Aoe 2 DE return of rome lobby music

Not sure if it is just me, but this theme/music/song when u go in to a lobby really caught my attention. I absolutely love it, however i have been looking all around for it but its impossible to find anywhere. I can find the normal menu song, civ themes etc, but i can not find this song anywhere.

It’s a remix of the Rise of Rome expansion theme.

If I understand this thread

correctly, the answer is that all Return of Rome music is in a single .pck file – presumably AoE2DE/wwise/en/Pompeii.pck

(I have no idea how to use/extract music from this type of file.)

Im not talking about the title screen, if u go to skirmish/campaign or multiplayer lobby the song changes. Thats the one im talking about :slight_smile:

Should be this one:

It was used in AoE 1 DE on the campaign selection screen

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On a similar note, I wish I could find the AoE2: DE mod menu music – it has a rad electric guitar, my favorite instrument.

That’s “Love and Will” which also plays on the credits screen:

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That was a good listen. Thank you.


yes its this one ! thank u so much <3

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