Any old school MSN Gaming Zone players?


nice to read the old player names… i also played on zone , i played DM REG, CHo, SeaWar, NS , Random… also TINY MAP ,WW, omg was funny… hahaha ADML , IQmadness, TNT,
who remember me ?


i never play in gaming zone, i dont have internet in those days. :frowning:


My last name: LiViD_Cul3iX
I was an TOP Player.

My Old School Friends:

1.) Lozer
3.) PaRaSiTe_lzohFF
4.) PlzIslvl_Cul3iX
5.) I3aSiC_sTraTeGy
6.) StRanGe_erazer
7.) wM__hArD

8.) LeGenD_DeZnUts
9.) I3aSiC_tAcTiCz
10.) I3aSiC_GaMers
11.) l_FiNiSh_l
12.) focker__
13.) Fa5tZ
14.) l2ain_2_Search
15.) l2ain_2_KaiSeR
16.) tOrMeNtIuM
17.) LeGo_BoX
18.) LeGo_KoReA
20.) SkuLL_KiD

Sorry when i forget some of you:)

I hope we will see us soon;)

Until that, use your Time and listen to this Song:

LeeSsang - Rush

Song was on the Homepage of INSTALL_VAV, i hope some of you will remember;) ?

Bye ^^


*1 vs 1
*No Siege
*No AxeFag
*No Noobs
*Tell Aka



MSN gaming Zone name - AUST_Spooge_R

Only 1 person could beat me in RM and that was a guy named chhppp. #2 global.


I used to play back on MSN Gaming Zone.

Wasn’t as great a player, but i’ve played RoR and AOC in more recent years on both Steam & Voobly.


I played under BG_Warlord, and if you don’t remember that name then you didn’t play with the best. :wink:

Definitely remember a few of the best players: Mysitkal_Soul, very_dirty

My mind is slipping on others, I recognized Rush on here.


MSN Gaming Zone - WD_MasterDemon and APO_MasterDemon

Those were the days. Back when I was young enough to wreck shop. Now I play against the AI in strategy games. Too old and slow.


Wooo! I even saw a VOE above ^^. I am the ice (the VOE leader from back in the day). But all grown up and stuff…Again, not sure how my xbox live name became this…


Ok. I fixed it. Looking forward to seeing all the OGs.


I was AXiS_SharK. Always played DM 200pop. Usually played ChoWar or Hittite.


@Bockle said:
MSN gaming Zone name - AUST_Spooge_R

Only 1 person could beat me in RM and that was a guy named chhppp. #2 global.

Hey Spooge. AUST_DonKeY here. I was more in the NsX games, but remember playing a few RM’s with you and getting spanked :slight_smile: Been a looong time.


14.) l2ain_2_Search
15.) l2ain_2_KaiSeR
16.) tOrMeNtIuM

damn i remember these guys well, they were on my friends too =) vfc_rack here


Bring back Gaming Zone!! USS_Viper, EliteX_Azn_Myth (most known for: __Mr__Red).


Was apart of the _SuPa clan on msn gaming zone, ranked DM and Cho wars supa expert. Cant wait to smash out the cho wars again :smile:


Man this is a happy trek down memory lane. I remember putting in over 300 hours in AoE:RoR in one month. Played mostly death match. KeenJo, KeenJomomma, LyNx_Jomomma.


Esquiline RoR on aaaawww :slight_smile:


ay up Played on Wireplay and then zone back in the day. Helped set up the Old Gits clan (OG) and usually went under the names Mr_Swerve or Swerve. Moved over to Battlefield 1942 when it came out and co founded the -=256=- Clan which still exists to this day, but mostly social and a bit of airsoft. Some names you might remember, certainly from the Wireplay days - Dancing_Homer, Nania, Sando


Here… before zone if i remember correct was


Wireplay in the UK was were many of us here started, dial up made things very localised


Was always in custom scenario, played world map mostly, archers/castle blood etc also.

Prominent clans within custom scen i remember - ir3zi, AnTi, LJK, LeGenDaRy, was actually part of both LJK and LeGenDaRy at a time.

Dudes i remember - MuIzda, Preacher, LJK_NeO, BacT, Puffycombes (sp?),