Community-made list of issues

Are you absolutly sure, that you didnt hold shift, while clicking 3 times on the foundation?
Because, as you know, you QUEUE actions while holding shift, if you click the building 2 tiomes while holding shift, you automatically queue the vills to enter the building.
I think that is a players faul, and not the games.

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im sure , it happens 100% of times, also 4 villagers didnt enter to the barrack, only 1


only like 5% of times, im being raided , the other 95% i just lose time in making my villager get out of the barrack. Im really upset for those 2 likes you received, its ridiculous

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the only way to dont get a villager inside the building after building it is making with shifift that the villager go to do somethjing else programmed with shift, but if i dont program the vill to make something else, it will get into the barrack, and not a ll of them , just 1 or two randomly and on 100% of times

It’s not a feature. It’s 100% a bug. It’s inconsistent and illogical. This game is riddled with unit behaviour problems. Units not doing what you command. Units doing something you didn’t tell them to do. Units moving towards the enemy but not attacking. It’s very frustrating to have to micro when you don’t think you need to.

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Your Skirmish settings now transfer to campaign and custom scenarios when you try to play them, including starting resources and whether or not there’s a treaty mode. Sometimes this also resets custom scenario civilizations to the default scenario civs (not your skirmish civs).

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Thanks. We are already tracking this issue. :slight_smile:

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Skirmish Issues

  • Japan: The Dutch Livestock Pen wagon has no voice lines.

Campaign Issues

Act I: Fire

  • Revolutionaries: Despite being Rifle Infantry do not receive any multiplier against Ranged Cavalry, only Heavy Infantry.
  • The Battle of Yorktown: The Revolutionaries that Nathaniel starts with in this scenario, as well as any spawned by triggers, are the Skirmish version, not the Campaign version, leaving the player with two identical looking units that fulfil different functions (Musket Infantry vs Rifle Infantry).
  • The Battle of Yorktown: The outpost wagons in this scenario can be used to build both War Huts and Outposts, even though the player cannot normally build Outposts during this campaign.

Act II: Shadow

  • Home City: The Revolutionaries that Chayton can receive from the home city cannot be trained, more importantly meaning they cannot be upgraded, making these units lose effectiveness after the Commerce Age.

Act I: China

  • Consulate: The Blink Monks from the Chinese Mercenaries consulate are the treasure guardian version rather than mercenaries, unlike the other units the player can receive from consulates.
  • Home City: The New Army card is still an Age III card in the campaign, unlike in Skirmish.

Act II: Japan

  • Consulate: The church received from the Dutch consulate uses the default British church models. No Church models are defined for the XPSPCJapan civ.

Act III: India

  • Consulate: The Blockhouse that the player gets from the Russian consulate option cannot train troops, nor does it get automatically upgraded at every Age Up unlike the Chinese version in Skirmish games. The Fort that you can get from the Russian consulate does train units.

Historical Battles

  • Chuvash Cape: The Yermak explorer unit has no voice lines.

Add a music mastering issue:

The ball is in your hands now :wink:


Some of the issues with the American campaign civs could be fixed by the devs reformatting the civs (and scenarios) to be closer to the DLC US civ. This is the only Age game that has unique civs for the campaigns, which makes it difficult to learn the game through playing them.

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The problem of selecting all units on double-clicking remains. It should choose what appears on the map.

Have you check your settings?? I dont have that issue, I have to zoom in to select only vills dancing.

It started after 2 previous updates. It has nothing to do with settings. I reset them all. An interesting problem.

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I would like to report a visual error. And it is that the trees that emulate moving by the wind do so at the same rate and at the same time. It’s a bit uncomfortable to see why it doesn’t make sense.

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Is this list still up to date?

Aztec deck
FENCING TRAINING: +40% Skull Knight build.

In game isnt displayed in UI, nor feels as it’s increase or decreased, wiki states it affects Warrior Priest build time but it isnt displayed in the UI either if it does.

AGRARIAN WAYS: Makes improvements free but doesn’t allow to upgrade them before age V, Inca card is working fine.

Both Skull Knights and WP are infantry and see a reduced train time from this card. However, for balance purposes, Skull Knights have an increased train time for a net 0% change in their train time.

As for the second item, I cannot reproduce this. The card appears to work as intended for me. Could you provide any additional information or a video? Thanks.


Ah, that explains a lot and makes a lot of sense xD. When I saw the +40% thought was maybe a simbol mistake since it didnt do anything in-game. But yeah -40 +40 = 0 lul.

Again I misread here sorry and thanks for the clarifications.

I understood (wrongly) that it (Agrarian ways) allows us to research Age V earlier in Age 4, dont know why. And dont know exactly how with Incas have been able to research such free upgrades earlier in Age 4, so I mixed up both things. Yes as you say it works as intended. Will play a few matches to see exactly how I was getting researches from Age V in to IV.

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i suggest to start showing on IU training times, in order to avoid little nightmares of confusions like this one. Thanks for allowing me to reply