Destroying wall section would destroy more than 1 piece of wall

As demuslim is repeatedly saying it, I agree, when you anyhow destroy a piece of wall, only 1 unit of it falls (when there is no gate). And your units trying to go through it are in an extreme choke point. If you destroyed it with rams, your own rams will block your units in that small choke point. You basically cant get through if enemy is blocking it with even few units. You either have to destroy more and more, to create a wider opening, or attack where the gate is. (but again, there is not a gate all the time).

Destroying wall segment should take down at least 2 of them or 3, even if it is not a gate.

If you want one than one segment of space then destroy another segment…

What is with pro players and their inability to deal with walls

maybe that destroying one segment takes longer than enemy’s time to rebuild it.

If the walls are a problem, I am proposing to imitate the upgrade of stone walls like aoe2, in castle age the hp of stone walls is less and going up to the imperial age would increase its hp to the current one

I know that DeMuslim is in favor of nerfing the stone walls