All players are forced to smurf to get some FAIR game, since MONTHS AOG there are THOUSANDS OF SMURFS, and the Automatch dosn’t consider the win ratio %.

A player with a high win ratio %, must be considered skilled one and be matched vs high skilled player.

The problem become unplayable when a full team (4 players) or clan, forces every week a new account to play unfair matches, since no matter how much skilled your are, your team will be so weak vs they and they will play 4v1 over you.




Team game ratings are a complete disaster. This thread is already discussing this issue. Lots of people already posted their good solutions for this idea.


Taking into account the win ratio for matchmaking makes sense, especially in team games. Not only because of “smurfs”, but also because of legit reasons for starting with 1000 ELO.

For instance, I played exclusively 1v1 since I came back to the game last spring. A few weeks ago I started playing some team games with a player I met in the 1v1 queue in the 1400-1500 ELO range. The problem is that such an 1v1 ELO seem to correspond roughly to something like 2000 or more in team games, and it takes utterly long to reach that level. That build-up time is not fun for anyone, and I am still not sure if it will be worth it (or whether I just just stick to 1v1). All matchups so far were severely imbalanced, and I understand that opponents might be frustrated, thinking of me as a smurf, even though I am not.

Considering the winrate could improve this, but it’s not so easy to implement it.
Alternatively, it would be good if the TG ELO was initialized based on the 1v1 ELO. Let’s say, I’m in the 1400-1500 range for 1v1, I’d like to get an initial TG ELO, that other players within my 1v1 range have on average (let’s say, only these with 100+ team games).

On top of that, one could think of locking TG for new accounts until, let’s say, 10-20 1v1 ranked matches have been played. Obviously one could still game the system by deliberately losing these, but at least it would make TG “smurfing” a bit harder without punishing legitimately new accounts.


I agree that high elo people open new acc 1000 elo. Then matches with 1900 elo. I am normally 2300 elo player and i am suffering of this problem everyday. I have 2000 elo because there are many low elo smurfs that buffing their friends to up.the 1k player is not a normal player as well. 2 3k player and 2 of their friends are having fun with low elo players. Unfair gameplays. Like me players are suffering because we are forcing to play with lower elo players. Which is disaster. There is 2 chance to play with on this elo. 2k elo players or Smurf elo players. Hard to find my real opponent.

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Totally agree, DEVELOPERS FAULT 100%, WIN RATIO MUST BE CONSIDER IN AUTOMATCH, so any player can play with a clan or 2 without ruin the match to others, 90% win must play inmediatly vs 25++ :facepunch: if that player is lower, the win ratio will be stabilized after a few games, without damage to others.

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If I’m being honest, it’s a lot harder to take someone seriously WHEN THEY ALWAYS MAKE THEIR POINT LIKE THIS! There is more than one way to emphasize something. Bold and Italics are good alternatives, or you could literally just talk normally, don’t just shout UPLAYABLE!!! at the end of your text, say something more like, “This is making the game unplayable, and needs to be fixed”

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As someone who doesn’t play teamgames outside of an actual team, I honestly don’t care enough. I think TGs are a mess, and I’d rather the devs put time elsewhere first personally. Like I said 6 months ago (really, why did you bring this up again?), it’s harder to take someone seriously when they are screaming in all caps, people like that tend to come across as someone who won’t listen to reasoned arguments or anything like that, and basically just want to push their own agenda by drowning out everyone else.


Oh, I believe it needs fixing, I’m just saying, I care more about other parts of the game than I do about TGs, I won’t try and hide that. Like, sure, if they can fix TGs at some point, great! If they can’t, I’m no worse off than I am otherwise, so I don’t really mind as much as you.

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BTW this is absolutely unfeasable to “solve” any smurf issues.
What hinders the smurf to intentionally throw games? That’s exactly what we see in the TG ladder that there are smurfs that do this all the time.
Yes the timeout system has restricted this a bit but it is still viable if you just resign outside of the timeout timespan.

We just have to accept that there are people with broken mindsets which can only feel “of relevance” by trying to diminish and herass others. In the end I just feel sorry for these people.
But that’s jsut how the online world works cuirrently. You have to deal with these people if you like it or not. The key is imo to don’t make it too easy for them to exploit disfunctional systems as it is with the current TG ladder.


just fix the elo scoring system is fine.
5000 rank win againist a 1800 rank should not have a +13 elo increase…

It can remove the intention for player to smurf

I’m still strongly of the opinion that banning family share accounts from ranked is a great start. If people want to stomp lower level players, at least it costs them money to do so now, and losing something is honestly an incredibly strong psychological incentive not to do something, so even if it isn’t really that expensive, the fact that it still costs you money should discourage at least some people from using family share accounts to smurf. Admittedly this may hit 1v1s more, TGs may require further problem solving.


I agree. At least it gives money to the developer to solve the problem

Here is the solution !

I don’t understand your point though. You mean that for example, two friends, one 2000 elo TG and one 1500 TG can’t play together? That doesn’t make sense to me.

We’ve been saying it over and over, block Family Shared from playing Ranked. that’s the best solution. If people want to smurf, they’ll need to buy the game again, and even though it’s cheap, most people wouldn’t bother. And those who did care enough to buy it are helping the devs, so it’s a win- win solution lol I think changing the Elo system at this point wouldn’t work if you can’t stop the smurf accounts from acessing ranked, unless the Ladder is reset and everyone drops to 1000 again, but i don’t know.

Yes I also think it is a bad idea

Of course 15xx and 25xx teammate can play a game but not a ‘‘rated game’’ That’s it…

Sorry that’s not going to work. I’m 1500~TG at the moment because i’m stuck in Elo Hell, my friend is around 2000~TG and we always play together, so we win and lose together, so i’m never going to be at his elo. Like us there are thousands of players, so we can’t play ranked with our friends? Aren’t games supposed to be fun, or am i missing something? If you want to stop smurfs go ahead, but don’t punish us non-smurfs. Also, unranked and quickplay is pointless, so i only play ranked.

Better find another solution, because this one would simply kill team games altogether.


If you wanna improve your skill, so go ahead play 1v1 and try different tactics, improve hotkeys-micro and watch prof youtube videos like viper-mbl-daut etc… I’m tried to ruined my ‘‘Time’’ again and again with tons of unbalanced team matches. For example, Are you happy that 15xx+you+2.5k elo your clan friend vs 15xx, 14xx, 15xxx 3v3 game? Here is the winner before the game started. If you meant 15xx+you+2.5k friends vs 14xx, 2.4k, 15xx you are right but This is the not mainpoint of this topics. smurf+you+like you vs smurf+like you+like you is acceptable but smurf+you+like you vs noobs is not acceptable at least at rated games If you wanna ‘‘unfair’’-‘‘unbalanced’’ and ‘‘funny(!)’’ games so lobby games will love you go ahead and create your unbalanced teamgames in here with your smurf teammate, you are totally free about that.

Also, the win ratio is more important too. For example, there are 3 players, all is 3k. one guy get new account with 1xxx rated then played with 3k friends aganist 1xxx teams or 12-13xx rated games like this:

3k with new account(1xxx)+3k+3k vs 12xx+14xx+15xx The system is thinking It’s fair but so This is fair matched?

Otherwise, If you think you are 2k but you stuck 15xx elo hell? There is a solution like I said in previous message in this topic Teamrated system should be able in lobby games so You will create a game and write ‘‘I’m 2k but I stuck in elo hell on 15xx This is 2v2 2k game.’’ in your description. so play your fair game with these way. Lobby games should be have teamrated option, that’s it.

in this case, lobby games are totally disaster There is not rated option so People isn’t play ‘‘seriously’’ so tons of early quitting or sloopy playing… Lobby games already has death match team rated system so why not for non-death match team rated games??

here is guys: A smurf came and ruined 19xx game watch and see

he is 1xxx team rated but 1v1 rated is 18 wins 0 loses…

Of course they could play together, the problem is the 1200 elo friend, really is a 2400 elo new account Every WEEK, to get unfair matches and ruin the game permanently