point to balance civs

I think its “Andean” in English

Tbh Im not a fan of having eagle warriors for all American civs, but dividing it would be a weird choice. Also, isnt there a better name than Condor warrior? Maybe something like the Chasqui? or Runancha?

Also balancing a ranged scout may though

Those bonuses overlap with the next DLC, and the first one is very very weak.

I think a simpler name may help, but its okay, not sure how easy to balance will it be tbh

Seems pretty meh with it affecting only one unit. Maybe it could affect spearmen

Good enough

THats uncoadable I velieve

Thats good

Seems okay

This bonus has to buff them quite a bit to be good

Very weak for a UT


Its not OP, but it overlaps with Teutons

Seems okay

Mmmmm I guess this could be interesting?

Seems okay, but not the most interesting unit

Not a fan tbh. Too weird

Eh not sure how I feel about this

Dont the Waris also have this?

GIve me a sec and I will propose some changes

Infantry civilization

  • Killing herdables grants +15 food
  • Infantry armour upgrades double effect (no last armour)
  • Condor warriors +1 attack at feudal age

Unique Unit: Sipan Spearman (archer/infantry)
Unique Techs:
Tupus - Skirmishers and spearmen created 100% faster
Wiracocha - Condor warriors attack faster

TB: Infantry +2 line of sight

Archer and defensive civilization

  • Villagers attack with a bow, and benefit from archer attack upgrades
  • Miners work 10% faster
  • Barracks costs -100 wood (or something else, used the barracks bonus because I had no idea what to use)
  • Buildings return 20% of their stone cost when destroyed

Unique unit: Guecha - Anti siege slinger

El Dorado - Spawns a free relic
Tejo - Archers move 10% faster

TB: Mining camps, lumber camps and mills +4 line of sight

Defensive and Naval civilization

  • Farmers generate wood
  • Towers are 10/20/30% cheaper at feudal/castle/imperial age
  • Condor warriors are 25% cheaper

Unique techs
Palings - Archer units +3 melee armour
Chan Chan - Condor warriors regenerate

TB: Fishing ships +2 line of sight

Tbh something I struggle to see is how these civs would deal with siege. Would the Condor Warriors be good at sniping siege?


Tbh you may have wanted something a bit more vague, but you have my designs to use if you like them

What about the new incans? Do you agree with the shared slinger between the new civs and the exclusive elite slinger upgrade for incans?

And what about Illapa Warrior, the bolas anti cavalry cavalry version of the Xolotl Warrior?

Biggest problem may be that these civs end up hardcountering eagle warrios, but its fine in theory

Tbh it sounds like a fun unit but needing to convertan stable to use it makes it sound like wasted potential

But a fun idea either way

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I like this conception of new DLC :smiley:

Other possible conception of new American DLC is:

Age of Empires II Definitive Edition - Warchiefs of the Americas

  • Chimu
  • Muisca
  • Tarascans

we already have 3 new world civs and its borderline fantasy, i know its a game but there are real medieval civs that are not represented like west asia.
caucasus region had medieval warfare,
middle east too

i think we dont really need more civs but to polish the existing ones but southamerican societies where literally stoneage, no reason to include it more into a medieval warfare rts


Well, Wari were conquered by the Incans, so yes, it can be a good choice for replace.

Also, if African Kingdoms introduced the portuguese, why not an central america civ ourtside the andes mountains but from the americas as well?

Can you provide a small concept about the Tarascans?

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I think we have enough candidates in South and Central America to get a different dlc for each of those regions, don’t we?

Really could be a common unit for most ingame civs. Could ignore armor as its bonus, as you got hit bad whether in armor or not, unlike arrows

I really don’t understand the obsession that some have with including these stone age cultures, is it the current trend towards everything that is politically correct? where we are all included without exceptions? I am from Argentina but I would never ask for the inclusion of the Mapuches for example. I am clear that AOE2 is not exactly an extremely historically rigorous game, but don’t you realize how anachronistic these speculations are?


Even among the people pushing for more South American cultures, many don’t want Mapuche because they are deemed too primitive even compared to the civilisations proposed here. I have to admit I know next to nothing about them, but it seems the Andean and Mesoamerican cultures discussed here are far different. Many of them had agriculture, fortifications, a writing system and sometimes even mastered metallurgy and/or sailing before or during the Middle Ages, so caling them Stone Age cultures is quite inexact. You could argue that they were closer to Bronze/Iron Ages cultures than Medieval ones, but since they existed at the same time as Medieval or Early Modern Era European cultures they fit AoE2’s timeframes more than AoE1’s.


These guys arent stone age cultures. They had states, metallurgy and kings

Tbh I think Mapuche could be added since they have campaign potential, but they arent necessary (and tbh neither are most American civs, but thats not what we are talking about)

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The norse were still in the bronze age in the 6th century, and you call stone age savages to people who were ahead in the late bronze age at that time…
Not to mention moche (aka chimu 1.0), indians, and the chinese were the only ones in the world who could produce bronze alloys harder than 273 vickers before the industrial revolution.


I feel the same should be true for the camels that roam the Arabia maps. Not that I know whether or not there’s a culture that eats a lot of camel meat, but camels being huntable would give them more purpose than just being decorations.

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Yeah, I remember reading about camel meat being consumed in the Arabic peninsula and imported from Australia because Australian camels carry less diseases.

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