Celtic Mythology for Age of Mythology II

Do you like the Celtic mythology? Come show some support and ideas if you do! Here are some mythical units I would love to see in AoMII or Retold.


Dagda - God of Magic, Strength, Wisdom, and Druidry

Cernunnos - God of Animals, Nature, and Fertility

Morrigan - Goddess of Battle, War, and Fate

Lugh - God of Light and Justice

Arawn - God of Death, Revenge, and Terror

Brigid - Goddess of Healing and Passion

Celtic Bestiary:

  1. Abhartach - the undying dwarf who keeps coming back for more blood.
  2. Aillen - towering incendiary beings who can spit fire. They are known to carry harps and sing beautiful songs
  3. Bean sidhe - terrifying banshees who herald death by shrieking and wailing.
  4. Beast Glatisant - the strange creature has the head and neck of a snake, the body of a leopard, the haunches of a lion, and the feet of a hart. It produces a terrifying noise from its belly, a barking like “thirty hounds questing”.
  5. Caorthannach - a fire and toxic spitting monster.
  6. Dobhar-chu - a dark massive sea dwelling creature that resembles a dog, a fish, and an otter. Capable of mutilating bodies within seconds.
  7. Dullahan - an ominous and intimidating headless horseman who is cladded in black attire, rides a black horse, holds its own head, and carries a human vertebra as a weapon.
  8. Ellen Trechend - a monstrous triple headed bird which can breath fire.
  9. Fear Gorta - these phantom-like creatures/ghouls resemble an emaciated human.
  10. Gwyllgi - a mythical dog and a frightening apparition of darkness with baleful breath and blazing red eyes.
  11. Kelpie - a violent black colored horse-like spirit who prefers to devour and throw the victim’s entrails to the water’s edge.
  12. Leipreachan - Need I explain more?
  13. Nuckelavee - the nuckelavee has a man’s torso attached to a horse’s back as if it were a rider. The male torso has no legs, but its arms can reach the ground from its position on top of the equine body, the legs of which have fin like appendages. The torso has a large head – possibly as much as 3 feet (90 centimeters) in diameter – that rolls back and forth. The monster described by Tammas has two heads; the equine head has an enormous gaping mouth that exudes a pungent, toxic vapor, and a single giant eye like a burning red flame. A particularly gruesome detail is that the nuckelavee has no skin; black blood courses through yellow veins, and the pale sinews and powerful muscles are visible as a pulsating mass.
  14. Oillipheist - great sea serpent-like monsters that inhabit the lakes and the rivers.
  15. Selkie - mythological creatures that can turn into a human on shore and seals in the water.
  16. Sluagh - flying apparitions who will forcefully kidnap a victim from any direction and fly away. They can choose to drop units from the air to kill them in-game.


Balor - He is often described as a horrifying colossal giant with a large eye that wreaks destruction when opened. It can be poisonous, incendiary, or otherwise malignant.

The Celtic myth has so many unique mythical creatures that it would be a shame if they don’t get represented in the game. I’m sure a ton of fans would love to play as them! Plus, they invoke some sort of woodland/nature feel and perhaps that itself appeals to some players.

Should the Celtic Mythology be added in Age of Mythology II?
  • YES! The Celtic mythology is rich and full of unique and terrifying creatures. It would be awesome to play as them!
  • No. Not interested.

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I made a Celtic civ concept a few years ago. I wish I still had it so I could share it with you.

An AoE OG developer Sandy Petersen once pushed for Celts, Aztecs and Mesopotamians to be in a hypothetical AoM2.