Arrows firing from bow, not knee in latest videos. Bows animated now too!

Animation syncing is still off, though. You can see the arrow fires before the bow collapses. Still some work needed there but this is great progress!

See for yourselves:


Hopefully they will fix the siege bug on hills too, it’s not game breaker but really bad visually.


Good that they seem to have the time to polish the game.

Yup. I made a post precisely about that issue:

So it used to shoot from its knees, I had thought arrows actually come from the crotch.

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There’s 100% an improvement, which is fantastic. However, on certain angles, you can still see some knee shots. As I’ve mentioned in other posts as well, the arrows are good enough tbh that it no longer qualifies as a problem. There’s still some polish left for sure though.


I wonder would Warriors still wielding their shields frontside back?

I really care why there is no arrow on the bow .

Yeah, no worries. They will have plenty of time to fix it once early access starts 28/10 :joy:

But really guys, this is sad. Don’t loose the grip on reality: This is Relic and not one guy in his basement struggling with animating… I hope :neutral_face:


Why are people praising the devs for something that should have been “fixed” on release ? I should be worried for the lack of other details missing, like siege crews, poor textures for units in tier 1-3, siege physics etc.


Release hasn’t actually happened yet…

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This topic is about arrows not siege and textures also the game is not released lol , so keep it relevant.


1 thing fixed.

1000 more to go!

I believe in you, Relic <3


yes but there are tons of things that need polish so we can only see all these fixed (hopefully) 3-4 months later after the game is released.


This is not directed towards you but it does touch on a topic I wanted to write about:

There are a lot of people around these forums that are set to defend the game at all costs, even if that means becoming blind to all these issues. I don’t understand that, honestly. There’s nothing to win by being the nice guys. It’s not that we’re going to get a free copy of the game or anything.

Let me tell you a boring story: I preordered No Man’s Sky, fell for all the hype and Sean Murray’s lies. The game was a fricking disaster and people complained, loudly. It was even in the news: “No Man’s Sky is a fiasco”. Do you know why Hello Games had to fix it and are still releasing free content to this day? Because nobody was saying: “oh, that’s fine, they’re going to fix all that eventually”, “this is a good game, I’m happy with how it looks”, “I don’t mind not having X/Y/Z, devs must have their reasons”. People were raging, and rightly so.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with complaining and pointing out all the issues, no matter how minor they are. That’s why there’s a damn forum for a non-released game in the first place. We’re all going to pay real money for this game, it’s the dev’s duty to release a complete piece of software. Nowadays even Windows is releasing half-cooked, it’s insane.

I’m happy with the arrows and animations being nearly there, but there’s just so much stuff in the pipeline that I’m sure nobody can fix in 2 weeks. So in short, you are right, let’s all get ready for “early access”.


Big agree here.

I did not preorder the game either, as this would give M$soft the message: “even though the game seems to be majorly flawed, please eat my hard earned money. You can get away with releasing a half finished game and charge a bomb for it no problem!”

I’ll buy the game after release, that’s for sure.
If it’s gonna be amazing, it will receive an amazing review from me on steam.
If the game is a half finished product - which seems almost sure for now - I’ll refund it right away before reaching 2 hours of playtime and I’ll make sure to give it an honest and devastating review on steam.
It’s up to M$soft to make or break the game…


Even people that love the game should criticize it. Criticism is what makes a game good for it’s players. I wish everyone could know that and use it, but there’s always the defenders of the faith. I like the game, but there’s a lot of problems and a lot of fixes that need implementing. Hell yeah in buying, but there’s no point in not criticizing. It’s bound to fail if nobody says ■■■■.

Same. “You can find other players in the galaxy”

Two players find the same place and see nothing

“Wow it’s so amazing someone already found another player!”

Game ended up becoming real good in the end of it. Was ■■■■■■ and boring at the start though. If AoE4 flops as bad as some people say, it’s bound to make a recovery (or at least I hope). Lotta people say it’s a disaster, but we’ll see.

Preordering is the video game industry’s trap card. It’s hard to back out of. I pre-ordered New World and spent over two hours in queue before I played. That means no refund. But, alas, I like it. Still, preordering is so unpredictable. That’s how Kickstarter gets so many people. That’s how capitalism gets so many people.

Video games have gone from releasing the full game to releasing half a game and updating it over time. I support updates but I wish people would just release full games. Not saying AoE4 isn’t, but it’ll need updates.

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I’m ashamed to admit I did preorder (I’m a slow learner), but I still play AoE II a lot and got a couple new civs for “free” ($10 value) and also the game is $40 on Steam around here. There’s a chance it will go up to $60 after its release. I did play both the closed beta and stress test so I sort of know what to expect and it’s definitely not a $60 game yet (ever?), but entertaining until the next best thing comes along.

I’ve said it before: we don’t get too many acceptable RTSs these days, so we should take whatever releases, much better if it’s part of the AoE franchise. If I can scratch my RTS itch for $30 for a couple of years, that’s money well spent. AoE II for how amazing it is, it’s getting a bit long in the tooth.

…yeah I pre-ordered too even though I know preorders aren’t the best, gotta admit

Stress Test and Closed Beta were hella fun so ■■■■ it I guess

Lol I’m terrible with money. I pre ordered it because it is AOE but if it stays the way it is, it’s just gonna sit on my desktop and do nothing. I’m mostly interested in seeing what they did with campaigns. But so far it’s a game I’ll get quickly over with.

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