Camel Scouts for More Civs?

Right now, it’s only unique to Gurjaras.

If the other Camel-prominent civs like Saracens or Berbers get them, would you be interested in this aspect?


Yes, it’s an idea with some support


Gurjaras are already a highly unique civ, so increased Camel Scout distribution is something I’d appreciate. I wouldn’t give it to more than three other civs, but Saracen Camel Scouts with 87/107 HP sounds pretty fun.



Camel scout is already a very big thread to any scout play.

So Camel scouts would need some re-balancing I think.

Gurjaras don’t really make camel scouts rn except maybe while on the way to castle age. Also, camel scouts are slower than scouts so they don’t counter them super well, and they have -2 PA and -1 attk, so they’re worse against archers.

IDK if the solution is to make camel scouts faster and then become slower when they upgrade themselves to camel riders (like scout cavalry to LC goes from 1.55 to 1.5). I think you’d need camel scouts to be 1.6 but then they’d drop to 1.45…hmm not super satsifying.

Or, you change the cost of the camel scout, but the game does everything it can to not punish upgrading units and advancing ages.

IDK. the Camel Line was balanced to counter the knight line, but then you introduce the unit line to an age for which there is no unit for the camel scout to counter.

Maybe the camel scout justifies it’s existence enough just by being able to be made while going up to castle, but yeah, I think it’d be nice to have some viable camel unit in feudal and for more than one civ to have that unit.

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My playgroup has been playing with a mod that gives camel scouts to more civs. Giving some civs like Saracens and Berbers the camel scout makes them feel much more unique and has been very positively taken in my playgroup.

Turks could have it too. Start training them in transition to castle age would offsets the lack of pikemen

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If other civs get camel scout, then in order to preserve the uniqueness of gurjara, there could be a “camel rider upgrade”, which gurjara gets for free.

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20/30/40% bonus damage isnt distinct enough?

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The point is that giving camel scouts to more civilizations takes away one of Gurjara’s particular bonuses.

The civ still has plenty of special uniqueness that most civs lack so is it really such a big deal?


It is not big deal. But is it necessary?

Well, if there is not every civ which has camel riders get camel scouts, then a problem there.
Civs that have camel scouts cannot use camel riders in the castle age immediately, but other civs that have no camel scouts can directly train camel riders when hitting the castle age.


He meana gurjaras missing a UU.

You mean the fact it has elephant units alongside camels and still has a castle UU? Is it a rule that every civ needs 2 UUs to be interesting mechanically?


They also have Shrivamshas as well. So even if you give Camel Scouts to another civ, Gurjaras still have two fully unique land units, which is very rare.

That defeats the point of having camel scouts though. You almost never make them except when aging up to get a head start on camels when you hit Castle Age. Having an upgrade cost pretty much nullifies any advantage you could have gotten from training them earlier. Also it seems to punish the player regardless of whether they make any camel scouts because they’ll still have to pay to unlock camel riders. Harrrrrd pass.



Game still considers camel scout and imperial camels as UU’s so I assuming thats what wakarato was trying to say.
As per how many uus a civi needs to be interesting is up for debate.

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What secondary UUs do these three have? The Dismounted Konnik doesn’t count, since it is quite literally a part of the Konnik’s gimmick, despite technically having a different model, stats etc.

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Krepost, Donjon, Warrior Priest