Catalog of proposals on minor factions/civilizations (AOE-3 BASIC + TWC + TAD)

Although it is not a native of the ancients in the game, it is a native that is in locations and maps already present in the game, so I would say that it is a mini-expansion of an expansion. Next I will propose a rework to the tengri because I consider that they are not very attractive to use.

Tengri Shrine

Tengri Shrine | Age of Empires Series Wiki | Fandom

Reworked current technologies:

In addition to the current benefits, it gives you # ### for each shipment from the metropolis (up to 10 stackable).
This buff could also make yaks generate a food drip as they get fat to make yaks more attractive to use.

Because? Matches rarely last that long, and if they do you still wait for them to get fatter to be worth it, so it’s better to put them to more immediate use.

He considered that the other technologies are fine.

New improvements:

Because I still think that 5 techs/upgrades should be the new standard for minor factions.

Scouting Falcons

Enables your explorer to use the Scouting Falcon ability which deploys a falcon that provides LOS over an area (basically a stationary version of the Balloon ability).

The Mongol Scout unit could also have the ability by default to make it a bit more unique.
(Idea of ​​ @M00Z1LLA)

They can also hunt animal treasure keepers, and will give you double experience for it.


Trade routes and native settlements generate 50% more experience. Scout-type units gain experience while moving, have 50% more vision, and move 20% faster.

Note: I don’t know if it was used in the AOE-3 periods, or if it can be used with this minor faction, but I’ll leave it here anyway.

Mongol Scout

Mongol Scout | Age of Empires Series Wiki | Fandom
It could be a trainable unit in this native position by default (limit 5).


If they were trainable from Tengri Shrines I think it would be better to have the ability locked behind the tech. Otherwise there’s not much of a reason to research an ability just so your explorer can have it too.

I’d prefer if Mongol Scouts replaced the Tengri Wolf for what you can train there. Getting the wolves should be through a tech that allows your explorer to train them. With the wolves and falcons from the shrine, the utility of your explorer could be greatly improved.


I already suggested this in other topics, but if they added at least three more maps in the Mexico/Mesoamerica region, they could remove Mayans and Zapotecs from South American maps (where they shouldn’t be) while still keeping them in 5 maps. My suggestions were Oaxaca (Zapotecs’ homeland), Guatemala and Tenochtitlan/Lake Texcoco.


No need, the Tengri’s are pretty awesome a rapid firing dragoon that also counters opposing dragoons.

The unit itself is fine and that’s why I haven’t proposed changes, the technologies/improvements too, except for the yaks. That is why I have proposed a change to this improvement, plus 2 new improvements. Why? because I believe that all natives should be equated to African and European natives who offer much more.

Natives only need to be balanced against other natives on the map not all natives.

holding native sites is supposed to give you an advantage of sorts. The only ones I find that don’t are the Nootka while they’re pretty weak you get boring techs and a pikeman unit that’s worse than a pikeman.

I’m not saying you’re wrong, I’m just saying American and Asian natives are boring

That would be like admitting that the natives are fine as they are, but it is not. Furthermore, it is not only the natives themselves who are below what they should offer. For example why would you use the ‘Native Lore’ card if there are only 3 technologies that don’t make a difference.

Also, I really wish they would increase the wood gathering speed in AoE3, I’m constantly running out of wood even with wood shipments.

Ship exotic hardwoods. You’d be surprised how both of a boon it is.

Thinking about it, this would not make much sense, since cattle skins are not so expensive and not so appreciated. I proposed this to make my proposal more viable throughout the game. I would rather suggest the following:

All the animals that you hunt or have hunted so far will give you a payment in coins. (Game animals, and animal treasure guardians)

I think Tupis should be split into subgroups, like Tupinambás and Guaranis. That would be an easy way of adding variety to South America.

Also, the Tupi tech that allows you explorer to train pumas should be removed, like the war chiefs’ ability to convert TG animals was.


Brand new Minor Civilizations for South America:

  1. Guarani
  2. Muisca

Brand new Minor Civilizations for Central America:

  1. Tarascans
  2. Pueblo

For South America I’d also suggest Tehuelches

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Aren’t Pueblo firmly in North America?

Actually, both Pueblo and Tarascan are very much deep into North America.

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I think the Mexico area needs more maps, that’d allow devs to both add more natives from that region and remove Mayans and Zapotecs from South America where they don’t belong

I’ve suggested a few before: Guatemala, Oaxaca and Lake Texcoco/Tenochtitlan.
The current Mexico map would probably need to be renamed.

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…And Taironas. They could be on maps like Panama and the Andes.

What about Tainos? For Caribbean maps.

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I’d like to see some tribes from Borneo / Indochina!

Maybe the Iban (Sea Dayaks) or Bidayuh (Land Dayaks).

Both Iban and Bidayuh get:

Heavy Infantry. Uses the war blowpipe at range and as the blowpipe has a spear point in the end, it is used as a spear in melee.

Headhunting was extremely common in Borneo and rival tribes would often conduct raids and wars with each other, taking heads of as many enemies as possible. Sometimes they would cut the heads of their own with good reason (stealing/killing within the tribe) and use the unfortunate head to watch over important places such as Rice granaries to ward people away. The blowpipes were monstrously long and were seen as their very best weapon.

The Iban can also train:
War prahu"

Essentially large pirate war canoes. Earns coin on each successful hit.

Bidayuh also train:
Bidayuh Warrior
Hand shock infantry. Uses the Mandau (large machete-like sword, good for chopping heads) and Kliau shield (

Maybe the techs available actually relate to the particular sub tribe for the Dayaks. Choosing the Iban tribe tech makes the Bidayuh tech disappear but give you the Iban’s ship (as they are water focused).


Yeah we need more Asian natives as well. Especially non-religious ones.