AOE2 DE Soundtrack

Is the remastered soundtrack already available for purchase somewhere? If not, when is it planned to be released?


Hi @IzumoUS, No info on the AoE II DE soundtrack has been announced besides it’s a remaster of the original game soundtrack. I would really like to know when it will be available for purchase or streaming too!

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I am actually hoping for a totally new soundtrack. Compared to its predecessor, the AoE2 soundtrack is really depressing. The AoE1 soundtrack is so much more cheerful, inspiring and epic. I never understood why they made the AoE2 soundtrack so depressing.

I will keep asking until I receive an answer. :pray:


Well, they posted this very recently through Discord. A teaser at least?

You do NOT want to miss this! Andante’s Inferno absolutely blew us away with their Orchestral cover of Age of Empires II! Please enjoy, they did an amazing job!

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Don’t hope for that, the trailer itself says Remastered Soundtrack.

I’d love for the AoE2 and AoE2: DE soundtracks to be made available on music streaming services. I enjoy listening to it while studying etc., but I have to resort to YouTube since I can’t find the soundtrack anywhere else (Amazon Music, Spotify, Google Play).

10 :slight_smile:

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Since the soundtrack for Age1DE (even two volumes) is available on Amazon, Google Play and other outlets, I would expect it to become available on release of the game or shortly after (I actually bought it on the Microsoft Store, because compared to Amazon, its 320kbit/s CBR instead of ~256kbit VBR). Would by instantly, sounds really good from the beta. But it uses Wise, so the files can’t be listen to with another software that easily.

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+1 We need this, I’ll buy it asap if it gets released.

Someone uploaded the OST on YouTube - however, the MP Lobby Music is missing:

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I’ll just leave this here: Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition Soundtrack is Now Available!