In-game UI freezes, then later inputs freeze too

Game Version: 101.101.35906.0

  • Build: 4941835
  • Platform: Steam
  • Operating System: Windows 10
  • Gamertag: b o y e meets world


It usually starts with the loading screen being void of the game information. The in-game UI freezes within the first few seconds of a multiplayer game (also happens while spectating multiplayer games). This means you can’t see what you have queued, see what you have selected, the scores, what age people are in, how many resources you have, if you’re housed, etc.
It’s a massive issue. Later in the game (sometimes seconds, sometimes far later), inputs will freeze too and it becomes totally unplayable.

This has happened to me approx 1 in every 3 multiplayer games since the latest patch. I’m not alone:

This is clearly a common problem, and it is gamebreaking. PLEASE acknowledge that you’re aware of it.

Reproduction Steps:

Here’s how to reproduce the problem:

  1. Play a multiplayer game, or spectate a multiplayer game.
  2. If the loading screen is fine and you don’t have issues in the first 15 secs of the game, you won’t see it reproduced that game.


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