I notice on most ppl are NOT using the dehli. But their system although slow appears to ramp up quickly especially if you grab sacrificed sites

Each site generates 4.95 base villager worth of gathering. While you can’t make most units worth gold in feudal , you can make scholars and buy resources to second TC OR huge military timing.

IMO the 4 min tech is worth queing first! And that means 2 sites grab at the very start of feudal is worth nearly 10 gold gathering villagers?

What do you guys think?


They are probably good I’ve just been put off trying them as they seem more complex than the other 7 civs.

EDIT: I was thinking of Abbasid. Not tried Delhi yet either though.

Assuming all technology upgrades are standard across the board (not including civ specialties). The Dehli research times starts being FIVE TIMES LONGER than standard research time. AND it takes ONLY 9 scholars’ influence to bring that research time DOWN to standard research time!!? This is EXTREMELY CHEAP and currently under estimated!

9 scholars minus the free one you get for building your first mosque requires 1200 gold and since you need 3 mosques that includes 300 wood. So for 1500 resources you get standard research time at no additional costs? It takes a little longer but becomes EVEN cheaper if you age up with the 50% cheaper scholar wonder ( 900!!! resource FOR STANDARD SPEED FREE research of EVERYTHING?)

On standard civs you’ll spend well over 1000 resources on research if you upgraded JUST your economic technologies from age 1 and age 2, nevermind blacksmith or military upgrades. This means Dehli is a powerhouse in age 3 and age 4 since they can have their upgrades FASTER and FREE which allows for more units/buildings. IMO

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Yes, once they reach the Castle Age they’re super strong. In 1v1, many games are decided by late Feudal Age though so the stronger early game civs have tended to be more dominant so far. Delhi military units being able to build walls and their scholar research tech (Sanctity?) that allows them to capture sacred sites earlier and get more gold income from them can help their early game.

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that sacred site tech alone is worth 4.95 vil per site! which is a huge advantage early in feudal

Delhi is the most UP civ.
That’s why seldom people use it.


Also forgetting here that Dehli can basically start all available researches at the same time always.

With other Civs you have to choose based on resources available. Fast castle, Army or invest in Eco upgrades. What to pick first? Double bit axe or Food?
Maybe even wheelbarrow? Early 1/1 upgrade for the Army?
Decision making can be tough and errors can be made.

The 175 Gold Standard Cost per Eco upgrade hits early / mid feudal economies pretty hard.


Additionally with garrisoned Monkas in Military buildings you have 100% quicker build speed → u save 50% of wood for same military production as your enemy.

Early sacred sites - besides the fact they boost your eco, they do something else also, they force your enemy to do something about it. Indirect pressuring. Take them early, your opponent will not like it and feel the urge to do something about it.

I played 1 or 2 good Dehlis and lost both times. I honestly dont feel they are underpowered, i just think they have by far the most “exotic” playstyle and therefore are getting picked less for now.


the civ bonuses are kind of dysfunctional (because a civ without early units or any power in mobile units needs to spread out all over the map to use its bonuses). and the units aren’t that special because knight is so overpowered. the elephant stuff is okay in fights, but opponents can just chose not to fight them and they’ll get to 200 pop before delhi does and cover way more of the map while they do it. but the free techs carry everything

you don’t need 9 scholars. you just need enough to mostly finish one age’s techs once you get to the next one (that can be as little as 2 scholars). even with longer research times, you’ll still get a faster return on investment than opponents (because your investment was 0). the only really lagging building is the blacksmith, so you can make extra of those (it’s cheaper than scholars)

this UI doesn’t explain this well, but the mosque speed boost can spread beyond its radius if you chain certain buildings (eg. military buildings and blacksmiths). so you can basically influence everything with just 1 mosque, regardless of how much free space is around the mosque. this helps a lot when your mill and lumber camp and mining camp are spread out

delhi feudal units are awful, so if you don’t make too many scholars and get the tech that lets you garrison scholars in production buildings, you might be able to get to a counter unit fast enough (you might also just die before you can). i don’t know why you need to reach age 3 to counter units from age 2, but that’s the game they made

the annoying thing is that it takes too many clicks to keep buildings going, and the civ is so far behind that you don’t really have spare resources to just make extra scholars and avoid that. in order to not die immediately, you have to keep juggling priests around buildings (and a bunch of other tasks) and also juggling your buildings between incomplete techs and production (so that they’re never idle). and then by the time you do have resources, you no longer have population space, so you have to juggle the scholars to some other task or delete them. it’s just more garbage clicking that gives us arm/wrist injuries. even if you don’t even need a certain tech, it’s suboptimal not to research it during every spare second

i didn’t find a key modifier to start a production or technology at the front of the queue (so that existing research automatically gets preempted), so you have to actually cancel it and remember to add it back to the queue. i didn’t find a way to ungarrison one scholar, so to do something as simple as moving 1 scholar from a mosque to a stable, you have to unload all of them, put 2 back in the mosque, and put 1 in the stable, and they don’t even unload to the gather point you set. every single age advancement brings a dozen different things to click on all at once, and the interface doesn’t let you queue them in advance. the whole UI of the game is inadequate for actually playing it


Dehli elephants need a buff. I suggest they get an age 4 speed boost and before age 4 they get sprint technology on a charge timer. Alteratively if they want them to always be slower units I suggest they get even more HP and faster attack speed. War elephants in mass SHOULD be doing what currently french cav are doing BUT the counter is clearly the unit is SLOW.

aLSO… I would not mind if they reduce the research time from being 5 times longer to being 4.5 times longer.

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Dehli needs more love from developers. The landmark bonuses option are NOT equal for age 1 (due to bug???) and age 4 (100 food/min vs 1 War elephant(1000 resources)/ 3min 20sec?)

As I suggested earlier elephants IMO move too slowly or they are just too weak for the cost. They cost as much as a bombard and are very very easily destroyed by bombards (and seige for that matter that are even cheaper than elephants…)since the two units have the same speed (at least the tower war elephant ). And in large mass fights when both armies have relatively similar total unit cost elephants only reign superb in close combat vs NON pike compositions. The other issue with the slow elephant units is horseman/knights and all mobile armies will simple JUST avoid the elephants.

IMO these slow units compositions force dehli to play defensively (which is fine!) but currently dehli has very very little eco advantages over the other factions so out the gate dehli is often in a mismatch trying to play its civ bonus/special units.

I WAS WRONG. the age 4 wonder that provides a food trickle is dependent on the amount of technologies researched. It trickles up to 610 food/min with all land technologies researched which is equal to 10 age 4 fully upgraded villagers on farm.

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Dehli is able to use the efficient production tech, feudal holy sites, and their free eco techs to compete in the early game.

They aren’t bad, they are just less popular.

what is efficient production tech?

it lets you garrison scholars in military production buildings to double their production & research speed.

ah I didn’t know the name; Yes I’m not saying the civ has ZERO benefitable perks; I’m dong a comparison to other civs; dehli has lots of issues plus less favorable options

For me this faction is absolutly bad.
It’s like devs it was the goal that indians are extremly difficult to play (I mean being good in pvp).

Of course you can win the AI max difficulty very easily. But in multiplayer this faction cant resist again good player. I dont talk about pro.


I also can’t see much pro are using it.

I think they are good to age up and have enough resources during the castle age. But in the Early game, I noticed the upgrades are kinda slow and people complain about it. Only, the only solution to upgrade blacksmith, etc fast is to build a lot of blacksmith buildings around mosque. And that is the only way to have the same speed as your enemy. Because queuing upgrades take too long and your enemy kinda smashes with better units during early ages like Feudal.

I think this might be an easier fix. Start dehli with 2 scholars upon building their first mosque. This will naturally play into early sacred site captures. Lastly In age 4 give elephants a speed boost research. IMO elephants should be able to chase down foot infantry.

And fix the bugs of course :slight_smile:

having said all this…

So far I have been successful starting off researching sacred sites first and making pike to defend it meanwhile macro for a semi fast castle and attempting to gather at least 600 stone and use a market to swap gold for another 600 stone once up. I age up with the 25% cheaper stone landmark; then I play the keeps aggressively; at least one of them then research the TC tech at the keep with a mosque. Since I started off barracks it plays very very well as most counters to mass pike ( at least what they think will be mass pike defend sacred site) is making foot archers… well once I age up I switch to full men at arms and if I can get the wood (and keep the sacred sites mostly) I go into siege.

This strat has worked very well for me vs Rus (with their early knights); I’m hoping it can work against french.

LASTLY since I’m opening up barracks I only have 2 villagers building my first land market going into feudal.

We already have topic on delhi