Delhi sultanat dont understand how it work and blacksmith

I was lost my game cuz dont know how to upgrade faster in blacksmith, 20min is too long, i was been upset so my brain stopped working because still dont understand what is the pros of this civ.

Can someone help me?

Btw yes, upgrades are “free” but anyway i need build 10 schools and 20-30 teachers (3000 gold), blocking my population limit + wasting time, so its definitively not free :joy:

What is pros of this civ? And pleas help me with that blacksmith

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Make the feudel landmark that you have monks for 50 gold.
Make at least 1 mosk and garizon 3 monks in feudel.
Make another 2 moskues with 6 monks before you reach castle or close into castle age.

For imperial upgrades us the madrassa with 20 monks in it.

Don’t produce monks for 150 gold from your mosks.


Imp age tech time is just too long. Everybody knows that at this point. It’s almost a joke.

Delhi are super strong in 1v1 due to the Feudal age sacred sites. That’s basically it. Take that away from them and they struggle to keep up everywhere else (other than hybrid maps where they can dock more safely due to the dark age fishing ship arrows). They can keep up with some civs in eco and military without the sacred sites in Feudal age, but the free techs aren’t necessarily better than the other civs’ eco bonuses (probably worse in some cases). I will say they CAN be strong militarily in Feudal if you can do a good job of using your scholars to heal your army in combat. That’s just not an easy thing to do because the scholars themselves tend to be so vulnerable.

If you can keep up with your opponent into Castle they’re really strong in that phase. Man-at-arms and Lancers with Honed Blades are really strong. The Compound of Defender is really strong. They have good Castle Age landmarks. Elephants are also a strong instant power spike to whatever army you had coming out of Feudal age. The second tier of eco upgrades kicking in is pretty impactful too (most civs don’t get those upgrades because they take a long time to pay back they’re investment cost). The Castle Age upgrades, while slower than the other civs, still tend to be fast enough to be impactful.

The imperial age upgrade is often a scam in 1v1 because, as you mentioned, the upgrades take forever to come in. This makes Delhi comparatively much worse in team games because the imp tech times come into play so much more often.

Unfortunately, right now the Feudal sacred site play is still really strong. That’s pushing them to the highest 1v1 win rate, and seems to be keeping the dev team from really addressing the other areas of their gameplay that are comparatively weak (unless there are secret changes for the Season 1 update that weren’t listed in the PuP).

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Delhi power seems to be in there scholars and Castle age. So you have to make a hard decision to get faster upgrades or better military for castle age. at least currently. While also Scholars in Feudal with healing are very strong.

I believe the patch that is in beta testing gives them more options on age up.

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thanks for help :slight_smile:

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