AoE: DE Feature Requests for Next Patch

AoE: DE hasn’t been updated in a long time at this point and I feel that the next one should add a lot more than bug fixes so here’s a list of features I’d like to see:
Feature #1: Ultra-high resources option for RM.
Feature #2: The game remembers which civ you picked last time.
Feature #3: Replays.
Feature #4: New game mode.
Feature #5: Demolition ships.


Yes, I agree. Though if we only get a ton of bugfixes then I would be very grateful already :+1:

Yes, this would be nice. I personally want an infinite resources option like the one available in Age of Empires 2: DE.

These 2 would actually be super useful, especially the record feature, since it would help with bug reports and strategy re-thinking.

Maybe a new victory condition called “Last Man Standing”, which would involve the regular 3 villagers at start, a town center plus a hero, which name would vary depending on the civilization type. The hero that survives for the longest time, wins :crossed_swords:

I’m not sure about demolition ships, but whatever, new content would be awesome anyways! :smirk:


I am not sure but I think AoE1DE has better graphics already. Atleast my AoE1DE has better graphics than Aoe2DE without ultra graphics DLC.


Ultra high RESOURCES, not graphics :joy:
I guess your brain filled up the final part of the sentence.


Fingers cross for an AoE DE patch this year. This game requires bugfixes more than anything then with more patches for other QoL features.


Feature #6: unique civ icons (I tried to make a few myself)
greek macedon menu_techtree_bulgarians_hover menu_techtree_burmese menu_techtree_hittite_hover menu_techtree_romans_hover minoans persian shang sumerian

Most of the other features you mentioned would already be in the game if the devs would make an engine port:


Oh my bad, you are right. Next time I should read more carefully :slight_smile:


“Feature #5: Demolition ships.” :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

I think the other options would be nice additions. Ultra-High resources is very useful. Someone else mentioned an option for infinite resources (for DM), which would also be interesting.

A new game mode can be very interesting. The game needs something fresh. A game mode without villagers, where we have a constant trickle of resources and with buildings ready for units would be nice.

But seriously Demolition ships? :laughing:


I only had 4 ideas and I needed something to round it off.

Haha, I get it. I personally would like an upgrade to chariot archers. Something to make them more powerful. Either a technology or an ultimate form (if content creators are lazy then only a technology would be fine). Maybe an increase of speed, attack rate, or an attack bonus to all ships? Whatever man, I just want something new for the sake of variety and to make the game more complete after all these years without new stuff :pensive:


Oh yeah!! Civilization icons are a must in my opinion. Also, to see the current civ icon in the place of the tech tree one while playing, would be ideal, just like AoE2:DE.



And please finally make ingame chat viewable for Spectators. Ruining FFA/Diplo Casting since the game came out. Was possibly on voobly and even HD so, please.


I would like Arabia to be more like on the good old Voobly days
Its so walling heavy
It became just arena

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would be nice
every one walls like crazy
why the hell should I waist my time on that

There are so many features, even just game options, in AOE2 that could be in AOE1. I’m not sure why they didn’t use the Definitive Editions to make the games more consistent. A feature that joins the games together would be awesome - it could be DLC like the game mode that combines the two Total War: Warhammer games.


I know why. Because MS doesn’t give a ■■■■ about AoE1. At most an annoying appendage.


They used to when DE first came out but not anymore.


AoE DE stayed too true to the original and that is one of it’s biggest problems. Besides the fans who already played the original, DE failed to attract new players because it just cannot live up to todays RTS standards. Due to a lot of bugs and bad performance it even scared off players like me who played and loved the original (and I’m sure I’m not the only one who was scared off by this). AoE2 was always much more beginner friendly than AoE1 and with AoE2DE, they improved this aspect even more. They added so many new features and still managed to keep it’s spirit. That’s exactly what DE needed, but unfortunately the developers didn’t dare to do that. I still hope that this will change in the future. Of course, that would also be in Microsoft’s interest, because then new content could be sold much better and as we all know, there is a lot of room for new expansions.


I hope they release and AoE DE: DE.


Twenty years ago, I played both AOE1 and AOE2, with each game having its strengths and weaknesses. I actually had a small preference for AOE1, though I also really enjoyed AOE2.

Nowadays, AOE2 has improved so much, going from 18 to 37 civs, from 9 to 30 campaigns, gameplay is so much better, multiplayer is great, etc.

AOE1, on the other hand, still has 16 civs, still has 10 campaigns,… Nothing new. AI is still awful, pathfinding is awful, so many important functions missing, multiplayer is nothing compared to AOE2DE,…

I agree with other comments that AOE1 is treated like a museum piece instead of a real game.

Long story short, I hardly every play AOE1DE. At this point, it would probably be best to make an AOE1 version of AOE2, because I don’t think AOE1 can catch up in any other way.