Buildings those generate resources completely destroyed the game balance (especially team game)

  1. That makes those civs can boom very quickly;
  2. Their vils get less chance to be raided (some are even almost impossible to raid);
  3. The resources keep growing even your military is around them or even their TC was under attacked. means they will not be idle;;
  4. Other civs need age 3 to build extra expensive TC to train vils faster but those building are available at the beginning;
  5. Those building cost comparatively cheaper than a villager ;

This becomes very unfair to the other civs, how about let Portuguese TC/Otto church/Lakota stable etc can generate resource also?


Dutch banks have been in game since release. Japanese shrines since 13 years now. Considering this, it wont change I guess


Dutch banks compared to others are additional building (not house additional bonus), to me is better than others.

But Japanese has been op for these years I think. Even 2 heroes can build, no need villager to go out, when facing attacked they can escape immediately back TC, the shrines can change resource what they lack. (and their military is not weak and many technology to boost). Really confusing to me. (Let Sweden can have 2 heroes to build house and are able to escape back TC, what do you think).

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Why are you talking in general, be more specific.

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Japanese shrines
Sweden house
Inca house

Sweden house doesn’t generate resources. They consume resource and in this sense it is similar to the british manor bonus but you don’t say anything about it.

Inca, as i understood, aren’t that good 1 vs 1 according to pros, well still need to figure out completly their playstyle but till now, so them generating resources doesn’t actually give them any big advantage as else they would be considered very good.

Japanese have pop cap at 75and can’t gather from hunts, most likely scenario in team games, so late game you should be able to out produce them. They have cheery Orchard but it has gathering rate of berries, worse than hunts. Also shrines have like 0.4/s resource gathering rate till industrial.

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Topic already listed 5 points for imbalance reason.

To Japanese I have previous comment before (see second reply)
Indian villager request wood to build. Will you say it up?

I read those points and i explained to you with others?

Indians, for this reason, recieve a villager from each their shipment

Topic has 5 points why they are imbalance to me but I can’t see any reason from you can beat those.

And I can reply your reasons.

If Japanese villager only can’t hunt and give them this OP boom, Lakota eco so weak, why their cav can’t generate resource, Portuguese TC why can’t, even 2 TC in age2 lose eco than those houses??

Portoguese boom is definitely better than japanese but you need to stabilize as you are spending more food to produce more vills. Lakota have bonus eco from the firepit right? But nobody uses that. Anyway it is less eco because you have the firepit that can improve units, so they are more aggressive civs type.

You are telling me Lakota have bonus eco from fire pit and nobody uses, isn’t it funny? if it is good, it will be nobody to use?

How about let warchief can dance firepit LOL?

You don’t understand, Japanese although has hunt nerf (they cant hunt), but they have more population for military, like Dutch also only 50 villager. Their heroes can build, even have 2, facing danger can escape. Their vils can only stay at home unless you rush them. Is it fair to other civs vils need to go outside for hunting, facing cav raiding can’t use smoke escape?

No, i agree the japanese are a bit powerful right now but that does’t mean the buildings that geneate resource comepletly destroy game balance. Chinese have a similar building, indians too. But those civs are even a bit lower than average in 1 vs 1

All civs must build house (except Lakota) and when this becomes a auto generation bonus, this causes imbalance. As topic said.
Attack their base? Sorry not affect their production too much.

Indian camels and elephants can generate a resource trick of food/wood via a card but the rate is pretty pitiful. But they also get Sumptuary Laws too.

Maybe if the Lakota needs a boost, perhaps they can get something similar with their own cavalry, now that Teepee’s don’t include a gathering boost anymore?

Watched a lot of streams, and almost every “pro” told that the Inca one of the strongest civ, even after nerf (actually it isn’t a nerf, but abuse fixing). Inca houses allow them to ignore hunts, and they can sit on their bases much longer than the other civs, 13f/s in age II is obviously too much (2 upgraded factories produces 14+ resources per second). They should move the card to age III or IV. Also Japanese and Dutch have penalties for their buildings - shortened building limits for the villagers, Inca should have this too.

Inca’s estates are broken, u can’t balance them in the same way as other civs (limiting villagers), because having 20 estates is a very late-game scenario, and having penalties for the feature that u can’t use a bit unfair, but if Inca builds 20 estates it makes their eco to strong. I can only suggest to instead of limiting estates count, make only active estates (5+ vills gathering) generate additional resources, and maybe change it from coin trickle to wood.

What would be the eco bonus of the civ? I mean, Inca dont have vill shipments already…
And I have screens where my undisturbed max greedy-boommy build as Inca barely competes with the res output of the other civs, which I even manage to raid. So if you move the card to age 2-3 Inca will just have â– â– â– â– â– â–  eco :man_shrugging:

I agree.

Houses, shrines should not generate resources. Its stupid. Lazy thing. All factions should be in the danger of raiding.

Looks at swedes: they can go around map and spam houses and get insane eco and very quickly without real danger to lose samething important.

Or…Just remove these factions from ladder.

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Hmm i don’t know how much stream you watched or who they were, the tier list of Aussie was made by him directly interviewing with the pros.

It’s a penalty for being able to build 2 and 5-7 TCs in age II and III, similar to Portuguese, not for houses. And they already have a big button that fixes this problem.

On your screenshots you compete vs Dutch, the most greedy civ in the game, Dutch invests times more resources to the eco (each bank cost 700 resources) and Inca invests only 15 wood (120 wood is the price of 12 pop) for getting extra 0.5/1 f/s, so Dutch should crush Inca in terms of eco, but on your screenshots, you are very close with him, that only confirms that Inca eco too strong.