Civ Concept - Romanians

Focus: Archer and Cavalry

Civilization bonuses:

  • Buildings return 40% wood when destroyed, include exhausted farms
  • Archery Range units have +1/+2/+3 melee armor in the Feudal/Castle/Imperial Age.
  • Villagers benefit from Barrack techs and Conscription starting in the Imperial Age.(arson, squires and supplies)

Unique units: Wallachian Horse Archer
(It is a mounted archer with an attack bonus against Gunpowder unit. boasting a long range)

Unique technologies:

  • Night Attack (Stables units have +2 attack vs. standard buildings.)
  • Oastea Mica (Villagers costs +25 wood, dead villagers become Halberdier)

Team bonus: Knight-line has +3 attack vs. standard buildings.

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Buildings return 40% wood when destroyed, include farm

參考來自Scorched earth

Archery Range units have +1/+2/+3 melee armor in the Feudal/Castle/Imperial Age.

參考來自Hit & Run

Villagers benefit from Barrack techs and Conscription starting in the Imperial Age.(arson, squires and supplies)

Oastea Mica (Villagers costs +25 wood, dead villagers become Halberdier)

Under the reign of Stephen the Great, all farmers and villagers had to bear arms. Stephen justified this by saying that “every man has a duty to defend his fatherland”; according to Polish chronicler Jan Długosz, if someone was found without carrying a weapon, he was sentenced to death.

Stephen also welcomed freemen as settlers, establishing some of the first Armenian colonies in Moldavia, including one at Suceava, while also settling Italians

Romanians的設計概念是 “強大的反擊能力
面對對手激進的強攻 即使建築物被摧毀也能返還木材
Imperial Age能靠便宜跟加快生產速度的村民追上與對手的經濟差距
UT2能反制對手的騎兵騷擾戰術或騎兵強攻 快速生產的UU可以反制步兵強攻


The counter attack idea is interesting that it does not like Burgundians lemish Revolution which only has a one off effect. But I am a little bit worry that whether the melee armor of Archery Range unit is unstopable. Maybe It will lack Thumb Ring, Parthian Tactics or have some nerf in their attack

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no Ring Archer Armor
面對對手的遠程單位 Romanians必需仰賴Skirmisher或是完整的Knight-line

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The problem with return from destroyed buildings is that it’s the rubble “unit” that generates the resources. Unless this was changed in DE I haven’t tested this in many years, but for say Mongol nomads you could start a house foundation, delete it and get 5 Pop.

Now if you set up a barracks, delete it right away and repeat endlessly you are filling your coffers with spikes of around 68w if you time the delete right.

Once you can make towers and castles your stone count won’t be able to be caught.

If the exploit is fixed then this bonus is fine mind you.

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Mmm ok I seem some problems with this design, so I’ll give you my feedback:

Hindustani gets vills that cost -12.5 food in imp, romanians would get vills that cost -15 food in feudal age… do you see the problem.

Does include farm when reseeding? Because otherwise it’s basically a farm discount, but outside of that it’s not a strong bonus.

That’s fine, but very specific, so it would depend by how you would use the civ military.

That’s the old burmese UT, but split into 2 parts, the concept itself isn’t bad, as it would allow for you scouts to breach inside palisade walled bases, but it has some problems.

  • scouts should get bonus damage against all kind of buildings
  • it shouldn’t be a TB, otherwise with a frank or hun ally it can become really oppressive.
  • the UT isn’t really that good, since cavalry isn’t used against buildings anyway.

This is a bad tech in my opinion… ok for dead vills to become pikes, it’s a way of getting some sort of compensation, but it’s not worth the extra cost.

When the enemy kills a vill, he already obtained what he wanted, you may get a spear back, but you lose on all the resources that that vill would have gathered.

Despite that, it’s still good, if you remove the extra wood cost, and give them only pikemen, the UT would force the player to be more considerate into raiding with hussars, as he couldn’t just patrol them, otherwise with the first 2 or 3 vill killed he would also lose the hussars.

So basically a cataphract on foot, like the slavs druzina infantry. It’s not very unique… but at least it wouldn’t need a UT to unlock the trample damage.

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Villagers benefit from Barrack techs and Conscription starting in the “Imperial Age.”


Hindustanis-Villagers are 10%/15%/20%/25% cheaper “in the Dark/Feudal/Castle/Imperial Age.”

Persians-Town Centers and Docks have double HP and work 10%/15%/20% faster “in the Feudal/Castle/Imperial Age”.

Romanians-Villagers are 30% cheaper and trained 33% faster “in the Imperial Age”.

抱歉 我英文很爛沒有說明清楚
是的 include farm when reseeding

就我所知 “standard buildings” 包含所有建築
“standard buildings” 跟 “buildings” 差異是
Masonry跟Architecture 會 +3 “building” armor
但如果效果是 +3 attack vs. “standard buildings”. 則無視Masonry跟Architecture

我參考了 Hindustanis TB-“Camel units and light cavalry units have +2 attack against standard buildings”
“Knight-line has +3 attack vs. standard buildings.” 可能確實有點太強了

Knight-line 合計有 +6 attack vs. standard buildings.
我反而擔心有點太OP了… 這已經跟Champion的傷害加成一樣
這效果是設計用來突襲用的 參考歷史

著重在於減少損失 就像Insurance一樣

其實還可以 現在有很多Regeneration的效果

再次感謝你的回饋 :smiley:

But does it include exhausted farms?
Edit: it does

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謝謝 已編輯

Buildings return 40% wood when destroyed, include exhausted farms

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the return of 40% wood is quite an interesting mechanic, effectively making your farms cheaper overall. The villager bonus mirrors the Spanish but I wonder how helpful is it really going to be? I can totally see a +HP or +armor upgrade being useful, but you’re not going to use the villages as your main fighting unit.

The Night Attack would be really useful for raids.
UT2 could be named “Small Host” or “Oastea Mica” if you want to keep it Romanian. Basically, every village had to be military trained and carry a weapon otherwise he would be killed. That’s right, Romania of the 15th century was America of the 21st century.

The team bonus is very good. But given that UT1 does the same thing, wouldn’t +6 attack vs buildings be way too OP?

Also, what about about the actual tech tree?


This is a common through out europe.but under penalty of death seems a bit extreme.

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Would this civ introduce something unique like the Romani People?
Or would this be yet another European copy?

Is that what @Player870583437 meant? I’d interpreted “otherwise he would be killed” as just meaning that it was really dangerous if you weren’t trained to use a weapon, not that you’d actually be executed. Executing someone for not training to use/carrying a weapon undermines the whole point of requiring it by law in the first place!

This is what wiki says.

Under the reign of Stephen the Great , all peasants had to bear arms. Stefan justified this by saying that “every man has a duty to defend his homeland” , according to Jan Długosz , if someone was found without a weapon, he was sentenced to death

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只包含arson, squires, supplies, Conscription
所以villager擁有costs -15 food, speed +10%, created 33% faster.
類似Hindustanis跟Persians 但只在Imperial Age作用

感謝 已編輯

那段引用的意思是 沒攜帶武器會被處死刑

可能真的太OP了 也許改為+2?

Tech tree:
Barrack: Champion.
Archery Range: Full
Stable: Camels.
Blacksmith: Ring Archer Armor, Plate Mail Armor
Siege Workshop: Siege Ram, Siege Onager.
University: Heated Shot, Siege Engineers.
Monastery: Faith
Castles: Full
Market: Full
Eco: Gold Shaft Mining

You’re welcome!

Okay, that makes a lot of sense. Good bonus.

No problem.

Being a smaller nation surrounded by stronger nations requires you to do such things.
You can’t outnumber them, so you better have more experienced military.
Even if that means forcing every peasant to be prepared for war.

Yes, +2 would be reasonable in my opinion.

I find the lack of Plate Mail Armor uncharacteristic. Given their focus on a strong peasant infantry, I believe the Halberdier should have all available upgrades. Althogh I agree with the lack of Champion since that is professional military. The only professional military Romania had were the royal guards (very few in number) and Cavalry (basically the Paladin).

I would not make the Monastery full though. The church was respected in Romania but didn’t had nearly the same amount of influence that it had in Catholic nations or even Orthodox Russia. There was never a conflict between state and church because the church was always under the state. This translates in my opinion to weaker monks.

I like the units roaster, verstaile except for Champions.

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I haven’t read all the comments so maybe it has already been proposed, but have you thought of a special unit for the collection of materials? let me explain better, I’m talking about the vardo cart (in practice the gypsy cart) a cart that can be used as a mobile raw material collection point (to understand each other as the ‘Ox Cart’ of the Norse of Age of Mythology), also for Romanians of the mod for Age III had been done a similar thing

If I may add something.

A flag for medieval Romania, Wallachia’s Flag:

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Nobody plays this game for flags.

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And yet you can’t have an IMAGE NOT FOUND in the civ selection screen.

Never imagined people play the menu. Now that I found you, how does this affect the balance of the civ?