Can you add additional civilisations to DE?

New civs have a lot more replayability value than campaigns.

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If someone has a mirror of this mod upload, would they be so kind as to share it? This implies the existence of a way to continue adding civs, or at least one, without replacing civs. This is a massive development for the modding community that I’m eager to look in stake at.
I experimented with it lightly myself but if results are attainable I’ll try seeing what I can do again at some point (especially because there are high demand for other civs in Project AG3)

As much credit as I tend to take away from microsoft, I don’t think they’re that brash, or even interested in milking Aoe2 that way. If they were, we would have microtransactions, or at the very least, already a teaser for new civs. Currently the game is selling excellently with people coming back into the scene and Cysion said that FE wasn’t interested in adding new civs.

Besides, I don’t think there’s enough design space in the game for many more official civs that don’t get gimmicky. That’s not an issue with mods most of the time.

I’m very much invested in this topic, though. I understand it was suggested that the issue is complex and taking a backseat to bigger things, and that’s fine, but I do hope this actually gets picked back up by the team at some point. Accomodating functional civ modding would be such a massive breakthrough for the mod scene, and given the inescapable amount of civ suggestion mods occupying the general discussion forum, it would make many people happy. Hoping for updates!


They’re probably occupied with other non-AOE2 related projects right now.The last two expansions weren’t teased too.

Could you link me to that? So far I know that only Adam Isgreen said that in an interview, but not Cysion aka Bert Beeckman.

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Not long before the release of DE, T90 made a video interviewing Cysion.
Cysion at one point said there would be consistent additional content but “probably not new civilizations”

Strangely, I can’t find this video. For whatever reason, it seems to have been taken down? :confused:
Unless I’m conflating/mistaking cysions identity. In which case, my mistake, but I remember the video.

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I originally thought the mod was to create new button and making the button work, linked to a new civ but that isn’t the case.

someone in discord channel is already reproducing it. idea was to pick a civ, for example India, then at start of the game there are 3-4 “technology” you can choose and each “technology” represent a sub “civ” thus sharing same building set and some bonuses as well.

it does work, I just feel that its just different experience than how it normally picks a civ and obviously have room for possible exploitation.

besides the whole point is customization of UI interface and working buttons. new civ would also mean new buildings which are missing destruction animation and I dislike it personally.


The main problem with this method is AI functionality.

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Wait, so just to clarify that I’m reading this right

It functions as selecting a civ that’s already in the game - so not adding a new civ select button (like in the space after the last civ) and at the start of the game selecting the civ you intend to to play as via a tech button in the town center or something?
(Like selecting to play as indians, then selecting either original indians or cholas/whatev in the tc at the start?)

Apologies if I misunderstood
But if that’s how people are doing it, i could see that being viable for now and simpler to program

I’m not very well versed in full fledged ai programming but I did have to help someone design an AI for one of my mods by providing constants and stuff, and I don’t think it’s entirely out of the question to make an ai accomodate this method

Can you please give an example what will be the code for AI to choose a particular tech before starting anything? I mean the tech that chooses the civilization.

I don’t know what the code would be, but given that you can teach ais to research modded technologies, it’s not out of the question. All I know is that you’d have to define the constants of the technology, and add a condition where the ai researches. I’m not an AI programmer so I don’t know what code would be, all I know is that it should be possible.

their idea is to use full tech tree as a generic civ when you start (in the example of using india). then at game start you have 3 vill and TC, in the TC theres loom, and 3 other technologies you can choose. each tech represent a sub civlization and by researching that particular tech, it’ll determine which bonuses and tech/unit are disabled from the full tech tree.

thats how they do it, which technically speaking you can play on full tech tree and not to choose a sub civ.


Interesting, I can see how that would work

It does work. I’ve already added ~8 or so civs, with about that number more to come. Its not ideal, but its what we have.

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Actually I think its a great work and a easy way to add new factions

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I really wish they could just fix this issue. StepS saying theres more to it, imho its just getting a custom button added in and link to a new civ in .dat which can be added by AGE3. prob few lines of code need to be changed but they aren’t doing that.

do you have any plan to make new civ mod?

if this was a dead game with no update that is guaranteed to break mod with each and every update, i might bother learn programming to do this. I will stick to what we have got now and hope nothing gets worse.

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Yes, its about half done in terms of the bulk coding in AGE, but there is no modded ingame text (which I dont know how to do for DE) which can make the mod unappealing for anyone not very dedicated.

That is the first civ from the new version to be posted to reddit, more to follow.

The mod’s discord.

We did get new civs because of you, @Anatarion2454.

It is mostly because of the Civ concept creators not only in the forums but also in other platforms.

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It’s still impossible I guess, right?

If you add new civs they are not selectable in the game lobby but can they be selected in the scenario editor?