Colorblind improvement

I would like them to improve the colorblind options in relation to the previous AOE games. The differentiation between players and the use of the map become very complicated in these games, to the point that sometimes they become impossible to enjoy.

What do you think?

They are already putting more effort than needed to make everything very clear. They have stated many times this is their number 1 concern. My guess is there will be features like friend or foe colors (player blue, ally yellow, enemies, red) coming back as well with the hit of 2 buttons (Alt + G), and also color blind mode.

Hopefully they will also take inspiration from AoE3 here where you can change each player color to your liking.

Have you played AoE2:DE and seen its colorblindness options? Is a lot more than the pre-DE games. And there are also mini-map changes that make things stand out more, in general. Just wondering, since “previous AOE games” can mean a few different things nowadays. Also, I posted this in November 2019, which you might find somewhat comforting:

Notice the presentation screen that was showing at Relic (the developer of AoE IV):


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