August PUP - Update 66692 Aug 29

Yeah. Koreans only sitting in ~47.5% winrate on Arena. But people always complain about WW. But let’s untouch strong Arena civ like Poles, Turks which have close to ~60% winrate in that mode.

Exactly, WW not even close to strongest UU which is very hard to counter. It is too vulnerable to monk in small number. Basically any melee unit (Cavlier/Paladin, Camel, Halb etc) counter them cost-effectively in imperial age.


Hauberk isn’t a problem it’s expensive and loses to other good cavalry civs. The bonus damage was a little nuts though. I have played Sicilians mostly since release I love the civ and with the new changes it should fall into the mid tier category. Remember Sicilians lack range units that are good in imp so it’s basically all melee and while range units can survive many battles melee units well you know how it goes with pathing.

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Well, WW is receiving an small nerf next patch, you should be a bit happier

Or just continue to complain about WW. Seems like we found the new Arambai.


This comment is gold!!!

At least he went out on a positive note.


Ah yes, it loses to teutons. I really care that sicilian cavaliers lose to teutons, when I’m playing civs like Viet or Koreans, or even aztecs. It means so much to me

Thank you for giving us your bias view

Next up you’ll tell us Italians are balanced on Arabia because they’re strong on water, because that’s also relevant right?

I’m kidding, but I’m sick of people justifying X because Y beats them in some hypothetical scenario that rarely applies to most games.

“Ghulam are bad, because leitis stomp them” type of things

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Which one? Or do you mean improved melee pathing? 11


After the improved melee pathing, crossbow nerf and Gurjaras nerf, camel meta will be ended and knight meta is coming up again

depends how far they improve it? to pre doi levels? still gonna be knights and archers.

lets be real, neither of these nerfs are going to have that much of an impact.


Why do you think that a 10% nerf will suddenly change anything? Gurjaras still end up with something like 600 free food by castle age

Nevermind their camels are still super powerful

The civ hardly got a nerf at all.

Knights will still be meta in most cases where Hindus or gurj aren’t involved, but nothing has changed for gurj (and arguably even Hindu) dominance

Or are you talking about the nerf that will come after the next patch? So in like 3 to 6 months time? That nerf? Then knights will be dominant again? :thinking:

Burgundians and Sicilians finally receive their critical nerf after 1.5 years release of Lords of the West in the next upcoming patch.

Bohemians just receive a nerf in the last patch on cost of Monastery and stat on Houfnice.

Considering Dawn of the Dukes has released for a whole year and poles is still one of the best civ in closed map, actually I think that Gurjaras will be OP for a while say at least 1 more year.


Don’t forget guys that this is only a pup. Although mostly the preliminary changes have indeed been implemented in the actual patch, there also has been slight alterations quite often.

I don’t know what you mean by saying “critical nerf” since most of the community consider Burgundians, Gurjaras and Hindus nerfs are not enough and the Sicilians nerf was worthy and justified

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Yes thats exactly what I mean. They are nerfed to the degree that they will finally around 50% in most map which are worthy and justified. Just like the last bohemian nerf. SOTL explain it in detail

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can you show me where most the community thinks the sicilians nerf was justified? because many think they deserve compensation.


they were already sub 50% as is, so i’m not sure how after this nerf they are going to be around 50%.


this is a 2k player he was Sicilians in nomad style map vs Hindus, and his opponent was Hindustanis (a great civ in African nomad and general nomad and great camel civ). Just skip to 21:50 and watch what he said about Sicilians. If this nerf is not justified I don’t know what could else will be.

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This is one persons opinion, this is NOT the communities opinion, which was what your claim was.
the community at large seems to think that Sicilians needed to be rebalanced, less broken cavalier, but stronger elsewhere, as the civ overall is completely average at best.

Which is completely different from a justified nerf.

If Sicilians are overperforming please show us
where they are overperforming on the ladder
where they are overperforming in tournaments
where the community is in uproar about how they are insanely strong.


Yeah seems you are better than me I am still noob, I don’t know.

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