Bohemians need central european set

Honestly its kinda ridiculous that Bohemians are getting Eastern architecture set just to make them feel more “eastern”. Historically they were a part of the Holy Roman Empire, and their architecture evolved alongside German architecture. There arent any major differences at all between architectural developments in Germany and Czechia.

The central European set (the Teuton set) would make by far the most sense. This set is based off Romanesque architecture, which was very popular in Bohemia from 9th to 13th century. It also uses timber framing, which is very typical of medieval Bohemia. Of course nowadays Bohemia is best known for Gothic and Baroque architecture, but Baroque is out of this games timeline and Gothic is reserved for “western european” set. The eastern set is based off Rus architecture in feudal age and brick Gothic architecture in castle age, neither of which were ulitized in Bohemia at all.

Another point is the Orthodox church, Bohemia didnt even border any orthodox country, its quite ridiculous. Thats whole other can of worms though, because with the release of dukes of the east, 6 civs will use the Orthodox church, while only 2 of those civs (“Slavs” and Bulgarians) were actually Orthodox Christian.

Honestly, this is one of the biggest architectural mistakes in the game, especially when you can just use already existing set.


their almost same like poles. same langauge group culture and so on. so makessense slavs get easter europe set

If Bohemians receive Orthodox church that would be a huge error in devs thinking… In fact it would show they were so lazy to open google or wiki…


I mean Polish oficiall history begins with the baptism of Poland at 966 from Roman Catholic Church and in AoE II Poles with Bohemians both got ortodox church. I mean at least its Church 11. Byzantines for 20 years had Mosque.


we already saw that Poles have orthodox church, no reason to assume Bohemians dont since they use the same set.

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thats not how that works. Poland uses Gothic brick style (castle and imperial eastern architecture) unlike Bohemia. Just google images of Prague, Kutná Hora, Český Krumlov, and tell me just how similar it looks to the eastern european architecture… culturaly and historically, Bohemia is far more connected to Germany than any of their neighbors in the east.


So Bohemians will have orthodox church and as a wonder they will have Catholic Vysehrad (I guess it from winter image). Great schism :smiley: Devs had a chance to make Slavs different but its seems they remained in a bubble…


Hmm so basicaly maybe in 20 yrs during AoE2 DE Final Edition Bohemians will be corrected… nice plan :smiley:

Almost right. The eastern european architecture set in the Feudal age corresponds to the Veliky Novgorod architecture with russian wooden elements.

Yes, that is mainly true. Brick gothic was used more by the Poles due to the influence of the German order.

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Well partially you are right. I have read both sides built brick castles because of lack of stone and bricks were easy to produce.


agreed, brick Gothic is more typical for northern Europe (Denmark, Benelux, northern Poland and Germany) but atleast it makes some sense for Lithuanians and Poles. Ideally those two sets should be split in two: Russian-esque style and brick Gothic, but I am sure that wont happen, sadly. The best we can do is hope for the Bohemian set to be changed and for Poles, Lithuanians and Magyars to atleast get a catholic church.

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Well the Rus typically built using very little stone. Most of their buildings were wooden, as Russia was heaviely forested back then.


There’s a reason I didn’t want any Slav split civs post “The Last Khans”. You cannot make anybody happy apparently and you overcharge the Eastern European architecture set.

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I think its simple. Just put them Central European. I suggested it many times before. I dont know why some people are lazy to open some documents or find photos…


I think they might have wanted to visually differentiate Bohemians (or rather, the Hussites) and the forces of the Holy Roman Empire (aka Teutons) that will oppose them in the campaign.

It would make more sense to have them have the Cental Europe achitecture set though. Both the castle and the wonder models look like they’d fit quite well with it too.


In that case, maybe they could make “central Gothic” set for Magyars and Bohemians? The Magyar set doesnt make much sense right now either.


Yea if anything they should have a Protestant church, since the whole Hussite identity they are attaching to the civs arose out of the proto-Protestant movement.

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Here is the official introduction for the Bohemians :“Traverse CENTRAL EUROPE’S tall mountains and verdant forests as you arm hardy warriors with advanced weapons and lead them to victory against insurmountable odds.” I repeat CENTRAL EUROPE!!!

For the love of all that is good and holy on this earth, change the architecture set to central Europe.


Excellent point. (20)

Orthodox church in Bohemia? Ridiculous. They can’t be serious.