Castle losing attack focus after creating unit

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  • **BUILD #:101.101.40874.0 5548497
  • PLATFORM: Steam
  • OS: Windows 10

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After building a castle it attacks the enemy automatically. But the target can be changed manually. After creating a unit the castle will lose the manual target and start attacking automatically again.
I expect the castle to stay on the target until the attack is canceled manually. (Cancel manually is possible, right?)

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  • 100% of the time / matches 2 (2 Civs) play (ALWAYS)

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Here’s the steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Build a castle next to enemy buildings (they stay longer and dont run away)
  2. Change the target (B) to a building which is not attacked automatically (A) by the castle
  3. Create units in this castle

The castle will change to target to A again.


Thank you for the report! I’ve passed along this information to the team so they can investigate and determine if changes can be made.

Thanks again! :+1:


It’s still bugged, I recorded a quick video to show it as well. Also, it’s not just castles. Kreposts/Town Centers/Harbors are affected too.


+1 I’d love to see this fixed.

I think this is the same issue as the bug I reported here: Castle Auto-Targets Gates When Units Are Queued

I’ll note that this occurs anytime the front of the building’s production queue changes, not just when a unit is created.

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this issue actually exists since the original version

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But when an enemy unit attacks the castle the same behavior will happen too.

In order to help the developers to tackle problems like this better the common behavior of a castle drop near enemy buildings should be better defined by the community in general.

I agree it should keep focus on set target until destroyed and then returning to autotargeting behavior.

Autotargeting behavior actually means it will respond to the closest unit that attacks the castle which could also be a tower nearby. Here the default order of preference comes into play which should be defined by the community. Units before buildings unless attacked by building seems to be the default here.

So I think they need to discuss this a bit more.

It doesnt matter, just yesterday I had a castle constantly attacking the TC and i Always had to task it to kill the new outcoming villager manually because it didnt

That because the TC while garrisoned attacks the castle, so it sets autofocus to that again. It will always respond to the last attack(er).

So basically it’s not a bug, but how current game mechanics work and I don’t think they will change this.

It’s part of the whole game micro to keep attention to that area. Also it would make dropping towers and castles OP if you could set the preference of earlier mentioned behavior.

Except. It wasnt garrisoned because. It didnt shoot

  1. The player didnt care and didnt watch the TC - didnt garrison
  2. The TC at some point was too degraded

Then it must be the default order or preference or because of the used civ you played against which you didn’t mention.

It does not matter too much as it is part of the micro. Just hotkey those castles I think.