Changing Unit Costs in Scenario Editor

I know you can modify the resource costs of units in Scenario editor with Trigger.

For example…
Modify Attribute > Resource Costs > Add +100

However, this always results in it adding 100 to ALL costs. For example, adding 100 to Man-at-arms in the Castle Age will change it to 145Gold 145Food.

I was hoping to be able to change the costs of specific resources individually. Like if I wanted to add 20 Food to a Unit’s costs but leave the Gold cost the same.

Anyone know a way to do this?

look at the unique tech for Malay forced levy. it reduces gold cost only for 2 hand swordsman and increase food cost, copy it on how it’s done and it’ll work. you can choose the resources etc

Trigger effect Change Object Cost is the only way I know of to do individual costs of something.

If you were looking to increment the cost every time Y happens, you could always put a modify resource by variable and increment the variable every time Y happens (Then put +X cost/level in the description).

What I mean by the above, is actually in reference to an Alkhalim video ( - How to create Custom Technologies in Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition) where you would just tack the price on as a side-effect of the “research” being finished.

I know that won’t work for unit creation, my only solution there would be to check if a unit is in an area and teleport it out each time it charges you (Maybe with a proxy barracks that kills the actual unit maker when it dies?), just throwing some ideas your way. Hope they helped

you dont want to have a research to reduce cost?

Hi @TheGonefshn, Here is a way to change unit cost in scenario editor:

  • Create a New Trigger: Starting State: On, Looping : Off
  • Create a New Effect: Modify Attribute
  • Source Player : Player 1
  • Object List Type : Units
  • Object List : Heavy Pikeman
  • Object Attributes : Food Costs
  • Operation : Set
  • Quantity : 19

Repeat this effect to change for Wood or Gold costs similarly. Hope this information helps.

This particular example is taken from one of my scenarios found here :

Feel free to check it out, Happy Gaming!

Hey thanks for that, I didn’t know Modify Attribute had a cost changing method

Thanks, I actually realized I was dumb and that you could change Food Cost, Wood Cost, etc individually in Modify Attribute. I looked for it but my eyes skipped right over it lol.