AI Stops Working In Multiplayer Games

Game Version: Age of Empires II Definitive Edition (Steam)


There have been three games now where my friend and I are playing on a Giant or Ludicrous Map size, Black Forest, where about 5-10mins into the match, the AI players stop working. Villagers are just standing around. We’ve tried launching a restore of the game and the workers will start going back to work for about 1min and then they stop again. Or if myself or my friend resign, then the AI starts working again.

Additional details: Resources set to Ultra High, Difficulty set to Hardest, Visibility set to All Visible. Also, my friend and I are on a team. AI players are either two on a team or each on their own.

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Bumping the thread. I haven’t seen a response yet from anyone and this bug isn’t listed on Known Issues.

Hello NoUseMerk, thank you for the report!
Would you be able to attach a savegame where this issue happened? Regardless we will try to reproduce it, thanks!

I can look at uploading a save game file sometime in the next day or two. I have one I know of for sure, as my friend and I attempted several restore games from it trying to find a way to debug it.

This bug still exists. I tried playing a couple games with my friend online over the weekend and it happened twice out of four games. I think it has something to do with us being on a team vs AI players on their own. Once our team score get higher than an AI player before the Peace Treaty is over, all their villagers stop working.

Also, I noticed a side issue with the AI on Team Island maps. While their workers do just fine, I noticed that the computer players didn’t really build much of a standing army. Again, we had it on a 90 minute Peace Treaty, but when the timer was up, my friend and I were able to just steam roll over the AI players. And we had the difficulty set for Hardest.

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