[BUG] Chinese IO Supervision is 150% instead 200%


it seems like, as of patch 11009, Chinese IO Supervision has been reduced from 200% to 150%.

Supervised Blacksmith upgrades take 24s instead of 20s down from 1 Minute without Supervision. (see screenshots)

Game Version: 5.0.11009.0
Game Mode tested: Custom, Quick Match



Same here. Zhuge Nu training time used to be 5s, now it is 6s.


@SavageEmpire566 Can we please get an answer from the devs on whether this is a bug or intended? I frankly feel quite angry and disrespected that this stealth nerf got heaped onto China on top of everything else


I believe this was balance work for a later patch that sneaked in. The patch notes exclusion I’m sure was just an oversight—there are a lot of moving parts. I trust the balance team is doing what needs to be done to improve play. I’m not sure what else is upcoming (if anything) specifically related to this or any other changes for the Chinese civ. They see a lot more data than I do to make sense of it all.

Balance team:


Sorry to bother you, But is this the balancing strategy of Relic?
You can get data from wiki or this tool.

Both technologies have the same effect after being nerfed

Horseman unlocks in the Feudal Age. So you just need to compare the max data. Horseman is better than one units, which require two castle landmarks to unlock ?


So does this mean that Chinese must be weakened in every way?

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This is no reasonable
nerfing it into useless first then buff it?
Why can’t just buff based on original data?

Why don’t you do the same thing to Mongol like nerf into useless then buff it back to reasonable?

What hilarious




What dev did was a joke, not professional at all. Microsoft acquired Activision Blizzard, do dev need the guidance of Blizzard RTS Department on how to balance the game?


With all due respect, these balance changes that nerf Chinese are something we would have expected for the likes of Mongols. Their Yam network and Steppe redoubt for example should have been nerfed many weeks ago.

The fact that Chinese was nerfed this severely is completely unreasonable.

The devs talked about their balance philosophy once, they said they would rather buff other civs to the level of Mongols than to nerf Mongols.

And now they have done the complete opposite. Chinese has been nerfed to the ground. And the fact that even more nerfs are planned for next patch is extremely worrying.

The devs need to make up their mind what they want the Chinese civ to be.

So far Chinese has the worst Landmarks in the entire game. Their civ “bonus” is the ability to spend ressources on Dynasties, but you have to have these ressources available in the first place. Without this, its not a bonus at all.

Meanwhile, the devs simply give other civs more ressources to play with. French pays less for economy techs. They pay less for lumber camps etc. English pay less for farms and gain more food from farms. Abbasid and Delhi gain more food from berries. Mongols gain extra ressources simply by using stone and by setting buildings on fire.

So where exactly is Chinese supposed to get their bonus from? How can you expect Chinese to gather more ressources to even be able to invest them into Dynasties in the first place?

Chinese used to start with 2 more villagers than everyone else. This bonus was removed. Then they used to start with 100 more food. This bonus was removed aswell. Why? No other civ has received this much of a nerf to their core civ bonus.

Its simply not acceptable to have these kind of nerfs for a civ that wasn’t dominating the game. These types of nerfs would have been reasonable for other civs, but they were barely touched.


Just checked ingame and yes, both technologies give the same bonus but it’s cheaper and faster for the Rus.
Relic’s QA is beyond catastrophic and/or their release strategy is just plain disrespectful.

Edit: Rus upgrade is available only in their High Armory Landmark. I assume that’s why it’s cheaper compared to Chinese upgrade which can be researched in Siege Workshop. Feels strange though when it’s -20% for both civs.


Great so what they should do is put this upgrade in the clocktower and make it the same resources and time and the Rus upgrade…

Why can’t China Landmarks have useful cheap techs? WHY does all China’s landmarks have to be completely useless.


before stress test . China is weak .
because nerf huge from beta test.
feel bad for this game.

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You’re right. I don’t understand why relic is always weakening the Chinese. In aoe4, are Chinese better than Mongols? Isn’t it to raise other civilizations to the level of Mongols? Why not stop nerf Chinese?