Current Mongol and suggestion changes

I made a post about Ovoo rate last year, we got the changes last patch and some other nerfs too.

Here what I think about the current status of Mongol after watching N4C and playing ladder 1600+ trying different build.

  1. Tower rush is still the best option by far in many match up

N4C Mongol game play are basically tower rush only (not very high success rate now), from my experience a lot of match up tower rush could be the only good option to play. Without doing it you can’t stop 2tc boom etc. I don’t think tower rush is health even I created the build, it is depends on luck (res location) and not fun to play or play against.

  1. Age1 horseman is mostly a penalty rather than bonus

Just like age1 English MAA, you barely make them in age1 and you need an extra technology research to upgrade. It doesn’t even get +1 range amour before upgrade. May is better for both age1 MAA/Horseman got free upgrade upon aged up to age2

  1. Mangudia, Sliver Tree and Kurulatai should be reworked/buffed

While they both seems good at lower elo and team game, they are terrible at 1v1 higher elo.
They wasn’t good before Mongol nerfed, and even weaker now. Imo should be reworked.

Attack and move is fun, but maybe just like other horse archer with higher base stat but require more micro.

Kurulatai on the other hand is super hard to use. I tried it multiple time, but even when superior mobility gave +100% move, keep pack/unpack is hard. Very likely you run into situation unable to unpack due to units nearby. The radius is too small, maybe let all towers share the bonus just like English castle of network, which is clear and easy.

  1. Game play depends on luck a lot

Tower rush depends on opponent gold/trees, even your age2 timing depends on if there are gold next to wood line. Luck shouldn’t be a big factor of the game.

While Mongol is mentioned as a Cavalry civ, it is more like a Infantry and tower civ right now. Horseman and Mangudia don’t get used a lot, and there aren’t any unique bonus on Cavalry as you always go deer stone and speed buff every units anyway. I believe changes can make Mongol more fun to play/ play against.


Yea, the Mongol win rate is based on tower rush mostly 11

I am making mods in PUP and really happy about it as I can make any civ however I want it to play or properly :slight_smile:

I agree with quite a few aspects you mentioned.
Firstly with the tower rush its now becoming more and more popular with more and more civs using it and not just mongols. I think towers need to be more expensive than what they are now.
And also mongol being more of an infantry ball civ than cavalry i totally agree. Hopefully with improved siege engineering nerf it should improve things a bit on that regard.

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But they did nerf it in the PUP actually, as towers take 50% more damage while they are still “being built”. Much easier to just rush the mongols foundations with your villagers if they place it too close.

Super agreeing with you there. They should buff it like they did to English Vanguard MAA
Also agreeing with you on the landmark buff that is needed

I think Kurultai should host horseman buffs and maybe even special unique techs for horseman, while early horseman should get +1 ranged armor and maybe a bit more attack to streamline the civ more towards their intended proficiency.

Im going to make a mod that tries to balance landmarks (tuning pack) here is my current mongol change:
I’ll add 2 techs to the Kurultai, 1 that adds +2 Melee armor to horseman. Another that makes Khan arrow effect last twice long for Mangudai.

I still have no good idae how to rework khaganate palace which also need some buff, so feel free to suggest. Silver tree is kinda fine imo, even if it has more niche uses its still viable(team games mostly)

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Should do AOM setting like vils do 3x to tower. It existed for a reason.

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That sounds like an interesting change. Still idk if would solve the problem though. Usually when people tower rush they will always have units around so sieging it down with vills will still cause you to loose them.
I think making towers more expensive may be the better option.
For mongols for example it becomes much more of an investment early which means they cant simply spam units and age up after setting towers in the opponent base.
Also other civs enjoy using forward towers too, mostly age2 with units behind to protect them, its very popular with the english and chinese and there are other civs making use of them too .

It would change a lot, like they cant build in front of your vils or at least need units to defend.

of coz other problem like they are too weak when the game advantage and we have a civ that can’t build keep… As debuff when tower too close to opponent base? May too much setting tho.