[AoE2ScenarioStringEditor] Tool to edit text of scenarios outside the in-game editor

Hey fellow scenario creators!

I just finished my tool AoE2ScenarioStringEditor, which allows you to edit the text content of aoe2scenario files outside the in-game editor. It’s available for both Windows and Linux systems.

The tool can be used to translate scenarios or even entire campaigns into other languages in a quick and easy way.

You can edit:

  • Internal scenario name
  • Player names
  • Messages (Scenario Instructions, Hints, Scout, etc.)
  • Trigger text (objectives, unit renamings, displayed instructions, etc.)

I welcome any kind of constructive criticism and suggestions for improvement. I am currently looking for new projects (scenario related), so if you have any suggestions, please let me know.


Hi! I’m using WINDOWS 10. It seems to be blocking me from running saying that I don’t have the rights? Could you upload this on the AOK Heaven Blacksmith? Could that help?

Do you mean the Microsoft Defender SmartScreen dialog? Just click on “More Information” and then you can click “Run anyway”.

We need a new Trigger Studio that is comptatible with DE.

Edit: If you wish to read on the matter, then here are some links.

As nhoobish said, a graphical tool to edit triggers, units and terrain outside of the game would be amazing. We already have the AoE2ScenarioParser which you’re familiar with, but some graphical interface similar to Trigger Studio would make it easier to use for people with little to none programming knowledge.

I already thought about developing trigger studio for DE but that is maybe a little bit too big for me (at least for now) as I just started developing tools and I don’t have that much experience yet. I will see what I can do.

Very good project,but I use save as,I must add .aoe2scenario by myself to save the modified scenario, I hope you can change it,and look forward to your aokts for DE version,fighting!

Just released v1.0.4, should be fixed now.

So bad,though the problem was solved, I want only a exe like 1.0.3,not a large amount of files like 1.0.4,please change it like 1.0.3,only one exe,thanks.

The problem is that single-file executables created with pyinstaller are very likely to be falsely recognized as viruses by a lot of anti virus programs. I had to change it since some people had problems with that. Maybe I should offer both to download.

Thanks,I hope you can do it.

It have an error like this.Please fix it.QQ图片20211022000520

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Thanks for reporting, I will fix it this weekend.

Quick update: I’ll wait until the AoE2ScenarioParser library is fully released for the latest DE patch version as I depend on that (should be around next week).

Cannot use after the 56005 update,please fix it.QQ截图20211124022219

I will look into it in the next few days, I’m currently very busy with university… sorry about that.

Hey guys,when to fix and update,cannot wait for it.Please quickly!

There are some problems with the latest AoE2ScenarioParser library which are not fixable in a minute. I’ll let you know when I have the time to fix them.

Thank you,waiting for your goodness!

Two months later, I still have this problem for any scenarios saved after update 56005. The editor can still read scenarios before that update, though. Hopefully we’ll get a fix soon.