Can we copy a trigger from one scenario and paste it in another scenario?

How to do that in one trigger I have put nearly 150 effects and I want to just copy that triggers apart from the other triggers, I have nearly 60 more triggers in that scenario and now I just want to copy this trigger and want to use it in a new scenario. Could anyone help me out with how to do that?

And the new scenario have also few triggers which I cant delete? Could I get any help out of this situation?

I think it is not possible to copy triggers to another scenario. But instead you can copy the scenario itself to the scenario where you have those triggers and record in a new scenario. So you have two different scenarios with the same triggers. But beware the triggers that have effects that use areas, you need to confirm those areas for these effects to work correctly.

You can do that with Aoe2scenarioparser

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I will try that and get back to you. Thanks a lot!

I have downloaded the AoE2ScenarioParser-0.1.56 but I don’t see any application file, how to run this? I see that there is and I don’t even know how to run that, could I get any help about that?

Do you have any experience coding? You’ll habe to code. Maybe learning this will take you more than manually copying every trigger BUT whenever you have to do it again, it will only take a few minutes

Holy God! I am a study thief never cleared my subjects from convocation.Let me put it in other way, even if we want to club two scenario triggers for one of the maps or a completely new map is it not possible with scenario editor? Please I could not help myself with studies anymore. Please could you put in an one word answer, yes or no?

No :slight_smile:
20 characters.

:slight_smile: Thank you for your generous reply, my mistake to not see 20 characters.

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Funny, I just made a Request post about something to do to make this possible.

The simple thing to do would be to create a second Variable option, that would remain true for all scenarii as long as they are bundled together within the same campaign file via the Campaign Editor.

Here it is:

"Basically make a variant of the current Variable system where the Variables you set in one scenario remains true for any other scenario as long as these scenarios are linked within the same campaign through the Campaign Editor.

I don’t know if that’s something possible at the moment, but this simple feature would take Campaigns in a whole new dimension as choices you make in one scenario could basically bring consequences in later scenarios of the campaign, and increase dramatically the options of the player.

Let me know what you guys think of this."

I do believe it is something we can make happen. It would be just crazy all the options it opens for single player content… And think of replayability…

I really feel enthusiastic to know about the campaign editor, but as of now, I did not even edit at least one of the maps using campaign editor. Let me check out how the campaign editors link between one scenario to the other. Thank you!!