Austria & Germany poll

Poll about Austria & Germany case.

  • Game should stay with one , general ,Germans" faction forever
  • I wonna see detailed Austria Empire and Germany inspired mostly on Prussia ,after Dlc’s to other cultures
  • I dont know
  • Game should have Prussia and HRE as factions.
  • I wonna see three factions : Prussia , Austrian Empire , German States faction ( Mix of Saxony , Bavaria , Hessia etc)
  • I want Prussia and Austria
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I want Prussia to be it’s own civilisation and current Germany to represent the HRE lead by the Habsburgs.

Cool poll that only allows what you want as an answer.

Honestly I would like to see Austria as a unique German Revolt replacing Hungary. Along with maybe a unique set of Imperial Politicians based on the German royal houses along with their upgrades. This will both encourage German Players to go to Age 5 and perhaps better fit the theme of the AOE3 Germany Civ.

1.Prussia (With Imperial Ulhans and Needle Gunners. no change to base civ. no current idea as to age up benefit beyond maybe a 5% or 10% boost to all unit HP and Attack)
2.Swan King (activates the “Princely Bavarian Chevaulegers” card and allies with the House of Wittelsbach. replaces the needle gunners with Mountain Troopers, (1 pop units), also allows the Ducal Berg Lancers to effect the Prinz units as well.)
3.The Black Duke (Replaces the Prussian Ulhans with Totenkopf Hussars and allies with the House of Hanover. Unlocks Black Brunswicker at the Barracks and Forts (1 pop units).
3. Oresund Customs Offical (Replaces Needle Gunners with Royal Hunters, allies with the House of Oldenburg, unlocks Northern Musketeers)
4.Saxon Royal (Allies with the House of Wettin, Replaces Prussian Ulhan with Saxon Cuirassier and Pikeman with Trabants)
5. The Mercenary Contractor (same as before but maybe with additional mercenary options then what the Mercenary Camp Shipment offers)

The Austrian Revolt: (Replaces Hungary) Allies with the House of Habsburg and unlocks Line Infantry (1 pop) at the barracks and forts. also replaces War Wagons and Needle gunners with Mounted Infantry. Allows for Hungarian Grenadiers through a shipment along with replacing Prussian Ulhans with Magyar Hussars.

I add this option now but starts from 0. Now let’s see.

this makes no sense, esp now that we will have a danish faction.

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It needs a none of the above option. All these options are terrible. Also this poll has been done a million times already.


You have option saying ,stay with actual Germans forever" , ,i dont know" and ,some changes propositions". So i dont know what You want.

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I want Austria and Prussia, that is all. No convoluted mix of other German factions.


I add this option. Sorry for everyone, You must vote again. I hope that last :grin:

I even would be happy if instead of choosing some generic politician for industrial age we could choose between Preußen, Österreich and perhaps Bavaria or Sachsen (other mayor german State). And that could mean different guard upgrades, one could be focused on cav, other on light cav, other on light infantry, etc

And changing the flag used in game would be a nice touch.


Funny that every option is written in a different way.

Ideally I think the current Germans should be turned into Austrians/Habsburgs/HRE, and a separate Prussian civ should be added. After all the German civ’s original concept is 17th HRE, and everything Prussian is quite shallow and can be removed with a simple rename or reskin.

Practically I think otherwise because they have stuffed more Prussian elements into it instead of separating them out.


Germans can also have a unique “independence” system replacing revolts. Most current German revolts don’t make much sense tbh, and Hungary is actually very Austrian (grenzers, etc.)

It works the same way as other revolts, but less of a military all-in one. Change the civ flag and denonym, grant access to some unique units and upgrades. Keep the base German civ with a generic HRE theme, and move cards that are too specific to the options.

Give base RGs more generic names like “schutzen” and “towarcyz” not Prussian xxx, and with basic stat buffs (+10%).

Prussia: crossbowman turns into landwehr; grantthe needle gunner and freikorps uhlan RG upgrades with unique traits.
Austria: similar to Hungary. Also enable line infantry
Bavaria: enable Wittlesbach units
Saxony: enable Wettin units


Germans should stay as they are now. I don’t want any massive changes to legacy civs that prevent me from being able to play them the way I have always played them.


So Indians suit you as they are???

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There is no option to rename the Germans civ to the Austrians civ (along with minimal rework) + adding a completely new Prussians civ with the State Age Up mechanic.

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In essence it is not a division, but a name change (from Germans to Austrians) and some details to the current civilization, plus a new civilization (Prussia).

It has already been said a million times by those who propose this that the gameplay is not drastically altered in today’s Germany, which would become Austria. In addition, there have already been reworks to many factions that change the gameplay in some aspects with respect to TAD, even with respect to the first patches of the definitive edition.


I think this is unnecessary, since the idea is simply to agree or not agree. We would already be winning if these options did not exist. XD


By now, ‘One German faction forever’ has more votes than every other option together

Yet again, another poll shows that a sizeable portion of these forums (me included) don’t want a Germans split.


There’s only a few dozen people who use this forum, so it’s a pretty meaningless sample size. All this shows is people here are sick of poorly framed, repetitive polls. If Germany ever did get split in a reasonable way (renaming to Austria and not drastically changing gameplay) then I doubt there would be many people upset. It’s like how almost no one doesn’t wand Poland, but people still complain they didn’t get something else.