Age of Mythology Patch 2.7.4 Preview Update (Discussion)

Hello legends! We’ll begin by sending a heartfelt thanks to everyone playing and posting their thoughts about the updates we released with the Age of Mythology 2.7 Patch Preview! We’ve already received a good deal of feedback and positivity regarding our initial changes—so many that we’re ready to bring you another update with a handful of additional fixes. Our focus with this update is on fixing several bugs reported during the Patch Preview, along with implementing a handful of adjustments to the much-discussed Chinese civilization.

Here’s how you can download the latest update:

  1. Open and sign into Steam.
  2. Find Age of Mythology: Extended Edition in your Steam library.
  3. Right-click the game and select Properties.
  4. Select the BETAS tab.
  5. Select patch-2.7-public-beta- from the first dropdown menu. The update will begin downloading automatically in the background.
  6. Select Close in the bottom right of the Properties window.
  7. Open the game. The bottom of the title screen should read ** ** .
  8. That’s it; you’re ready to play!

Once you’ve had an opportunity to play with the changes, post your thoughts, issues you encounter, and other feedback as a reply to the thread below, where we’ll be taking notes about your experience.

We look forward to hearing what you think, so get to it; PROSTAGMA! :crossed_swords:

—The Age of Empires Team

:scroll: Update 2.7


  • Fixed errors in the English language file thanks to feedback by community members.

  • Added missing strings to the English language file.

  • Fixed a few bugs dealing with model special effects.

  • Fixed a display bug with Steam names.

  • Fixed a bug where the game failed to detect desyncs.


  • Fixed a bug where cavalry could garrison in town centers and towers.

  • Fixed a bug where a Harpy could get sucked into the Implode God Power and stop it from working.

  • Fixed a bug where you could eject units across the map with transport ships.

  • Fixed a bug where caravans could drop off gold on a market that was not fully built.

  • Fixed a bug where Apollo’s Healing Temple tech would work on a temple that is not fully built.




  • Increased the cooldown of Kronos’s Deconstruct God Power from 240 → 270 seconds.


  • Chieroballista: Decreased movements speed from 4.00 → 3.85.

  • Satyr: Increased the cost to train from 18 Favor, 225 Wood → 20 Favor, 250 Wood.



  • Immortals are now trainable without a temple in the first mission of the Tale of the Dragon campaign.


  • Tsunami: Decreased persistent hack damage dealt by the wave from 5.5 → 4.0 , and persistent crush damage from 3.0 → 2.25.

  • Inferno: Decreased the maximum damage dealt to enemy villagers from 1000 → 800.


  • Fire Lance: Pierce damage decreased from 6.4 → 4.0 .

  • Fire Lance: Bonus vs. Archers increased from 1.5 → 2.5 .

  • Immortal: Health decreased from 160 → 150 .

  • Pixiu: Increased the Gold generation rate from 1.5 → 2.5 units/second.

  • War Chariot: Hack damage increased from 12 → 13

  • War Chariot: Training time decreased from 12 → 9 seconds


  • Jade Rabbit: Increased the research cost from 10 Favor, 150 Food → 15 Favor, 225 Food.

  • Rammed Earth: Now grants all buildings an additional 10% hack armor.



    • Fixed a bug where empowerment for all building actions provided by the Pharaoh and Son of Osiris units was lower than intended.


  • Fixed a bug where Sea Snakes could not attack land units.



  • Sentinel: Increased the max radius from 24 → 26.


  • Fixed a bug where Myrmidons did not receive their bonus vs. Axeman, Bondi, Chinese Servant, Skraeling, and Throwing Axeman.



  • Walking Woods: Default stance changed from Defensive to Aggressive ; AI type switched from Ram to HandCombative .

  • Fixed a bug where a Frost Giant’s death would use the Colossus’ death sound.

  • Added death sounds to Mountain Giants.

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Please stop butchering the patch notes. You are missing a lot of bug fixes that went in, and you’re referring to things with their name in code.

Edit- for example, the map fixes are still not listed anywhere, and the inferno change in this one has no effect, as the power doesn’t take damage capping into account.


2 months and over 100 posts in the 2.7 thread, and this is the best you can do?

No much-needed performance updates, no proper v-sync support and basic graphical settings, no specific string fixes (hello, many relics still do not acknowledge that Chinese units exist, and geysers are still not explained), no fixes for the now-infamous Tale of the Dragon campaign?

I’ve seen semi-active modders try harder.


Are thee changes in addition to the ones from the original 2.7 patch preview thread? Or did they strip out the performance fixes and fixing things like blurry textures/units?



2 bugs and a half.

This is a pathfinding issue that is already a bit old, but here it goes. See the lonely peasant? Well, she will walk aaaaall around to deposit food instead of walking to the town center next to her. In this screenshot I already had destroyed the resource deposit but I marked it on the screenshot for you. I suppose this happens because the game is calculating distances in a straight line regardless of buildings being on the way.

See the favor counter at 99? In game it was rapidly switching between 99 and 100, as if the game was trying to figure out which one was closer. I was playing as Nü Wa.

As for the half bug that I mentioned. The Spanish(Spain) localization doesn’t use the exact same name of some Gods compared to the English version of the game. For example, instead of Nü Wa, it uses Nüwa (without the space), and instead of Xi Wangmu it uses Xi Wangmú. The former example seems to be a traditional vs simplified version and the latter just a blunt error. Please correct those too?


Thanks for the updated patch, but you didn’t do a lot of things we waited this patch like 2 months and seeing only this, its disappointing. Also you need to really fix some major bugs like dwarves stacking on goldmines. Also important is to balance the gods, you really need to nerf isis on water maps because most gods cant beat her its seems so unfair especially norse where the longboats can’t dodge arrows since they have lower speed


We had to wait years for them to get their heads out of their asses after ruining the 2.6 and butchering AOM completely due to negligence. Still a buff for fire lancers? Seriously? Also the game stability is bad and needs to be fixed.


These are changes since the last patch changes, so including all the 2.7 changes made.

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Well, I’ll give credit that Microsoft’s people, and AoE Media Sites are showing interest in Age of Mythology again.

But seriously, stop diddling around, and please give us actual substantial fixes, beyond these obvious cheap, and basic fixes that you are only making to act as if things are being fixed, despite it only being done slightly so.

Fix the ambient sounds, makes the game world sound dead, they were in the original game, so it’s a downgrade! NEVER TAKE OUT (deliberately or accidentally) FEATURES FROM THE ORIGINAL GAME!

Same goes with Alpha transparency, Water Lillies look ugly and blocky, fish can clearly be seen floating above the water in EE, when in the original, the alpha transparency helped hide the trickery going on. All units that used Alpha Transparency have been butchered, one way or another, especially the Phoenix! (RenderAfterWater isn’t a fix! It’s a cheap work around!)

I’m not sure if Pathfinding can be fixed (considering unit selections have gone up), but if Skybox changed it, you ought to revert it back to how ES’ had it.

Same goes for performance, whoever in Skybox played with the renderers, adding those fancy shaders, and that dogturd .mrtl system obviously had no idea what they were doing, and managed to screw up the performance. Not to mention water ripples looks worse! It was beautiful in vanilla/aomtt!

AoMEE needs more than just cruddy balance changes, workarounds and cheap bug fixes, after AoE2DE drops there shouldn’t be an excuse, heck you could pitch an Aztecs DLC if you really need the budget to fix the game!


Quick thing I forgot to mention, someone pointed out in the previous thread that most of the visual glitches happen, because someone in Skybox stuffed up the 4-bit alpha rendering in AoMEE, and my suspicion is that it has something to do with that dogturd .mrtl (materials) system that was added.

.mrtls are useless, if we want to edit how a unit model’s textures look in game, we go into 3ds Max, and tweak it ourselves with 3ds and ryder25’s AoM Model Plugin. Not to mention they’ve butchered 4bit alphas!


when will the patch be LIVE for everyone? It has been in beta forever!

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I have encountered several bugs:
First: I was playing the “sudden death” mode, I don’t know why, but the game told me to build a new city center even if the initial citadel was still intact;

Second: by playing with the Chinese the “favors” resource (lightning icon) you can’t accumulate the maximum: the counter oscillates between 99 and 100 continuously:

Third: the name of the Chinese hero “Immortal” must be corrected in Italian: it appears as “Immortalw” instead it should be called “Immortale”. Check that the names and descriptions of each troop or building are correct, in all languages supported by the game.


talk about balancing, i believe its better if Set Animals cost food instead of favour.
consuming favour discourage players using myth units. (afterall its age of mythology, not age of animals)

most casual players avoid Set probably because 60 seconds converting a weak animal doesn’t worth it (rather have other gods’ stronger econ).
if Set Animals cost more food, we can reduce The Titans expansion’s Nerf on Set animals. higher food cost would still result animal rush not as effective as vanilla, but as least decent animal fighters.

i believe that would result Set being usable by both casual players and top players.

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Please consider these changes:

• Disable Forest Fire God Power on Gaia Forest, makes it more special.

• Allow Walking Woods to be targeted by Forest Fire and vice versa.

• When a unit falls off the map, the game crashes. This is a problem for games that have buildings close to the edges of the map and a unit is created. In The Titans version the unit would simply disappear.

• Please, please please please give us our anim mods back. I understand that a few mods improperly created can cause an Out of Sync error, but it’s just not worth not having them at all. Changes to the workshop will probably have to be made so that anything with an anim file is not categorized under desync sensitive.

• When you start the game and go into the options, something happens with the resolution. It appears to be the same but I recall the game being much smoother when I did this in earlier versions. You get a black screen, once, and then you don’t get it again until you restart the game. Don’t know what this is about but it also breaks streams on Twitch god forbid they go into the options on their stream. Viewers will be stuck seeing the options page.

• The looping music at the main menu is very annoying. I find myself deleting the music file on a fresh install. Consider only letting it play once.

Will be posting more as they come to me.

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Agree about the music - it should not loop. In the old game it would loop but if you entered multiplayer it would fade out and stop. For whatever strange reason this behaviour was removed in EE.


Thank you for fixing some of the mistakes I flagged last time. Some immediate observations on the new patch:

  • Your change to English language string 18056 has misspelt “Argo”.
  • I don’t think Frost Giant using the Colossus death sound was a bug. The Frost Giant death sound was unused because it doesn’t really work with the death animation. The Colossus sound was fine. Mountain Giant should also use the Colossus death sound instead of a grunt.

The change to English language string 10710 contains an error. You’ve correctly pluralised the first “Medusa” to “Medusae”, but the second one should have remained singular. It should be “Medusa Matriarchs” just as the phrase would be “human matriarchs” and not “humans matriarchs”.

I hope when the new patch is released properly, the patch notes are rewritten to include the things that are missing and fix the mistakes that I flagged in the 2.4 thread. Some of the things listed in this patch are fixes to mistakes introduced in the last version.


Please fix the Terrain Grid in the editor, this is a much-used feature for scenario designers. If you look at the terrain grid now it’s just a bunch of lines going random ways.

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People seem to believe that the Allies Only setting is not on by default in multiplayer games because the Custom box is checked in chat. Please make the Allies Only box checked by default.

Please make physicians trainable from the Temple as well. This way it doesn’t disturb villager production.

Please fix the workshop in regards to scenarios. Currently any multiplayer scenarios downloaded from the workshop are unplayable without them being moved manually to the scenario folder.

Please put the English dialog files back in sound\dialog (the root dialog folder). I am a scenario designer and can speak for other designers to say that this breaks any already made scenario that uses the sound/dialog path. Currently it is only limited to sound/dialog/en/

The animation viewer in the editor breaks if you go into the options and hit OK. Likely an issue with the resolution problem I explained above.

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