Ancient Friends

We’re inviting some ancient friends to hang out


What do you guys think they are planning to do?

We have some hints:

  • They say “some” ancient friends. That means not all of them and not many of them?
  • “Hang out” could mean it’s an event shared between different games?
  • It will be in 2023 so that could mean that there is still a lot of work to be done? Is it something major?
  • The 25th AoM anniversary is this year (hinted at in FALL) so it’s likely not AoM related and more likely AoE1(DE). Also an AoM hint would probably be “mythological friends”

Some theories from smallest to largest addition:

  • Just some AoE1DE skins to unlock
  • An event gamemode or campaign with some ancient assets
  • Some late antiquity civilisations like West Rome
  • A separate set of ancient civilisations
  • The whole game of AoE1 will be ported to the AoE2DE engine.
  • The whole game of AoE1 but adopted to a more AoE2 like experience with garrison and gates for example.

The AoE2DE already explored most of what can be done in the Middle Ages so maybe that’s the most natural way to expend the game.
Famous ancient civilisations are certainly more popular then what ever Medieval is left to be added to AoE2DE.
This is also something that could differentiate AoE2DE more from AoE4.

PS: The “you liked Dynasties of India” hint is very likely a hint for a normal AoE2DE DLC that has somewhat comparable content. Likely unrelated to the ancient part.


Why would AOM DE be teased in AOE 2 DE Roadmap? The roadmap should be all related to AOE 2 only, right?
I get you are not thinking this also, is just a rhetorical question because I’ve been wondering about since I saw many talking like it could be


It’s clear they will invite the old AoK and AoC devs.

AoMDE is not happening. Sorry. Nobody plays that game.


If you want this, I recommend the Rome at War mod, which is basically doing all of this slowly.


That would be the dream scenario for me. Fingers crossed.


Last thing this game needs…Byz are enough.

Speak for yourself, many dislike EE and request for a better treatment rather than leaving it behind.


This thread is not about the AoM tease for fall of this year.
I expect that this is just about a crossover event where you can unlock some AoM skins or voice overs for AoE2.

Why would the call them “ancient” they aren’t that old.
They would definitely have said “old friends” instead.

They already said that they are working on something AoM related. No idea if that will be an AoMDE.
AoMEE wasn’t well made and they know it. People don’t play it because the EE is bad not because they don’t like AoM.
They also made an AoE1DE despite the game having a lot less players then AoE2.

I know about that mod. Looks very promising so far.
Not exactly the same as AoE1 because it starts in Iron Age instead of ending in Iron Age.

Same. Also let us play AoE1 vs AoE2 civs, even if it’s not balanced.
Could be fun as a handicap or vs AI.

I don’t think that’s likely but also not impossible.
The game already has one clearly ancient civilisation with the Huns.


i also think there’s a possibility. we have other fantasy stuff, maybe we get some empires that ended roughly the same time or earlier than the huns.

this is the most likely though, what makes me think it might be something else, is the term ancient. they couldve said old or something else

either way, super excited, the DLCs have only gotten better with time, so whatever is coming next (especially monthly updates) will be awesome

and so many balance changes means we’re all getting the suggestions we make on this forum :rofl: :joy:


Like the Roman empire?

Yeah balance change every week then.

I don’t think so because we already have the byz(close enough)

Every day! :rofl::joy:

Honestly hope this means aoe1 on aoe2 engine instead of civs from the Goths and huns timeframe


22 years is a long time for a game.

I was hoping for AOMDE :pensive:

God I hope so. I love AoE2:DE a lot but Forgotten Empires are soooo underwhelming, bring back Ensemble Studios!

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They mentioned monthly updates so I expect monthly balance patches plus some hotfixes.

You don’t think anyone would call their old friends “ancient”.
Sounds like an insult.

There are hints to an AoMDE/2 reveal on the 25th birthday of AoM.
But that’s a different topic.


I thought exactly the same.

Why would it be an insult?

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I don’t think I have anyone heard calling another person that is still alive “ancient”.
Or a person in general.
You might call objects ancient that aren’t that old like a 10 year old phone for example. But that’s usually with a negative connotation.
“Oh you still use that ancient phone.”

And on top of that it is super unlikely that they will bring back some old Ensamble Studios members to work on AoE2DE.


Yeah and even if they did I doubt it would be mentioned on the roadmap like that. Neither would a simple interview with them be mentioned imo

Especially in a corporate environment. Like you can do it socially but not like this imo

Could be. Maybe they’re trying to get in on the Vietnamese fanbase? Not sure if that could be a factor ?


My guess would be something with aoe1.
Maybe something about aoe1 units / buildings coming to aoe2?