Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition - Wild Fields (DLC proposal adding Poles civ and more!)


Welcome to the topic presenting the proposal for a new DLC for Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition focused on Eastern Europe, more specifically the Wild Fields. At the very beginning, I would like to present suggested changes for the Russians and the Ottomans, who are the only civs from Eastern Europe at the moment and also Chinese civ:


Brand new units:
  1. Cham - regional settlement unit, shared between Russians, Poles and Ukrainians civ. Are weak, but quick to train. This unit replaces the Settler. This unit works more efficiently when surrounded by Oprichnik.
  2. Axeman - weak infantry armed with an axe. Instead of Pikeman
  3. Archer - weak archer. It is trained in groups (5 Units simultaneously). Instead of Crossbowman
Brand new things:
  • Tserkov - unique church shared with Ukrainians civ. Has more HP than standard Church. Heals wounded nearby units.


Brand new things:


Brand new units:

The Chinese civ would get brand new units to replace these ones:

Brand new things:

The Chinese civ would get a brand new residential building in place of:


New Revolutions:

  1. Lithuania - Russians, Poles and Ukrainians
  2. Georgia - Russians and Ottomans
  3. Armenia - Russians and Ottomans
  4. Livonia - Poles and Swedes
  5. January Uprising - Poles and Ukrainians

New civs


Home City

  • Capital - Warsaw
  • Personality - Sigismund II Augustus or Sigismund III Vasa



  • Axeman - weak infantry armed with an axe. Instead of Pikeman
  • Archer - weak archer. It is trained in groups (5 Units simultaneously). Instead of Crossbowman
  • Skirmisher (Royal Guard)


  • Winged Hussar - heavy cavalry with a lance. Using saber in hand-to-hand combat
  • Cavalry Archer (Royal Guard)
  • Pancerny - medium-cavalryman with flintlock pistol. Use Horseman’s pick in hand-to-hand combat

Artillery Foundry

  • Grenadier
  • Falconet
  • Petard
  • Napoleon Gun

Unique Features

  1. Szlachcic is a hero unit instead of the Explorer (cavalry unit, can train a Winged Hussars. 3 limit.). In his surroundings, Cham’s become even more efficient.

  2. Two different settlement units can be trained in Town Center which are unique to Poles civ:

  • Cham - regional settlement unit, shared between Russians, Poles and Ukrainians civs. Are weak, but quick to train. A special Home City card turns all polish Cham’s into Kosynier (a peasant armed with a scythe - a slow but deadly unit that deals damage to multiple enemies at once).
  • Kurp - unique hunting unit for Poles civ. He can only get resources from natural sources (except mines) and he can’t build buildings. At the same time, this unit would be quite good in ranged combat. Kurp can gathering coins from Beehive (Kurpian honey is famous in Poland). Beehive can be constructable only for Kurp unit.
  1. They have a new building - Folwark (economic building that combines Estate, Mill, and Livestock Pen). This building would be something between Hacienda and Granary. Fields would be added to the Folwark building in order to be able to obtain food or coins. Contrary to Hacienda, Folwark did not automatically spawn settlers or cows, but it could be used to train Cows and Cham’s in groups and also could be used to train Szlachcic. Units can be garrisoned in this building. This shoe would have no build limit, but building another one would be increasingly expensive.
    The main source of income for the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth was the sale of grain to the west. I think farming grain in Folwark would generate coins. Poles mainly ate legumes and little meat, so legumes could generate food. In addition, Cows could be garrisoned inside the Folwark to generate a passive food source - Milk.

  2. As an elective monarchy they get completely unique politicians. Candidates may come from other civilizations and offer you their stuff.

Royal guard:

  • Skirmisher - Piechota Koronna
  • Cavalry Archer - Lisowczyk


  1. Lithuania
  2. Livonia
  3. Hungarian revolution - from the fact that Poles were on the Hungarian side during the revolution of 1848
  4. January Uprising

Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth civ should also have poor artillery, and quite weak infantry, but powerfull cavalry. Their settlement units have guerrilla abilities. All Polish units and buildings have extra line of sight. Buildings are cheaper, but weaker than those of other civilizations.

Ukrainians (other optional names are: Ruthenians or Cossacks)

Home City

  • Capital - Kyiv
  • Personality - Bohdan Khmelnytsky



  • Pikeman
  • Axeman - weak infantry armed with an axe.
  • Archer (Royal Guard) - weak archer. It is trained in groups (5 Units simultaneously). Instead of Crossbowman
  • Serdiuk - ranged infantry


  • Sich Cossack - very fast cavalry unit with saber and flintlock pistol
  • Register Cossack - cavalry with a lance
  • Cavalry Archer

Artillery Foundry

  • Falconet
  • Mortar
  • Petard
  • Tabor (Royal Guard) - a horse-drawn cart armed with small caliber artillery that throws grenades. It covers the units behind it.

Unique Features

  1. Hetman is a hero unit instead of the Explorer (cavalry unit, can train a Ukrainian unique cavalry units and also can build a Outpost, Stable and Sich).

  2. Chaika is a unique Ukrainian boat that replaces the standard Fishing Boats. It is cheap, quick to train and fast. It can transport units and catch fish. When transporting units, it deals ranged attacks.

  3. During each Age Up, they receive a random Wagon: Stable Wagon, Barracks Wagon or Outpost Wagon.

  4. Sich is a unique Ukrainian Fort. Heals units in its vicinity, and military buildings in its vicinity work a bit faster. It is cheap, but unfortunately has less HP than the standard Fort. Cham’s can build it.

Royal guard:

  • Archer - Ruthenian Archer
  • Tabor - Hetman’s Tabor


  1. Lithuania
  2. January Uprising
  3. Canada



Home City

  • Capital - Tashkent or Bakhchysarai
  • Personality - İslâm III Giray



  • Tatarian Warrior - use a yatagan and Tatar shield
  • Tatarian Archer
  • Seymen - Crimean musketeer
  • Kapikulu - Crimean ranged infantry


  • Steppe Rider (TRANSFERRED FROM CHINESE CIV) (Royal Guard)
  • Cavalry Archer

Artillery Foundry

  • Grenadier
  • Culverin
  • Falconet
  • Petard

Unique Features

  1. Bey is a hero unit instead of the Explorer. From the very beginning of the game, we have two Beys

  2. It is the only civilization in the game whose economy is mainly based on robbing other civs. Destroying buildings and killing enemies generates coins.

  3. Tatars civ represent the Turco-Mongols peoples, so this civilization, due to being nomads, has a limited number of buildings available:

  • Town Center
  • Consulate
  • Military Camp - combination of Barracks, Castle and Stable
  • Mosque
  • Coastal Bazaar - combination of Market and Docks
  • Hunting Camp - building that increases the efficiency of extracting resources naturally (wood from trees, food from hunting, breeding animals and collecting berries) - no agriculture due to the nomadic lifestyle. This building replaces Rice Paddy.
  1. This civilization would be very unique in that it would represent the Turco-Mongols peoples. This civilization would cover a huge area of ​​Central Asia, the Don and the Crimea, and would cover such nations as the Mongols, Uzbeks, Kazakhs, Crimean Tatars, Siberian Tatars and also Uyghurs. The Mongolian content that is currently in Chinese civ would be transferred to Tatars civ (CHINESE CIV WILL RECEIVE COMPLETELY NEW THINGS IN THIS PLACE).


  1. The Tatar Consulate would be able to establish diplomatic contacts with: Ukrainians, Ottomans, British or Russians.

  2. The Wonders of this civ could be: Derbent Citadel, Ala al-Din Tekish, Mausoleum of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi, ########## mosque and Gur-e-Amir.

New Historical Battles:

Battle of Kircholm (27 September 1605)

Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth vs Swedes

Battle of Korsun (May 26, 1648)

Ukrainians ally with Crimean Khanate (Tatars civ) vs Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth

Siege of Sevastopol (1854–1855)

Ottomans ally with French and British vs Russians

Battle of Poltava (8 July 1709)

Russians vs Swedes


I’m a huge fan of a Cossack civ.

Historically there were 2 main Ukranian Cossacks states, the (more free) Zaporozhian Sich and (less free) Cossack Hetmanate (confusingly its proper name is Zaporozhian Host!), which were split by just what bank of the river that were on. They were also quite distinct from the rest of Ukraine so I would suggest that they are just called the Cossacks or even Zaporozhian Cossacks and let them cover both interconnected groups.

I like your suggestions (especially the Age Up bonus, as well as Serdiuk and Chaika units) and think they would work well though if I could add some input:

Plunder - the Cossacks were famously raiders and plunderers (even of Istanbul), so maybe they should gain coin from sieging?
Militia Units - Town Cossacks. These were the militia-level cossacks tasked with defending towns from Tatars.
Muskeeters: Moloitsy - Zaporozhian foot cossack musketeers
Scout unit: Plastuns - Scouting foot units
House - Cossack House (I did tried to use the native term however it’s censored for some reason). Has wooden walls to protect it plus it could also have a small field to farm on.
Tabor - I’d add that these should function more like ‘packable fortification’ - historically they were primary used in a static Tabor formation, circling an area with multiple wagons, Maybe they should offer more defense and infantry-based combat auras when ‘deployed’ but could used on the move too (to a lesser extent).

Maybe a some sort of unique building the Rada or Sich Council? It could act like a lesser version of the Consulate, by allowing alliances with Russia, Poland, Sweden, Ottoman or just themselves (as a completely free Cossack State).


Wow, cool civ concepts. I love them.

I would only suggest that the Poles should have the Lipka Tatars instead of the cavalry archers.
I also like the age up system for the Poles and I think we could make it even deeper. Maybe by adding new units from the different royal houses. For example, if you age up with the Vasa, you get Vasa units to train at the embassy or something like that.


I am of the opinion that adding Ukrainians / Cossacks to this game as a revolution option is definitely not enough for the potential of such a civ.

I thought that this civ would be a representation of all Ukrainians with a military attitude towards the Cossacks. Calling such a Ruthenians civ, one could also represent Belarusians and Rusyns.

The plunder mechanic could also be used for civs from completely different corners of the world, e.g. Barbary Pirates. I like this.

Unique Militia sounds pretty cool, but I don’t think it’s that necessary.

You can add Musketeer to Ukrainians civ - could be Royal Guard… Moloitsy.

The Scout unit sounds pretty cool, but that’s what the Hero unit is for.

A very cool idea that deserves attention.

Great ideas.

Maybe it could be implemented in this building:

Thank you :blush:

Personally, I’m of the opinion that a lot of units present in many Royal House’s should be added to civs and completely new ones should appear in their place. But in the case of Tatar Lipka, I am convinced that it is a perfect unit for the Jagiellonian Royal House - quite different from Shock Rider, which could be better a unique unit for some South Slavic revolution.

This is partly what I meant when I wrote about their unique Age Up:

For example, a French candidate will bring French units, a Swedish candidate will bring Swedish units, and a Russian candidate will bring Blockhouse and his unit. More often than not, however, candidates would simply offer resources or civilian or economic items.

No quiero sonar malo pero, en que momento ucrania fue un estado independiente? a lo sumo lo más cercano a ello fue la rus de kiev pero eso es un estado de la edad media, casi toda su historia fueron ocupados por potencias extranjeras, asi que no se si encaje muy bien, quizas el kanato de crimea podria pegar más


Well, it’s true the Lipka Tatar is a valid unit for the House Jagiellon, it’s just that for me it would be a pity that such an integral part of the military of Poland for centuries would just be a minor civ unit.
I’d prefer if another unit would take their place for the Jagiellon, like the Petyhorzec or, perhaps, the Lisowczyks.

they were de facto independent from time to time. it wasnt really ukraine though, it was the cossacks which only made up a small part of what would become modern ukraine.

personally i could go without cossacks and tartars.


In my opinion, even if the Cossacks didnt’t get to become a civ, they could still be a revolution for the Poles and the Russians, which could keep many of the features from this proposal, like the tabor, the hetman or the sich fort.

Regarding the Tatats, they could be an interestimg addition for the game, since they would represent the last remnants of the nomadic peoples of Eurasia and thus have these unique raid mechanics.


They were essentially a proto-state and a fiercely independent. (Ukrainian) Cossacks that is, rather than Ukraine itself.

Claro el Kanato de Crimea sería lo correcto…ya que durante la Edad Moderna,Ucrania occidental fue parte de la Mancomunidad Polaco-Lituana…

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If you’re considering the Crimean Khanate as a possible civ, the a Zaporozhian Cossack civ is just as valid.

Crimean Khanate: an Ottoman Protectorate would act independently as well as directly with the Ottomans as well as provide soldiers such as Crimean Calvary.

Zaporozhian Cossacks: A Cossack faction that settled in its own fortified territory within other nations’ borders and tolerated (for a little while). Used as frontier military arm for Poles and Russians, whilst also fighting/raiding the aforementioned as well as Swedes, Tartars, Ottoman forces and themselves.

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btw could i ask, is there a particular reason the factions dont get complete sets of artillery? in particular why they are missing culvins and mortars at seemingly random.

id also like some more information on the units, like what makes axeman useful? like what is their niche, maybe some theoretical stats to look at.

also a little surprised to see no polish musketeer, based on saxon infantry and polish legion, Poland deff had musketeers and even some quiet famous ones.

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  1. Cham - regional settlement unit, shared between Russians, Poles and Ukrainians civ. Are weak, but quick to train. This unit replaces the Settler. This unit works more efficiently when surrounded by Oprichnik.

Let’s miss the point that the civilization of Ukraine did not exist. Why Cham and not Serf or Kholop??

i also dont see any use for axeman or archers in the russian unit roster.

plus the concept of cham is plain insulting, like adding a slavemaster to boost productivity on estates would be. Gatherrate auras are best implemented by using buildings i think, since you dont want to waste on military standing in your own eco (also annoying if u use hotkeys like ‘select all idle military’)

I’d like to see civs from other parts of the world first but Poles should definitely be added at some point. I don’t understand some of your unit suggestions though. There’s no reason for Poles not to have crossbows.

Ukrainians would make more sense as a revolution. Despite being very autonomous, they were always nominally a part of Poland/Russia/Austria.

Tatars would be an okay civ, but definitely shouldn’t be modelled on a Ottoman vasal state in terminal decline on the periphery of the steppes. Kazakhs and Uzbeks should be the basis of it. Either of them have enough to work with to be a full civ in their own right instead of being part of an umbrella civ.


Prussia, Poland, and Denmark, please!


prusia ya dijeron que no estara, no piensan dividir ni alemania, italia y india


Baltic Kingdoms DLC :black_heart: :white_heart: :heart:


Dukes of the Baltic (the sequel dlc of the Dawn of the Dukes)…