[BUG] Game Blacked out After a short internet drop or Dual Screen (screenshot)

Game Version:

  • **Build: latest update
  • **Platform: Steam
  • **Operating System:Windows 10
  • Gamertag: GregStein


I was warming up in the single player when suddenly the game blacked out on me leaving only the mini map visible as well as the health bar of my scout. Game did not crash at all. Please find a screenshot enclosed below

Reproduction Steps:

No idea on the circumstance…



Just ran into the same issue 3 times on ranked. Gonna stop rank until they fix this. This is the most game-breaking bug I’ve ever seen in any competitive game. :frowning: Devs have done such a great job so far so I didn’t see it coming at all :frowning:

Same issue here. I just bought this game last week. It is not possible to properly play this game. It happened to me approximately 30 min into the game… before installing the so called “update”, it was still fine.

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My game blacked out exactly around 8 - 10 mins but I am sure it has to do with the internet drop because the moment i received that blackout i tabbed out to desktop and found my internet disconnected then it reconnected.

I dont think it has to do with internet drop. I use an external monitor. I tried playing it with my laptop monitor and the error stopped occuring. So I guess from now on for every software out there I will use my propper external monitors except for AOE2DE, where i will use my laptop monitor :smiley:

I have the problem too - almost every single game, including single player as I’m trying to do the art of war. It replaced the game ‘Assert’ crash now. Looking like 2 months without being able to play now?

I have 4k monitor but also two other monitors attached (as maybe that’s a thing), not using the UHD mod (as it crashes my game), GTX1080, 32GB ram, 8700k processor - so should have plenty of available resources.

Something else I notice is my graphics cards is going at 100% now with fan roaring. It goes to 100% as soon as I start playing a game, then doesn’t recover until the game restarts - this is me browsing the lobby after viewing someone else’s online game:

Tried disabling multiple monitors, no luck - able to replicate on every game now

For some strange reason I can not record any art of war chapter through OBS but I can record single player and multiplayer.

Same here, it happened every game even on the menu

Same issue here. every time I play a ranked match this happens and I have to quite or blindly listen as me and my team lose. Is there a solution or do I have to stop playing this game?

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See here - for me it was due to graphics card maxing out stressing the Power Supply Unit. I’m managing to play again using two PSUs… (obviously not ideal)

Today I received the same bug again in Multiplayer…Exactly 8 mins into the game. I was using dual screen.

It has nothing to do with your equipment friend. It’s a game bug probably related to dual screen. Just a few mins ago I received the same bug in multiplayer for running dual screens and exactly 8 mins into the game.

This is what’s happening in DE xD

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were you using dual screen too?

Well, it’s due to not very optimal code bringing out the worst in my equipment. As I said in the post I linked to above, other games work fine with my equipment (so I am definitely blaming the software) but it only got stable after I swapped out a PSU (despite the previous PSU working for other games). I’ve done 340 hours Steam time so far on this game - believe me I’ve put a ■■■■ of a lot of effort into making the game stable as it’s been unplayable after the last 2 patches. I can confirm that the black screen of death has not come back for me since I made that PSU change and that was definitely that particular change which fixed it for me (as it was happening almost every single game before that change, even on single player).

My best guess is the sub-optimised code is stressing graphics cards to the point that some driver errors (and also to the point my PSU started failing…)

P.S. one of the 100 things I did try before wiring in a new PSU was disabling multiple monitors.

Is the Enhanced Graphics Pack still installed? Mine somehow became uninstalled and now I am having to reinstall it.

Yes, I have a dual-screen setup

Has anyone tried reinstalling the game?

This just started happening to me… and I have a single monitor. The game also started filtering some people’s chats, completely, where everything is substituted for stars.

Just started getting the same problem a few minutes into every game, no idea why since I’ve been playing with 0 trouble since release, and even played a couple games in the last patch without getting the bugs.

Also quitting multiplayer until this is confirmed fixed.