Can you add additional civilisations to DE?

I saw a post last night saying that it had indeed been fixed and someone had tried it. I can’t seem to find that post now though.

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Nice! I hope it has been fixed!

Developer StepS said in Discord, that new civs can’t be added yet.

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Well hopefully, it will be fixed in a future patch soon.

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@StepS7578 Any news on this?

No news on this matter as far as I am aware.

I will make sure to share any news when I can on this issue. We definitely have not forgotten about this!


Once the ability to add custom civs is enabled in DE, I will definitely learn to get better with Advanced Genie Editor so I can add custom civs to my mod. In my mod, I had the following ideas: Belgians, Georgians, Greeks, Hebrews, Iroquois, Serbians, etc. Yes these would NOT be in the official version of DE because it would not be accurate to have many of them in DE considering we want a good amount of historical accuracy in the official version of AoE.

I believe the issue may have to do with text mods currently not working in AOE2DE. I submitted a bug report on this a couple days ago. Hopefully they will fix it soon and then we can resume our new civ mods.

posting to stay followed to this, heavily invested in the ability to add more civs.

I know audio editing on de is more complex - what would this say for voice files for added civs?

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So many patches and still none of them gave us the ability to add civs in spite of the devs saying that they won’t add new civs themselves. They won’t do it and they won’t let us do it in their stead. Very strange.

not strange at all. they can use this to their advantage in future if theres going to be any expansion, to sell official civs as money and to move people from HD to DE.

Just an update for you all, StepS replied to me in a PM on discord, saying that this issue will not be resolved for some time because it is more complicated than it seemed initially, so we should move on with our modding without waiting for it. Tamils Civilization Mod (A Non-Civilization Replacer Dataset Mod) this mod shows one of the options for how non-replacing civ mods can be made in DE.


the mod was taken down, do you have it and share?


I do not, I suppose by show I really mean if you read that page you can probably reverse engineer how to do it.

If they have added 17 civs since the conquerors expansion, the issue is not about complexity imho. They simply want to retain the monopoly on adding new civs. Why? Microsoft probably wants them to continue monetizing the game with new DLC. The community is clamoring for new civs and the top players are open to them if they add something new to the game. So any future DLC should include new mechanics.

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That’s what I think too. It might also be that they want to fix all the issues related to pathfinding first before supporting the modding community.

I hope though that the DLC’s they’ll sell us will be worth their price tag. I won’t buy a Lithuanian campaign for 5 $ if we got 4 civs and 4 campaigns for 10 $ in the past.


New civs have a lot more replayability value than campaigns.

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If someone has a mirror of this mod upload, would they be so kind as to share it? This implies the existence of a way to continue adding civs, or at least one, without replacing civs. This is a massive development for the modding community that I’m eager to look in stake at.
I experimented with it lightly myself but if results are attainable I’ll try seeing what I can do again at some point (especially because there are high demand for other civs in Project AG3)

As much credit as I tend to take away from microsoft, I don’t think they’re that brash, or even interested in milking Aoe2 that way. If they were, we would have microtransactions, or at the very least, already a teaser for new civs. Currently the game is selling excellently with people coming back into the scene and Cysion said that FE wasn’t interested in adding new civs.

Besides, I don’t think there’s enough design space in the game for many more official civs that don’t get gimmicky. That’s not an issue with mods most of the time.

I’m very much invested in this topic, though. I understand it was suggested that the issue is complex and taking a backseat to bigger things, and that’s fine, but I do hope this actually gets picked back up by the team at some point. Accomodating functional civ modding would be such a massive breakthrough for the mod scene, and given the inescapable amount of civ suggestion mods occupying the general discussion forum, it would make many people happy. Hoping for updates!


They’re probably occupied with other non-AOE2 related projects right now.The last two expansions weren’t teased too.

Could you link me to that? So far I know that only Adam Isgreen said that in an interview, but not Cysion aka Bert Beeckman.

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