Architecture of east Asia

Hi everyone, one again please create a architecture for Asia east culture, some mod from aoe2 2013 mod architecture very good but I don’t know make it :frowning: số I want ask someone make it please for DE

And like last time, it doesn’t really make sense what you actually want. Can you please post pictures of the mod you liked vs the actual architecture? People can’t just create something if they don’t know what you mean.

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For example.

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Lapis roof is best and separate culture of east Asia, gold and green ruby make it more perfect.

Ok, I don’t have the skills to do this, but I figure I might as well ask questions in case anyone else does. Do you want the entire architecture set reskinned, or just the Chinese set? If you do the whole set, it could probably be a graphics mod, meaning it might not break every patch, and could be played in ranked. If it is just the Chinese buildings, it will definitely have to be a data mod, which will probably break every few patches and can only be used in single player/lobbies.

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I wish entire architecture set :slight_smile: because most of people want to see it in ranked. Viking and west euro have 1. Just graphics mod better, and I thing it for all east Asia culture ok

The civs currently in the east asian architecture set are: Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Mongol, Vietnamese

In real life they all have different architecture styles but for aoe2 they are united in one style. If we make a new set which style would you choose?

And if you seperate them then it’s a data mod and you can have only one and you can’t use it in ranked.

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Not separate stree I just wish it standard for all east Asia civil, same the west Euro mod achitecture on aoe2 để mod. It inferien and just graphics for all forms civil. And same picture I send mod of yakko is best. But I see the arhery range barack under image is good too if you can make it together it số perfect. Achitecture not fomular in aoe2 DE really. Get 1 but it was data mod can’t use in ranked and it not work more too

I know, this mod had it all but doesn’t seem to work anymore unfortunately Mods Single - Age of Empires

I always like to make some mods which increase eye candy, I ported the whole west architecture mod from an artist too.

I could port the asian architecture graphics from the other mod into a pure graphic mod (no data mod) over the existing east asian graphics.
But if I do that and the creator of the other mod doesn’t want it then I look like a thief. I need permission from the other creator first. And if he doesn’t answer (maybe not in the community anymore) then I don’t know what to do.

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Love you, I know your worry but in single mod data, it all take from aoe2 2013 mod skin building. And yes not confirm from owner it horrible. But thank you for talk I just wish have a mod for rank and it work. Too lòng time don’t sure mod owner has carry his mod more or not. Look mod west euro is ok

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Do you will make a mod with this achitecture? Course with accept from owner mod

Ok I will try to ask the creator of the graphics now, from what I’ve seen the other mod is also just compiling the graphics from the original creator (Yakko). So I will ask Yakko if it’s ok to use his files.

If any other user is reading this and already working on porting it, please reply here so I don’t start working on what you’re already working on (it happens sometimes).

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The AOE1DE Chinese building graphics were quite good but we need some new building models for other buildings not in the AOE1DE game…like castles and multiple variation houses etc.

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Aoe1 look skin unit good too. Hmm you want to make aoe1 achitecture china for aoe2 it lovely too.

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Thank you and Love you

Hi can I ask for mod development create?

Hey, yeah development is underway. The Yakko set on the left would be the feudal set (because of wooden walls and stuff). And the set on the right would be the castle set (because of the stone walls and stuff).
I just need to add some shadows on some models and do the TCs and then I’m finished.

But I didn’t get an answer yet from the creators, so I need to wait for that before I publish the mod. But I will ask the again on different channels


Thank you, it best work. I hope yakko will confirm to punish it. Right side roof better too when it more exactly with history.

Good news, the creators from all the sets have granted permission to port them into aoe2de mod. Fortunately I could track them down on discord and email and they were very nice about it.
Now I’ll finish the graphics and test them. I will post here again when I publish the mod.


Thank you and creator for all, I thing will have a lot people will receive this mod. <3