[suggestion] let players delete key bindings (like in Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition)

Please add an option in the key binding screen, that would allow for clearing hotkeys assigned to actions and behaviors within the game.

I’m having lots of issues with hotkey settings since I can’t erase them.

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Yeah, this would be nice.

I just set the ones I don’t use to keys far, far away.


Yes. I do the same. Unfortunately, that ends up being a workaround, instead of a fix. I wish we get more quality of life improvements over time.

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Maybe this is too much, but an option to delete all keybinds would be much appreciated, since there are usually conflicts between hotkeys and it might be hard to find where the issue is, given that there are a lot of hotkeys from basic to advanced.

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Still hoping for this option to be available eventually. Not really liking the alternative mentioned in comment #1.