Alright and this needs to be stop, you guys just too emontional

Stop spamming in this forum saying like Chinese need Buff blabla…

Most ave ppl in 1300-1399 could get 51% wr

Just go learn how to play games without toxic units like FL and Bombards.

Without those sickness units Chinese still OP, and I think Chinese still needs major nerf cuz busted grenadiers

With 100% building speed Chinese could able to do TR fast than any other Civs, and this also needs to be nerf.

I know most Chinese civ players are Chinese, like 60%percent or even 70%. China maybe superpower in reality world but not mean that Chinese civs in this game must be superpower to bully all other civs.

Plz, stop spamming, be sensible and stop spamming in the forum. We could discuss more important things than this one.


Emotional performance, using vicious text. Then say that others are emotional.


Grenadiers are the most OP unit in the game xD


Dear friend, it is often in one’s best interest to derail a fruitless discussion with something you find meaningful rather than going for a jab thread in forums.

I am sure all will respectfully discuss other issues, if you bring them up rather than using this form of self-inflicted Chinese water torture.




Rofl you said others were too emotional when you said chinese needs to be removed.

And you just pick the only stat that favorites you but ignore all the other sorts which shows that chinese has the lowest win rate and pick rate in most of the filters. Individual winning doesn’t mean that the civ is op.

You should stop creating meaningless topic and hate speech and should be rational, just look at the whole meta, and pay attention to which civs the pro players pick in the current tournament.



Putting the senseless ridicule you’re probably going to receive aside, a perspective about that which you wrote, if you take my word into consideration is that there is a clear frustration about this because its been a repetitive topic for the past days since patch 11009. I am not denying that it’s been that way but considering there’s lots of players that play China, upon nerfing core qualities of it + a secret nerf (2 in 1) that is assumed to have been a mistake that probably would’ve happened in a future patch…it made for quite a HOT topic at the moment.

On one hand the demand is high for a franchise such as this. Their supply of updates is very low on comparison and problems about all factions are probably known by now by everyone because they are also very visible. For example my preferred faction is Abbasid, there’s been topics about it as I’ve seen, I’m sure they were taken into account more or less. I was feeling discontent about it and I’ve been interested in what other Abbasid players got as a problem to see if it wasn’t just me showing a lack of skill and observation.

After the update, I felt better about playing Abbasid however the Chinese players now had a problem. So you see the winds shifted the waves to another shore. And thus discontent and complaining is normal, after all people like to complain because it releases their frustration rather than bottling it in as is normal because they invested in this game time, money and feelings.

On the other hand, it’s limited of an impact that which players can do to change these things, such as mass complaining, leaving the game and review bombing. Things which we don’t know how it will influence those who work for the game and thus the game itself because their personal perspective is taken into account albeit not very understood as we try to read the devs through their updates and interaction with the community.


Telling people to stop doing something will only make you a target of their discontent. You can’t impose a stop without reasoning. They will not stop because in doing so they resign that which they have spent and is determined as precious by material, emotional and philosophical standards. And I’m not saying this as a China player, I say this to make you understand the situation so that you may further adapt. I don’t like to see whining either but I’m clearly not as passionate as them therefore I avoid because it’s not my business. They know their faction better than I do and in consequence I’d rather listen.

Moreover, despite the current political problems in the world, which may affect the game’s balance too in the long run depending on the investor’s alliances and beliefs, I recommend leaving such issues outside the game sphere and even forums because just as the developers do with current updates, it adds oil to the fire camp and the English archers won’t be able to heal anymore. Meaning that it’s just a game and we should treat it as such otherwise personal problems might come with harassment from some and it is better for you to not deal with any sort of hate because it will bring further hate and probably enhance your frustrations further.

So if you would like to discuss an issue about the game, you can just make a topic about it and there sure will be people to share, add or complete your opinion or experience. I hope you take this perspective positively by learning from it.


Yes but it takes 22-24mins to access them…

They are the most expensive unit in the game. What other civ has to build 2 age 4 landmarks just so they can build their only viable unit?

Villagers construct defenses 50% faster and all other buildings 100% faster. And last time I checked towers were defenses.?

Easily explained by the fact that those mains who were at 1500-1900 have dropped to 1300-1399 range and they’re playing against much more less skilled players. Your 1300-1399 is irrelevant data come back IF it happens to hop similar levels at 1600 and above

Pickrate is still almost always 50% less than any other civ. Rus being closest to china

You do understand that getting grenadiers isn’t viable strategy at all? Player is spending 2x of imperial age resources to unlock them and what stops opponent winning the game at feudal, castle or even imperial before china can get to them?

Or is your suggestion to wall off everything with multiple layers of walls and completely outplay your opponent with stronger civ?

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So why are you cherry picking data from 1300-1399 elo range?
Because the most relavant elo ranges are >1600 (encompassing the very top players), >1400 (encompassing the top 1000 approximatly), and >1200 elo (encompassing most decent players).

All of which have Chinese underwater as the civ with the lowest win and pickrate.
Stop cherrypicking your data. You’re just embarassing yourself


I love how you cherrypicked literally the only rating range where China isn’t at the bottom. I wonder why, hmm…

Meanwhile, in the real world, China has been picked, what? 4 Times total in the N4C tournament? That’s less than mongols even though those get banned every game.

Also, the second game you linked is between a pro player and someone who has like 400 MMR less than him. The other one is just a casual game between two pros who were experimenting things right after the patch dropped. And what’s your point with those two anyway? You can link two videos of Chinese players winning so that makes the civ fine? Should the winrate hit 0% before we worry?


I just hate the civ because of the tax collector. If they remove that mechanic from the game and give them a different mechanic I think it would be fun to play with.

picking civs depended on what kind of maps were available.

It is not just the civ, but the map too.

All right, I suppose you all can not convince each others for good, just believe whatever you like.
The design of this civ seems like a totally mistake which can never bring pleasure but only displease. Expurgating it will be a better choice to clean the atmosphere and that might be many persons are willing to see. Nicely done, relic.
To be honest I am already tired of these clownish discussion.

China is trash now in 1v1
In team mabe good if you can get to Song and rush to Bombards and grenaders and or Crossbowmen

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Nah. Even in last patch. China was one of the worst for 2v2 and 4v4. Only 3v3 where China was top3. Nothing has changed to better but worse

I believe that the forum (targeted, subjective words) is then such a few people, and like to create additional accounts. No guts, it is a joke.

I just hope that China will have a 49% - 51% victory rate on the whole. I don’t want to bully other civilizations

I think you are very emotional and only choose the data that is good for you