Chat won't work and jam the game

These are the steps to perform in order to work around this issue:

Install the Japanese language pack, by going to “Time & Language” or look for “Date & Time” from the Windows Search bar that will take you to the respective settings in Windows 10, and once there to the section “Region & Language” and click on “Add a language”:

Search for Japanese by typing it, select it and click Next:

On the next dialog window uncheck the option “Set as my Windows display language” and click Install:

You will be back in the section “Region & Language” where you will need to wait until the installation completes:

Now you can Open the game, once the game passed or skipped the introduction videos, you can press at any time the Windows key + Space key to switch from your current language to Japanese, this will allow you to use the Chat again without any issues; like before the Windows Update from April 2018.

The only step that you will need to perform next time you want to play this game will be pressing Windows key + Space key to switch from your current language to Japanese.

Apply these steps if:
-You do not want to wait for Microsoft to come up with the fix in October or someday if we are lucky.
-You do not want to use the other repetitive workarounds of pressing F3 and other steps every single time that you want to use the Chat.

I believe this workaround is more straightforward than the others available.

Have a great day!

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Thank you! This works! Now I can use the chat again.

I’ve been passed this information on Twitter:

“The bug actually seems to have been fixed in a Windows insider build from a few weeks ago. … “We fixed an issue that could result in certain games hanging when typing into the chat window.” Just need to wait months for release 11.”

So you just need to have patience and wait for this update to be rolled out. No idea how long that’ll take. It’s not specific to Age DE and is happening in multiple games.

If you work for Microsoft, please speak with the relevant team(s) and tell them that they need to fast-track this update because it breaks multiple products. Your corporation’s update rate for critical product-breaking bugs is ridiculously slow. You could distribute updates using floppies with U.S. Mail more quickly in the 80’s.


Unless the fix is also released in an upcoming cumulative update, most will not see the fix until sometime in October when the next major update to Windows 10 is planned to be released.

I have told you how to workaround this issue in a simple way!

Here it goes again:
(1) Pause the game with F3
(2) Click twice (like a double click) on the Chat ICON that appears on the top right part of the window.
(3) Type what you want in the chat box
(4) Unpause the game, it won’t crash…

If you wish to type a lot of messages just double click again on the chat icon on the top right position of the window and type your message.

This was the simplest way I could workaround as we wait for the final fix from Microsoft.

Hope you find it usefull!

Yes, however it is not a possible workaround for online game for exemple. Anyway if a fix is coming … guess it’s better late than never. Though i gave up on the game already.

Not sure the other players would enjoy the game getting paused everytime you’re typing though. :confused: But the japanese trick does work for me!

4 months and still not working!!! Its incredible…

We have had enough patience and education, you are useless. Ensemble Studios would be proud.

■■■■ off.

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Why is it that my Trend Micro won’t work with it either and I still haven’t found out how to fix the chat part of it too… PLEASE HELP… I know I’m the only one out there whose got this problem… Thanks…

@Angeroth2018 Have you tried the solution linked below for Trend Micro?

unbelievable. This is the official answer from Microsoft.

Microsoft could release the chat fix bug as soon as next week in a cumulative update. I have no idea. At the very least the chat build will be fixed with the October 2018 Update. I do not represent Microsoft. I am just another Age fan like you.

I have other troubles… BUT… the Japanese trick really works for me tho…

Hey guys, an update is available in the Microsoft Store today which fixes the chat bug in AoE:DE. There may be other bug fixes as well. No patch notes yet. Go get it!

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I am having troubles to download the update. All other Microsoft Store downloads are working fine but AOE:DE one isn’t. Is there anyone else having the same issue?

There are some issues right now with downloading from the Microsoft Store which is tied in with Xbox Live.

Thanks Hermacles! Should this issue impact my download of the game from PC?
My Microsoft account is the same one I use on the XBOX One

Yes. The service issue impacts Xbox and all other devices with Xbox Live.