Civ bonus ideas

  1. Buildings +1 LOS each age but Civ lacks Town Patrol. Absolutely no effect in Imperial Age and beyond starts. Qualitatively the bonus is worth atleast 300F 100G atleast.

  2. Battle elephants attack x% faster (if a new elephant civ is introduced in future)

  3. Battle elephants train y% faster.

  4. Foot archers except Skirmishers move 3.2% faster each age, starting in Feudal Age (effectively 10% faster in Imperial Age giving a staggered and steady effect)

  5. A foot archer unit similar to Crossbowmen but +1 attack vs siege units (doing 2 damage to Mangonels) - feel like it synergises with Plumes but they are already strong.

  6. A Cavalry Archer variation in Imperial Age which has stats (except speed) identical to Crossbowmen. Attack bonus vs Spear units reduced to 2 (Crossbowmen have 3) and attack bonus vs camel units is 1. Essentially a low gold or trash unit to supplement heavy Cavalry.

  7. A shared Unique heavy Cavalry unit (similar to Condotierri) in Imperial Age. But not sure how meso civs will create it and even it will be viable for them.

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I actually suggested a similar but stronger bonus for a fan civ design of mine, but I tailored the tech tree so the civ isn’t OP:

I just want the second one for vietnamese (comboes with free conscription), and the first one for burmese (manipur howdah elephants destroying buildings are good to see)

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Feel free to contribute with your ideas to this thread. I expect it a to become a like a box of concepts to look up for new civ design (both fan and official) ideas.

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Some realistic ideas (maybe?)
Civ bonuses:

  • Stable technologies have a +50% stat improvement but unit upgrades increase unit cost by x%
  • Wheelbarrow and Hand cart increase villager work rate by 5% (or less)
  • Monks have +1 conversion range castle and +1 imperial (+2 total)
  • (Indian camels change?) camels move 10% faster (instead of +1 pierce per age)

Unique techs:

  • (Imperial) Infantry / barracks units gain +1 range
  • (castle) monks regain faith x% faster (on top of illumination)
  • Trade units move x% faster (on top of caravan and dry dock)
  • (buff arquebus) gunpowder units get ballistics AND +10% accuracy
  • (buff shatagni) hand cannoneers +1 range AND missed shots deal full (or improved) damage

Like the Indian camels change and Shatagni buff (missed shots deal full damage)

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not sure if this is practical or even able to be done by the engine but it would probably be too strong unless the civ lacked paladin. and even then its debatable.

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Pretty sure I suggested that for Saracens before they got Camel +10 HP bonus. I suggested only for Camel riders and only the 2 techs though.

Was thinking about this bonus. Wonder if we ever get another monk civ.

The 2 technologies, Bloodline gives cavalry +30 HP instead of +20 HP and Husbandry giving +15% speed instead of +10% is certainly possible. Not sure about the unit upgrades though.

theoretically cavalier would only give +30 Hp and +3 attack so total you’d end up at 160 HP and 13 attack.

the problem would come if they got Paladin which would give +60 HP, +3 attack and +1.5 (unsure how to do this) PA.
all told it would be 220 HP 16 attack and even assuming no increase in PA 2/3 armor total. all with 15% speed increase.
total stats with BS upgrades would be 220 HP, 20 attack, 5/7 Armor and +15% speed. would need something to offset the obvious bonuses they get.

I mean whether the game engine can handle that or not as you told. Technologies won’t be a problem. For unit upgrades, IDK.

Game usually round down any fraction number. On some rare occasions, it rounds up.

Will be 150.

That’s Paladin on steroid. Better not give them Paladin.

I think if they don’t have Paladin, adding this disadvantage is not necessary.

Maybe this is of interest to you:


we dont need eveb more elephant civ

+30 hp from bloodlines. +30 hp from cavalier. 160.

So basically a Burgundian Knight line, which is:

  1. 5% faster
  2. In Castle Age: Trades +2 attack for +10 HP (seems good)
  3. In Imperial Age: has -1p armor -1 attack, but much faster and cheaper upgrade

More or less. But their light cav have +17 hp, +1 more attack and hussar have +25 hp +1 attack

Yea, this would most certainly make for a very OP cavalry civ, so the bonus should be fine by itself if you stop at cav. What I had in mind though is for a civ with hussar and paladin, which gradually get more expensive to train the more you upgrade them (like a high risk high reward). Say if each stable unit upgrade also increased the unit cost by 10% (+20% cost overall).

In other words, you would get full Paladin with 220HP, 20 attack and +15% speed but cost 72 food and 90 gold. You would need to match 5 OP Paladins with 6 fully upgraded ones. Total HP is roughly similar (if not slightly better), and hopefully attack strength is evenly matched. Similar thing would happen to Hussar.

Note: this is my dream canon for a Poles bonus, since they deserve to have S-tier cavalry - if not just Hussar.

This should be an UT because faster attack on Battle elephants is even stronger than extra attack.

Oops my mistake.

and slightly faster ROF. I think their performance against melee units will be very similar. Against ranged units, Burgandians Paladin will perform a lot better as +1 PA makes a big difference.

So you are calculating attack increase 5 → 7 for scout → LC. I was calculating 3 → 7. Base attack difference. Maybe you are more accurate since it is written as 5 instead of 3+2 now.

It will fit them well but honestly I don’t think we will see the trade off of more cost. All bonuses are straight forward advantages, not something get this but lose this. And thereby no Paladins for them.

Completely depends on the % value. If it is 33% like Bulgarians, it will be way stronger. But if it is 18% or 25%, it will be very comparable with Khmer Tusk Sword. I also think this should be an UT btw but honestly I don’t think we will se more BE civ. Can be giving to Vietnamese replacing their Paper Money tech.

idk. Tibetans bonus?

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More units more diversified gameplay.

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