Crash on launch

(sorry for my english, i’m french)

AoE 2 DE on steam crash on launch since update on November, 25.


“Setup post mod manager
Installing modded languages
Opening resource packages
Setting up palettes
Setting up shapes
Setting up save map area
Setting up sound system
Setting up screen resolution
Recommended settings:
File System Ready
Setting up video system
Opening video
Setting up interface messages
Loading player profile
Setting up hotkeys
Running Game
Total Texture Load Time: 0 ms
Exception type 0xc0000005 occurred at 00007ffffed27315

No problem before November but doesn’t run now…
If someone knows, tell me please ^^


Really ? Nothing ?

Updates can crash game and nothing for help players ?

Repair with Steam, not working.
Windows Update, not working.
Library update, not working.
Change language, not working.
Re-install game, not working.
Create Xbox Account, not working.
Add Xbox Companion, not working.
Nvidia drivers update, not working.
Launch offline, not working.
Write problem on official forum with logs, not working.

Someone can help me (or help others) with this problem ?


It seems you are not alone with this problem (here and here).
I would follow the steps outlined below by another individual who had a similar problem:

Hope you can get it working!


For fix this problem. Need reinstall Windows.
I think Windows Update is stupid.

Thanks to me.