Chat won't work and jam the game

Not sure the other players would enjoy the game getting paused everytime you’re typing though. :confused: But the japanese trick does work for me!

4 months and still not working!!! Its incredible…

We have had enough patience and education, you are useless. Ensemble Studios would be proud.

■■■■ off.

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Why is it that my Trend Micro won’t work with it either and I still haven’t found out how to fix the chat part of it too… PLEASE HELP… I know I’m the only one out there whose got this problem… Thanks…

@Angeroth2018 Have you tried the solution linked below for Trend Micro?

unbelievable. This is the official answer from Microsoft.

Microsoft could release the chat fix bug as soon as next week in a cumulative update. I have no idea. At the very least the chat build will be fixed with the October 2018 Update. I do not represent Microsoft. I am just another Age fan like you.

I have other troubles… BUT… the Japanese trick really works for me tho…

Hey guys, an update is available in the Microsoft Store today which fixes the chat bug in AoE:DE. There may be other bug fixes as well. No patch notes yet. Go get it!

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I am having troubles to download the update. All other Microsoft Store downloads are working fine but AOE:DE one isn’t. Is there anyone else having the same issue?

There are some issues right now with downloading from the Microsoft Store which is tied in with Xbox Live.

Thanks Hermacles! Should this issue impact my download of the game from PC?
My Microsoft account is the same one I use on the XBOX One

Yes. The service issue impacts Xbox and all other devices with Xbox Live.