Indian Subfaction system

So i have created subfaction system for indians in scenario editor. For now it only showcases UU . I have a plan how to add unique tech but im not a modder… so it will no be 100% possible for me

Note : Since you can not add new tech I used hero units as tech for subfaction . So choosing a sub faction will spawn a hero unit .

I disabled music so that the subfaction sound and music don’t play at the same time

dont use headphone when bengals is being researched

Tamil imperial age tech is not Nababarsha… I seamply forgot to edit it

All graphics taken from : Omkar historical unit reskin mod
Omkar bombar elephant for indians mod

Bengals, Rajsthan, Tamil :

Kannadigas , Mughals, Oriya :

SO what do you think? if you like it I will make new civ idea post following this system and i can finally add norman… and also will make a scenario mod where you have to chose a subfaction as india and help Delhi sultan to defend india from Timurid army


Could you use this also on a SP RM map or would it have to be a specific scenario?

It would be better if the TC technology would be researched instantly.

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you can actually do this. After I make a scenario mod you can load it in a scenario editor, generate a random map and play… but only the player can research the subfactions

yes I was thinking the same thing and will edit this when I make the scenario mod

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thank god i saw this before i released my rajput civ idea, rajsthan, could work better, but harder to pronounce

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for chola wouldn’t the hero be rajaraja chola? (king of kings chola) or rajendra chola?
also, does the kannadiga civ have 3 uu’s? cool concept with the ox carts, but vills can do the same thing, what if the ox cart directly made the unit?
cool background music, where id you find it, or did you compose it?
we could rename the current indians to mughals, but i’m not sure about changing it, (the uu is a moonwalking master though)
also the rajput music i heard seemed modern or as a placeholder, im not sure i heard it correctly though
tamils should have a secondary uu of urumi, right?


I just chose the hero name according to how much he has accomplished during his reign… it seems that the hero for the Tamils is one of the best cholas

the main idea was that ox carts would pack and unpack … but it seems only trebuchet can use this ability , so for now ox carts deploy the foundation for tent and villagers have to build it. The ox wagons carry villager and when it is deployed (deleted) a villager spawns. You can say why not just take a villager. The answer is ox wagons are faster and resistant to arrows… so you can get past castle and towers. The ox tent creates the foundation, ox wagon deploy villager, villager build tent, tent create the unit. The whole thing is for a fast forward bas

If youre talking about the mainmenu music … thats a mod I made … its called TalosPrincipal main menu music… The subfaction musics are also mod but I havent uploaded them

most of the music are modern… its hard to find good classic instrumental indian song

ya the graphic is unfinished, its from a mod called Omkars bombard elephant

well the chariots i used already have trample damage… and also i dont have graphics for urumi… but if you have the graphics then you can just replace chariot with urumi

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one of them can ditch trample damage, anyways, my concept for the urumi is anti infantry, so it is useful to have it but not necessary
or tamils can break the record and have the most trample damage units

ya, cholas are the obvious choice for a campaign

makes sense, packed town centers also have this ability, but im not sure if they can pack again, forward bases are pretty cool

use current music for aoe2 indians, as it is more hindu, then give mughals an islamic music

cool concpets though
there is controversy about adding to many indian civs though, and you can use similar cis to represent eachother
i would choose:
Tamils, Sinhalese, Rajputs, and maybe Oryias (adding to the Mughals of course)
which, as five civs might already be too much

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i should mention Prithviraj makes sense as a rajput, being referred as one in the campaign, Tsar Konstantine should make a good Chola king (chariot-wise)

well i wanted to make the hero unit more distinct than generic uu … cause in some of my future scenarios you have to keep the hero alive

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Interesting concept but seems too much work and micro for just one unit.

Dosent really matter right this is a mod after all.

It would be interesting if the wonder building can also change in to something else when new civi is picked.South indian factions the current one mughals the turk wonder and bengals the sanchi stupa maybe?


well if i could implement pack/unpack ability to the ox cart then this could be avoided

yes that would be nice

that is aoe1 stuff

villagers have this ability to make foundations appear out of nowhere, no oxcart needed, the oxcart should do this by themselves

if only there were more chariot units!

Ingame buildings are better than trying to make new ones.

More capacity for fisherman seems ok for sinhaleese.

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true, but the time frame is a bit on the AoE1 side

k, that could be a solid bonus so you don’t have to dock/mill every fish

gol gumbaz all the way

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here is the scenario mod :
and the sound mod :


Mughals are not Bahmani

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I would still prefer using ingame assets for wonders uu’s so they are consistent.

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I think the current Indian civ should have access to battle elephants.


we should not change existing civs that much
i agree though