Close gate while building

Many times i’ve seen a villager open a gate after building it, enabling enemy army to go through. I think this could be solved by adding the open/close gate option while the gate is being built.
As simple as that. what do you think about this?


Yes please! It would be great if we could lock/unlock the gate while under construction!

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YesYes, please… I made my self a topic about it a time ago

Right-clicking the gate after placing it prevents this issue as the villager will then pathfind to places of the foundation where it won’t open the diagonal gate after finish building.
Additionally, queue task the villager away after placing it.
These 2 things prevent unintentional game-opening making this feature not needing.
By default, Villager don’t open the gates with most standard gate placements, I have tested it

Walling is already too strong and mistakes like these nerfs it a little. Additionally, diagonal gates also provide a larger area and are buggy to click at, therefore them having that unintentional opening is making them balanced to their none-thicc counterparts. Usually, the opponent doesn’t notice because he tasked the units to attack the gate, meaning that the can still close it right after.

Btw such buttons are, also not possible, as in the game engine it was never intended to give buttons to unbuild Buildings, but I could be wrong. I would be highly surprised if an 20 year old engine would allow that

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Better safe than sorry. Having the lock button available before the gate is finished wouldn’t take the risk.


Would, indeed, be nice and helpful. Here’s a past discussion/poll regarding the idea

I assumed someone mentioned it before but never found a thread about it. Thanks for the info. I’ll be voting 1 of course!

I completely disagree that such risk “nerfs” fortifications. This is not an acceptable nerf, it’s rolling the dice with a 1 chance in 100 of a disaster.

Yes walls are strong, it’s supposed to be a medieval game, not a WW2 game.

Was this thread, I think?

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The thread you’re quoting was about setting the default option for all doors, to have them all by default locked. Here, it’s about doing it door-by-door but doing it before the gate is constructed, which would be a better option in my opinion. Gates would remain unlocked by default upon contruction, unless told otherwise.

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Exactly… I think any of both ideas could work.

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I supoort nerfing the walls, but this is not a nerfing, is just a dumb design. Nerf the HP, the armor, the build/repair rate, but this undesirable behavior is not even a forced mistake… a hole in a wall is a mistake, not this gate issue

I agree that door-by-door before the gate is fully constructed is the way to go. Funner that way. However, a default setting in the settings menu pages as Martinurello notes would be nice to have, too, if it’s not too much extra work

Enabling this option would be quite annoying since you’d need to manually unlock 95% of newly constructed gates.

You or I wouldn’t. The folks who choose to globally enable it would.

But I might actually choose to do so at some point or on occasion, since the alternative is to have to manually lock them 75%+ of the time. I’d rather manually unlock 25% of them while constructing. (I, obviously, want more of my gates locked by default than you, and I’m okay with that)

Picking which to have as the global default also partly depends on how well the devs implement the door-by-door UI/UX toggle

That’s the beauty of having choices. We get to choose what is best for our individual playstyle