AOE III DEck builder (ON-LINE)

New release! Adding a button to show advanced information of the units as a metadata.
I’ll work to improve the design of the advanced information, in order to show human readable text, but for now you are able to see the metada names from the game.



you could get the info from there, because it also shows hidden damage bonuses

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I know i already added that info in the last release

Where do you see those files? I always look for them and don’t find them anywhere, ever, i even look for the Word proto and don’t get anything…

You need to use this app

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extract from
tool: [v.0.4] Resource Manager - Viewing, comparing, creating and extracting files from Age of Empires III .BAR archive
You can check this in protoy.xml


New version of the “Deck Builder” and the “Units Information” is out!!

Adding a text field to setup a name for your deck.

Now instead to download directly the image generated, it shows a preview dialog with an option to download the deck image.

Panel unit now displays the base stats below the portrait image

UI improvements to the advanced information dialog


Every update it gets better and better, I like the detail of the name having the game font lol


I have an interesting idea how to make it even better

how about adding option which allows to create random deck?
Could be funny for some sort of challenges.


New version is out!!! “Random deck generator”.

New feature

  • “Random deck generator”: just with 1 click you are able to random select an entire deck.

CC: @Terravid


Corrige el ballestero que tiene 90 de vida y has puesto que tiene 100.
Te iré diciendo correcciones si veo alguna.

Tengo una idea, a ver que te parece.
Podrías poner aunque sea el daño principal ya sea melee o a distancia o los dos en la foto principal de cada unidad para poder hacerte una idea con un vistazo rápido y luego poner los demás stats de daño que falten en el botón de las estadísticas adicionales.

No se si me he explicado con claridad.
Por lo demás, buen trabajo.

@Haveliko de dónde obtienes esa información? no es correcto eso del ballestero. Por otro lado, de acuerdo con tu comentario de las unidades, estoy trabajando en mejorar la UI.

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Me di cuenta el otro día en el editor, puede que esté mal en el editor o que el ballestero sueco tenga mas vida?

Very cool! I want to try out the random deck feature with some lobby games amongst my clanmates.

Would it be possible to also get a civ randomizer?


yeah that could be, i’ll work on that


@vividlyplain Done! when you click in the random flag it selects a civ randomly.


Can you include the Revolt decks? This is probably beyond the scope of the project since you can’t adjust them, but it might be nice as a reference tool, especially since most players are probably unfamiliar with them.


New update!!

Now you are able to filter the units by unit type.
Adding new Spanish cards.


Muchas gracias tio, se agradece mucho esta actualización!!!


Make a new spanish deck guy! @Haveliko

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