Age of Mythology 2 or Definitive Edition please!

hey there! i have been playing EOE since i was a child and have played all the games but the mythology aspect, the deep diferentiation beetween all the cultures, the mythic units, the titans… there is just something so especial about it all, and going to play AOE2 DE or any other AOE feels just plain to me… Mythology is just such a magical game and since all the games have been getting definitive editions and follow ups, i really feel AOM deserves one or the other. i cant be the only one craving for this!
PD: please excuse my orthography, english is not my first language.


Don’t worry, I also love age of mythology! I remember this game as if it was yesterday, and yet it was a long time ago :stuck_out_tongue:
maybe in a few years, or after age of empires 4 !

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Adam Green had said in this interview that they are probably looking at it after the release of 4 and the other DEs. More likely to be an AOM DE but it still speaks of a sequel, maybe even later.


Adam Isgreen…don’t forget the is. It’s the third person singular present tense of be. :wink:

Ohh man I can only hope! Thanks a lot for the info! ■■■■■■■ love this games, especially Mythology, I’ll be playing AOE2 DE as i wait for 4 and the New Myth game!

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AoM could use a graphics upgrade like AOE2 and a massive expansion of its cultures. So many nations have great mythologies.

Mesoamerican, Japanese, Korean, Hindu, Persian, Middle Eastern etc.

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I would love to see Chinese be replaced with Japanese civilization. There’s an actual japanese community out there, I’m sure they’ll love it and tell all their friends :slight_smile:

Westerners also have a hard on for anything japan related, weebs these days u know.

Japan wouldn’t work with the time period though, nor some of the other suggestions people generally have.

I’d like to see Celts, which could incorporate Arthurian legends, and Canaanites, which could incorporate the Old Testament.

We definitely need an AOM DE. It’s clear that AOM EE isn’t working properly and the devs have had too much trouble trying to tinker with the old code. I don’t care what they do as long as it’s still just as easy to mod.

I’d personally want a AoM2 that brings the basic civilizations from the first game as well as adding new civilizations. But something tells me that they’ll go the easier route and bring us a DE of AoM. I take anything but preferably AoM2.

Possible new gods/mythologies:

Ahura Mazda : Persian God of Zoroastrianism.

Tengri: Supreme God of Turkic and Mongolian peoples. It is a polytheist religion so there are other minor gods too. Could be used to represent nomads.

Hinduism: Many gods, many creatures.

Aztec Mythology: Forgive my ignorance but again, many gods and many creatures.

An African Mythology: A Ghana religion Nyame for example I dont know much. I just saw traditional masks of tribal African people and I am sure there are tons of material over there. One civ representing Africans would be beautiful.

Native American mythology.

Shinto or a Chinese mythology.

There are ancient Anatolian/Mezopotamian mythologies too. Once Anatolia was called land with 1000 gods simply because it is a place of cultural amalgamation so each society contributed to common folk religion with their own god.

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I’d want an AoM2. A DE just wouldn’t do much for me :slight_smile:

You may like this thread/poll, as it relates to your question:

i hear everyone’s opinions against adding existing cultures, it deeply saddens me that sometimes people cant accept that the game is balanced and they just got outplayed, but what is even worse is how they might escalate the blame to the devs, however, i’ve seen some weird portrayals of mythology no one seems to care about, so why would people complain about aom if it accurately represents the gods?
plus they could make a forum asking for potential suggestions next time they make a civ,
also its not like the British are sad that their civ in aoe2 lose to others.

did/can someone make a poll asking what new cultures should be added?
nvm, i did

AOM is my favorite of all the Ages games, and of all RTS games. Its just the graphics now that are such a turn off, and also the tiny player base, I’m worried about not being able to get matches with others of my skill level. Looking for a game to play until they fix the massive civ balance issues with AOE3 DE. How hard is it to get matches with players of average skill level? (i.e. about 1000 in aoe2de). How long do you have to wait?