Crossover DLC

Would it be a good idea to make a DLC that adds new civilisations to both game modes? Normal AoE2 and RoR (AoE1).

One great candidate for that would be Armenians. An important civilisation missing on both AoE1 and AoE2.

A crossover DLC wouldn’t need to add the same civilisations to both game modes but could add civilisations from the same region instead.
A DLC could add the Jurchen to AoE2 but the Xiongnu to AoE1.


I don’t really care for more AoE1 content. I mean yeah, it’s a cool DLC, and they worked really hard for it, no doubt, the biggest project so far.

But they should have went the easy way and listen to the fans.

It’s a nice to have, but definetly not something I would care about. Instead of 1 Armenian AoE1 civ and 1 Armenian AoE2 civ, I would rather have a DLC that adds 2 AoE2 only civs.


If this is the case, then it is fine. Dont add the same civ to both if they didnt play a role in that specific part of the history. But targeting an area for AoE1 and AoE2 is fine.

At least if the devs make sure they get RoR going. Currently i got the feeling it doesnt get a lot of traction.

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I can only think of Armenians, Nubians and Kalingans.
(Responded to the wrong guy)

Armenians, Huns and Nubians.

Georgians can also fit both games.

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Not really. Georgia only really became super relevant in the Middle Ages. Before that, they were largely just a minor tribe that Rome dealt with.

The Armenians, on the other hand, were quite significant in Late Antiquity, and were also relevant to the medieval period as well.

Of course, I think there should be a Caucasus expansion, not this weird crossover DLC that would add them, so I’m not really on board, but I just wanted to rebut your point.


They were united during aoe1 time frame and had the peak in middle ages.

Well, admittedly, I haven’t done as much research on Georgia during Late Antiquity, but still, Armenia is definitely more notable to that period.


Please stop asking for adding more and more civs to everything. AoE2 is already very rich in content, and RoR mode is a themed expansion and a dead end in many ways. It’s just a AoE1 roster with bonus Viet civ, it’s not best for the brand and health of the series to continue expanding this weird mode in AoE2.

It would be much better to make a brand new ancient-themed game. AoE1 is super archaic and clearly not very popular these days, and I don’t think players wish to see the future tied to it.

Atm situation is super messy and while AoE2 obviously shouldn’t be abandoned, adding more and more stuff becomes counterproductive, especially here with this AoE1 mode, where 1DE already exists. So new civs should be also added as DLC for 1DE? Because it would suck to see new ancient civs added just for this DLC for Age of Kings DE…

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I think two separate DLCs would be better, so that people who only play AoE2 only have to buy the AoE2 part. This should have happened with the Romans civ as well. I also don’t think RoR should take away more time from AoE2 development now, especially since the release seems to have left AoE2 riddled with bugs.


Fully agree, if the devs want to release similar civs or content for both game modes at once it doesn’t need to be in the same dlc. However, they can put both dlc’s in a bundle on release.

EDIT: Also, I think a civ that could be put into both game at once (in addition to the Armenians and Nubians which many people already mentioned) would be the Maghadi, with the AoE2 version standing for the Gupta.

This is true,as of now for people who only to play aoe2 romans there is no option.Either romans need to become a free civi or come as a dlc with a low prize tag.

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Speak for yourself. Although I like AoE 2, AoE 1 is the game I grew up with, and I want to see it evolve and get better just like AoE 2 did.


Sorry to break your bubble but it will never be.

I think RoR civs are so easy to create that the only real work for developers would be to create brand new Architecture Sets to be able to add new civs from other regions of the ancient world such as Northern Europe (many Germanic and Celtic nations), Nomadic Peoples (Mongols, Scythians, Huns and even Slavs) as well as other peoples from the Mediterranean coast.

So new civs for RoR could be included in standard AoE 2 DLCs. Examples of DLC blueprints:

  • Small DLC - 2 civs for AoE 2 + 2 civs for RoR (using old Architecture Sets e.g. Etruscans and Nubians)
  • Big DLC - 3 civs for AoE 2 + 4 civs for RoR (brand new Architecture Set for RoR)
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My idea was either:
2+ AoE2 civs with one bonus AoE 1 civ.

Or 2+ AoE2 civs and 2+ AoE1 civs that are sold separately but with a bundle option.
So 10$ AoE2 DLC plus 10$ AoE1 DLC for 15$ in a bundle.

I hope they will sell the Romans individually when they add them to ranked.
Paying 50% more to get 50% less it not worth it if you just care about the AoE2 part.




They can easily pump out dozen civs a day for RoR if they don’t want to create new architecture set. All they need to do is take some random civ bonuses from AoE2, and make a civ icon, done.

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I think that these civs could be created for already existing Architecture Sets in RoR (+ current civs):

East Asian

  1. Zhangzhung (ancient Tibet)

+Choson, Lac Viet, Shang and Yamato


  1. Kush (ancient Nubia)
  2. Aksum (ancient Ethiopia)
  3. Israelites

+Egyptians and Palmyrians


  1. Peloponnesians (Sparta and allies)

+Greeks (renamed to Delians - Athens and allies), Minoans, Macedonians and Phoenicians


Assyrians, Babylonians, ######### Persians and Sumerians


  1. Etruscans
  2. Illyrians
  3. Iberians

+Romans and Carthaginians

The real highlight would be the brand new Architecture Sets. Below I present my proposal for potential DLCs (RoR content would be part of the standard DLC for AoE 2):

Wealth of the Electors DLC

Content for AoE 2

  1. Brand new civs: Splitting the Teutons umbrella civ into the following civs: Teutons (current civ without changes), Alemanni, Bavarians, Franconians and Saxons
  2. Campaigns: Barbarossa (Alemanni & Teutons), Charles V (Bavarians), Louis the Younger (Franconians), Ottonian Dynasty (Saxons) and History of Teutonic and Livonian Orders (Teutons)

Content for RoR

  1. Brand new Architecture Set: Germanic
  2. Brand new civs: Ingaevones (Angles, Frisii, Chauci, Saxons, and Jutes), Irminones (Baiuvarii, Suebi, Hermunduri, Thuringians and Longobards), Istvaeones (Franks), Norse (Danes, Icelanders, Faroe, Norwegians, and Swedes) and Vandilians (Burgundians, Goths, Ostrogoths and Visigoths, Lugians, Hasdingi and the Silingi)

Conquerors of Britain

Content for AoE 2

  1. Brand new Architecture Set: Northern European
  2. Brand new civs: Splitting the Vikings umbrella civ into the following civs: Norwegians (current civ without changes), English, Danes and Swedes + Celts renamed into Gaels and Britons changed to representation of Celtic Britons.
  3. Campaigns: ###### the Great** (Danes and English), Harald Fairhair (Norwegians), **Gustav ###### ######## and Rurik (Slavs renamed into Ruthenians).

Content for RoR

  1. Brand new Architecture Set: Celtic
  2. Brand new civs: Britons, Celtiberians, Gauls, Gaels and Dacians

Kings of Caucasus

Content for AoE 2

  1. Brand new Architecture Set: Caucasian
  2. Brand new civs: Armenians, Georgians and ##### #### ############# 3. Campaigns: Ashot I (Armenians), Tamar the Great (Georgians) and Bulan #### #### ############

Content for RoR

  1. Brand new Architecture Set: Caucasian
  2. Brand new civs: Albanians, Armenians, Avars, Cappadocians and Georgians

Sultans of Sahara

Content for AoE 2

  1. Brand new civs: Splitting the Saracens umbrella civ into the following civs: Arabians (renamed Saracens without changes), Kanem–Bornu, Mamluks and Moroccans.
  2. Campaigns: Abu al-Hasan Ali ibn Othman (Morrocans), Baybars (Mamluks) and

Content for RoR

  1. Brand new Architecture Set: Carthaginian
  2. Brand new civs: Garamantes, Mauretanians, Nabataeans, Numidians and Thracians

Chinese Split DLC

Content for AoE 2

  1. Brand new Architecture Set: Nomadic (for Mongols, Cumans, Huns and Jurchens)
  2. Brand new civs: Splitting the Chinese umbrella civ into the following civs: Chinese (current civ without changes), Jurchens and Tibetans.
  3. Campaigns:

Content for RoR

  1. Brand new Architecture Set: Nomadic
  2. Brand new civs: Xiongnu (ancient Mongols), Alans, Huns, Scythians and Slavs